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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1326: Truth Bahasa Indonesia

The man looked like a gentleman. No one would think that he was a vicious man that could kill millions of people with his poison alone.

However, Theo could see some dark green Magic Power slipping out of his body.

“It must be a hard journey for all of you.” The man smiled.

“Father.” The Poison Princess stepped forward to greet him, but she soon asked, “By the way, what should I do after this, Father? We only have a few hours, right?”

The few hours she mentioned was the agreement that the people had to stand by after their arrival.

Artur nodded with a calm expression. “That’s right. To be honest, this is easy for you. I have been training your body by infusing one poison after another. And now, I’m planning to do the same so that you can break through to the Inhuman Physique.

“With this, your body will be that of poison. There won’t be anything different between you and the poison. Everyone will bow down to you no matter where you go, and you will surpass me in the future and stand toe to toe with those freaks in the top ten.”

‘Huh? Why did he even mention it in front of everyone?’ Theo frowned, finding this announcement weird. ‘If you have this kind of plan, won’t it be better for you to stay quiet until you achieve it? After all, you’re going to be targeted by many people because of this ambition.

‘Having a Poison Saint is extremely dangerous to the world. What if she disintegrates herself into the ocean or river? Won’t it mean that the entire water supply is contaminated?

‘When that happens, the Poison Saint’s body is equal to a walking nuclear disaster. That’s why you shouldn’t say anything about your plan.’

Theo didn’t see any reason why he should announce it.

However, Artur soon looked at the people who were in charge of the escort.

“My daughter shall become the future queen of the world. This is your chance to pledge your allegiance to her!” Artur announced proudly.

“Huh?” All the people who heard those words were startled.

“I’ve told you to kneel down and lick her foot, you dogs.”

Ragnar was the first to explode as he shouted, “You bastard! This is different from the promise!”

“It’s not. I promised you that the poison wouldn’t harm your influence!” The Poison King smirked and paused for a moment before stating with that disgusting smile on his face. “After all, why should I harm my subordinates who have pledged their allegiance?”

“You…” Ragnar clenched his fists.

“Thanks to the poison, you shall become the slave of my daughter. The only way for you not to die is to follow her words or else your body will explode.” Artur smirked.

“I see. It seems that you’ve been planning to do this.” Ana frowned. “The Empress’ Palace and the World Martial Institute have a top one hundred experts while the Star Group has an exceptional financial might.

“That idiot Ragnar is the son of the current principal while I am the Empress’ granddaughter with Alea being her student. By taking advantage of us, you want to make the two influences submit. Even if they’re hard-headed, the poison is enough to deal with it since they won’t realize we’ve carried the poison with us. Before long, they’re going to beg you to lift the poison.

“Meanwhile, the Star Group was supposed to bring Joker and possibly Maya. But Joker seems to have seen through your intention and chose not to come. It seems that your plan doesn’t work the way you want…” Ana narrowed her eyes as her expression turned cold. She also looked at the Poison Princess, who was already at the Poison King’s side. It was impossible to capture her anymore to turn around the situation.

“As expected from the successor of the Empress… You’re indeed smart and powerful.” Artur smirked. “I’m still giving you the option whether you want to submit peacefully or you want me to force you to do it.”

“What?! You poison bastard. What is the meaning of this? We’re going!” Ragnar immediately shouted. Instead of rage, he decided to flee before anyone else.

However, that action was the worst mistake he would ever make.

When he was about to turn around, a few explosions occurred.

The Poison Princess had brought many experts, and each of them carried a backpack. And all of them exploded at the same time, releasing blue gas into the area.

“Poison Gas!” Ana shouted as she hurriedly closed her mouth and nose.

But she soon felt her body lose its strength to the point her hand fell down. Her legs gave up as her body dropped to the ground.

Although Ana’s consciousness wasn’t affected, she truly couldn’t move a single muscle in her body.

“What is this?”

“What is happening to my body?”

“I can’t move a single muscle?”

“How? I should have covered my nose and mouth. I should be able to run for a while… This is just too quick.”

The poison gas soon dissipated with some of them still lingering around the area. However, it was already clear enough to see their surroundings.

There wasn’t a single person who remained standing. Even the experts from the Poison Princess didn’t.

They were also confused about why they became the targets too.

“My king, Princes… Why do we not know about any of this?” One of the guards asked.

The Poison King smirked and said, “To fool your enemies, you need to fool your allies. Don’t worry. All of you have sworn your allegiance to her, so I’ll give you the antidote later. For now, I’m going to handle these people first.”

When they got the assurance, they felt happy. However, Ragnar kept shouting in anger. “You said that you won’t attack us with poison!”

“I do, but I promise you after you complete the mission. And your mission still requires you to wait here for a few hours. And within that time…” The Poison King smirked while taking out a few vials from his pockets. “I will use all sorts of poisons on you. From the one inducing pain to heighten your senses… I’m going to make sure that you’ll experience what it means to live worse than death. If you don’t want to experience it, you should pledge your allegiance immediately.”

“Wait a minute, Father.” She stopped him for a bit with a sly smile on her face.


“I actually take a liking to someone here. I have used the Mind Controlling Poison to turn him into my slave. Do you think it’s fine for me to use the antidote so that he can serve me right away?” The Poison Princess smirked.

“Hoh?” The Poison King was amused and saw the Poison Princess walking toward Theo, not realizing that was a mistake even worse than the one Ragnar made earlier.


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