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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1381: Earth vs Chain Bahasa Indonesia

On another battlefield, Walker was smiling in front of the vice leader of the Skyward Mercenary, Farhan Reckens.

As the vice leader, Farhan obviously remembered Walker as a captain of a mercenary group that got vanquished by them. After all, Walker was the sole survivor of the attack.

“I don’t understand. Your mercenary was caught up in that incident… Our target wasn’t your mercenary group, but because you were there, we wiped your group out too. Someone at your level should have been aware of the reason why we attacked that group.” Farhan squinted his eyes, trying to probe the information from Walker.

“Of course, I know. The conflict started after the S Rank Mercenary… Or in our line, Diamond Level Mercenary Red Lion died in Ray Griffith’s hand. There was a conflict between the Griffith Family and the Yunteiweln Mercenary Group, so they dispatched your Skyward Mercenary to deal with the Mercenary Group to completely eliminate them. And due to us being there, we ended up getting involved and got wiped out by you.”

Farhan continued, “Then, you must know that the reason why your people died back then was because of Ray Griffith, who is supposed to be the father of your boss. If you want to attack someone, you should go to him.”

“No. It was you who killed my people. There wouldn’t be any problem for me since they wouldn’t attack us. If not for you killing my people, they wouldn’t have died. So, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. But to think that he’s strong enough to be my master.” Walker smirked. “For those two reasons, I’m going to kill you here!”

“There doesn’t seem to be any words that can influence you anymore.” Farhan released his Magic Power. Despite both of them standing in front of each other, none of them actually had a weapon.

However, there was a bracelet containing a huge piece of gem that could channel their Magic Power. This was their weapon. Easy to use and useful.

“That annoying smile. It seems that you’ve gone insane after that day.” Farhan’s expression darkened as he raised both hands, channeling his energy into the jewel to amplify his power.

“I have been insane since birth.” Walker grinned and leaped into the air. “I can’t wait to kill you. It’s party time, baby! Heihoo!”

Walker energetically pushed his right hand and summoned five unbreakable chains from his sleeves.

Farhan leaped back to avoid these chains.


The power from the chain alone was strong enough to create a crater. But the moment the chains smashed the ground, Walker noticed something.

“Hmm?” Walker couldn’t pull his chain back as if it was getting sucked into something. Only when the dust settled that he could see what was going on.

The ground that Farhan stepped on earlier turned into a pit of living sand, sucking the chains.

He also noticed that the moment his chains were sucked into this pit, he couldn’t retract his chains.

Taking advantage of this situation, Farhan clasped his hands.

Suddenly, a huge block emerged from the ground. The block made a cube-shaped face with big but durable teeth.

This stone monster came out and tried to swallow Walker, who couldn’t escape from the living sand. However, Walker spread his arms and closed them again as if he was making a closing motion.

Suddenly, chains appeared from the two sides of this block-faced monster, grasping both jaws.

After that, Walker clenched his fists, commanding his chain to use all their power to pull both jaws in the opposite directions, ripping apart the monster’s head.


The sand couldn’t withstand the power of the chains and ended up getting destroyed with the remaining sand starting to fall down. Some of the dirt seemed to haven’t been converted into sand.

“Earth Magician,” Walker muttered while making another smirk. He remembered what Agata said to him back then. No matter what happened, he needed to put on his smile.

They both were magicians, so their battle wouldn’t be easy.

After destroying the monster from the ground, Walker waved his hand, sending the chains toward Farhan in order to capture him.

Farhan maintained his calm when those chains were about to hit him. Suddenly, a wall emerged from the ground, blocking the chains.

Instead of destroying the wall, the chains got sucked into it, causing Walker’s both hands to be caught by this living sand.

As soon as he caught Walker, Farhan stepped to the side, coming out of the wall that protected him earlier. After that, he raised his right hand and lifted the dirt around him.

He manipulated the dirt and reshaped them into huge nails, shooting them straight to Walker.

A smile suddenly appeared on Walker’s face as the chains appeared from the ground and caught all these nails. The chains then spun around and threw the nails back at Farhan.

“…” Farhan furrowed his eyebrows and leaped to the side.

“It seems you can’t control the things you have summoned.” Walker smirked, noticing this weakness. In other words, it was impossible for Farhan to control the living sand beneath his feet anymore.

Hence, Walker gathered his Magic Power and stomped the ground, destroying the area around the living sand pit and causing the living sand to fall to the ground after losing the sucking power.

Walker then threw another chain toward the sucking wall and shattered it, freeing himself.

“Now, now. I’m free again.” Walker smirked and leaped forward, trying to fight Farhan in close combat.

Farhan surprisingly also followed suit.

Both of them seemed to be capable in close combat despite being a magician.

When they were about to collide, the chains came out of Walker’s body and enveloped him so that he wasn’t affected by his opponent’s Earth power.

Meanwhile, Farhan jumped into the air as the rocks began to rise from the ground and formed a golem body.

With twice the size of a human body, Farhan utilized this golem body to punch Walker.

In response, Walker struck the golem’s fist with his own chain-covered fist.



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