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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1383: Magicians Who Couldn’t Be Called Magicians Bahasa Indonesia

“Hooo—!” Walker summoned numerous chains and planned to crush Farhan.

Farhan gritted his teeth and leaped forward as if he planned to dodge all those chains while getting closer to Walker.




The chains rained him down, but none of them hit him.

They were becoming closer and closer until Farhan reached Walker.

Instead of a golem, Farhan stomped the ground, lifting the ground underneath Walker and turning them into spikes.

“!!!” Walker spun his body while using centrifugal force to crush the spikes with his chains. The chains acted like a whip and shattered all the spikes before they reached him.

However, the spikes were just a distraction. As soon as they fell down, the ground turned into a living sand pit, sucking Walker’s body.

“Huh?!” Walker couldn’t move his feet, but Farhan had already reached him, sending a punch straight to his face. Of course, he used the rock to make sure Walker didn’t summon a chain directly from his hand.

Walker gritted his teeth and immediately raised both hands, blocking this punch.

“Kh!” The force knocked him back, but because his feet couldn’t move, he ended up falling on his butt.

The rock fist had turned into the living sand again as Farhan created another fist. It seemed he planned to continuously renew his rock to make sure Walker couldn’t take advantage of it.

In desperation, Walker pushed his palm forward, summoning the chain directly from his palm.

“You can’t move now, so this is easy.” Farhan smirked and tilted his body to the side, avoiding the chain. He even prepared to hit Walker again.

But Walker smirked as he said, “Though, I didn’t miss my target.”

“Target?!” Farhan was stunned and turned around. But using that sudden confusion, Walker destroyed the ground around him with the chains, scooping him out of the living sand.

After that, he punched Farhan with his chain-covered fist.

Farhan couldn’t discern what Walker said because he was forced to turn back to stop this punch. He ultimately thought Walker bluffed his way out and chose not to trust any words he said anymore.

In the end, both of them struck each other’s face with their fist.

“Gah!” Their nose bled, but Walker kept smiling as if he got more excited the more damage he could deal to Farhan.

“Come on!” Walker shouted excitedly and kept throwing punches after punches.

This was truly a bizarre battle between two magicians since they ended up exchanging fists. None of them seemed to have any intention to back out.

Not many knew about it, but Farhan was also an eccentric magician like him. His Earth Affinity could make him a summoner and a magician, but he was more adept in close combat.

In fact, his golems could be so strong because he had extensive knowledge about Martial Arts, allowing the golems to move like a Martial Master.



Both of their bodies were tattered. Bruises had covered their bodies and they would fall sooner or later.

“Tsk. I ended up getting drawn to your pace because of that freaking smile.” Farhan gritted his teeth, never expecting to be so bothered with that smile.

“Haha, I have promised the Mistress to keep smiling. But it seems that you don’t know what kind of smile I have this whole time…” Walker’s smile became even bigger. Agata told him to keep smiling like a fool while hiding his true intention in his heart. So, for the first time, he finally let out his true feelings from his heart.

Farhan’s body shook as he felt the boundless killing intent within that smile. Instead of an insane guy, that smile was like that of a devil.

It turned out Walker had been fighting him with this kind of intention. But at the same time, the only reason why Walker let out his true intention was because he planned to end this battle.

Farhan felt challenged and gathered all the rocks that he could muster and formed a huge drill. “Your chain and my earth affinity… We both can’t do much as a magician despite being one. If you want revenge, then come!”

“That’s my plan!” Walker summoned all fifty chains at the same time. As he said, their attributes couldn’t do much as a magician since Walker could only summon his chain, bind his opponent or crush them with the momentum. That was why they couldn’t really be called a magician.

Hence, he planned to end this battle the same way as Farhan intended to. They both created a huge drill to see who was stronger.

Both of them marched forward with their drills in front of them, trying to penetrate everything in front of them.

The moment they clashed, the chains suddenly loosened and wrapped the rock drill, tightening its grip to destroy it. At the same time, the rock drill kept spinning until it reached Walker.


The rock shattered and the chains derailed as the dust kicked up, covering them.

When the dust settled, the result was clear.

“It seems… I have witnessed the reason why you managed to escape from us.” Farhan coughed up blood as his body was lying on the ground with Walker’s foot on top of his chest, ready to crush him.

He looked at Walker while saying, “I have lost. Kill me.”

“I’ll give you painless death if you apologize to my deceased friends.” Walker narrowed his eyes, pressuring him. He panted a few times because his body was tattered as well.

“Apologize? Dream on. I never regretted killing people.” Farhan snorted. “Even if they were a child, I only killed them because I had convinced myself to kill. That’s not something to regret.”

Walker gritted his teeth. Without saying a single more word, he already knew that it was impossible to convince him no matter how hard he tortured Farhan.

“In that case…” Walker pointed his palm at him and summoned numerous chains, stabbing all over his body. This looked like Walker wanted him to die from blood loss, but this was Walker’s revenge.

“Aaaaahhhhh!” Farhan screamed in pain. He had already expected all this, but Walker seemed to be crueler than he thought because he even pierced through his eyes.

However, he still underestimated Walker because what Walker did next was one of the most brutal deaths that one could receive.

Walker suddenly pulled his hand back as the chains also came out of Farhan’s body. But all the chains actually pulled out something from his body.

Eyeballs, brain, heart… every organ in Farhan’s body was pulled out by those chains. Walker released all his hatred in that one pull as if planning to end everything.

Farhan couldn’t even scream before he died.

Seeing the gruesome death of Farhan, Walker took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and raised his head. The memory of his past comrades flashed in his mind.

“Cheers!” There was a memory of a party with his comrades in the middle of a desert as if they were adventuring instead of going on a mission.

“Aaaahhhh!” Another memory was about his comrades getting slaughtered left and right by Farhan. He couldn’t do anything because he was suppressed by Airvans and could only watch his comrades die such a cruel death.

“Captain. Please live on!” There was also the memory of when the last three people of his group pushed him away in order to stop Airvans even for just a second longer. They were the first three comrades he gathered when he created the mercenary group. They all sent him away with a smile.

And finally, the memory he had burned into his brain, the memory of Farhan’s death. Tears couldn’t help but flow out of his eyes as Walker muttered with a shaky voice. “Farewell, my brothers and sisters. I’ll keep living on to serve my master for the rest of my life to repay his graciousness. I hope that we can gather once again in the next life.”


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