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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1327: Bam Bahasa Indonesia

The Poison Princess smiled while walking to Theo, who couldn’t move his body due to the poison.

“What?!” Nella gasped, staring at the Poison Princess. She didn’t know why the latter tried to approach Theo, but her words earlier meant he had controlled Theo this whole time.

“What is happening? She has controlled him?” Ryo gasped while Ergene narrowed her eyes, not saying anything.

If the Poison Princess had controlled Theo, it meant she had gained the strongest ally that she could find among them. Ergene was just afraid of the consequences of this action.

Before she said anything, Theo opened his mouth and reported with a calm expression. “As expected, it seems that the Mythical Rank Experts that were tailing us were the people who wanted to kill you because they knew about your plan.”

“!!!” Everyone was startled by that statement.

“Hmm? What’s that?” The Poison King narrowed his eyes, looking at Theo.

“So, that’s why our group didn’t encounter a single resistance. It turned out your group had been dealing with them secretly. The Star Group is indeed strong… No, should I say the people under Joker?” The Poison Princess narrowed her eyes, finally understanding why their trip could progress smoothly.

“Hahahaha! They didn’t know they had killed the people that wanted to save them?” The Poison King laughed out loud, amused by this development. “No wonder you took a liking to him! He’s useful!”

“Thanks, Father.” The Poison Princess politely bowed her head to her father before turning to Theo. “This means that Father has no problem whatsoever with me taking him in, right?”

“Of course.” The Poison King smirked. All the doubts in his heart disappeared because Theo was extremely useful to them. And Mark of the Star Group was their first step to control Joker. So, this was an absolute win for him.

“You bastard! We are in this predicament because of you!” Ragnar shouted in anger, blaming everything on Theo.

Instead of admitting that he didn’t know, he just blamed everything on Theo, he was truly pathetic.

Even the others gritted their teeth, trying to find a way to escape from this place. However, the poison was simply too much. Even if most of the poison had dispersed into the air, the residue still remained, maintaining their current paralyzed state.

They could somehow imagine the torture that the Poison King would use to make them submit. And with that mind controlling poison, it was impossible for them to escape.

“Haaaaa!” Alea shouted out loud. As expected of the person that was recognized by Heracles, even if everyone had given up, she would keep fighting to the very end. “If we can’t move our body, we will use the Magic Power!”

Alea tried to revolve her Magic Power, trying to burn everything around her.

Seeing her desperate last effort raised the people’s spirits as they also tried to do their best.

Unfortunately for them, the Poison King’s poison wasn’t as simple as they thought.

The Poison King snorted and said, “Do as you like because you won’t be able to do anything for the next three hours. The one you inhale this whole time consists of three poisons. They’re Paralyzing Poison, Magic Power Dispersant, and Acute Senses.

“I don’t think there’s no need for me to explain the usage of these three, right?” The Poison King looked down on them as if he had controlled everything.

No matter how hard they tried, they wouldn’t be able to do anything. At the same time, by telling them about his poison, they would become even more scared as time passed.

The Poison King enjoyed their struggle that would gradually turn into despair because the more helpless they became, the easier they would be controlled.

“Is this really the end…” Ana muttered in a low voice while thinking, ‘Can I actually kill myself? No, can I even commit suicide in this situation? Biting my tongue? Is that even possible? But thinking logically, I bleed to death or, in the best case, I get drowned by the blood that rushes to my lungs… But it will take time and these people will surely notice it first.’

Ana couldn’t find any way to kill herself. Although living was a good option, being humiliated and causing more deaths to the family that had fostered her the whole time was worse than death.

The people started to fall in despair because they truly couldn’t do anything. If she only passed out, she would only be treated and brought to another place. When that happened, the torture to make her under control would be easier.

So, she needed something that could kill her in an instant, but she couldn’t find any way.

The people had begun to fall into despair as they didn’t know what would happen to them.

“Ahhh, do you know what you are doing right now? I am the successor of the Great Scholar Laktha. Do you think you can get away from this?!” Ragnar shouted.

“…” Whether it was Phyrill, Ana, or even Theo’s group, they knew Ragnar was an idiot. The Poison King was stronger than his father, the Great Scholar. At the same time, he had captured him like this, so there was no way for the Great Scholar to defeat the Poison King. Knowing the Poison King’s personality, he would send Ragnar to poison the Great Scholar himself.

“You are really a fool. To think that the son of the Great Scholar is an utter fool.” The Poison Princess laughed coldly, disgusted by Ragnar. She finally reached Theo and said, “Compared to you, this guy is much more useful and resourceful.”

“What did you say?” Ragnar gritted his teeth.

The Poison Princess asked, “Do you think this princess is beautiful?”


“Do you think I am an angel?”


The Poison Princess asked those words to show her father that Theo was completely under her control.

After getting a nod from her father, she took out a vial and raised Theo’s head with her, opening his mouth. “To reward your loyalty to this princess by fending off those Mythical Rank Experts, I’ll personally feed you this antidote. Happy?”

Everyone thought this was over because Theo had completely under her control and they would become the same mindless slave sooner or later.

However, his next answer shocked everyone.

“Fuck you!” Theo’s hand suddenly moved and grasped the princess’ face.

“Eh?” The Poison Princess was taken aback by this sudden action, but it was too late because Theo slammed the back of her head to the ground with all his strength.




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