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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1325: Arrival Bahasa Indonesia

After learning from their brief conversation, Theo understood that Phyrill didn’t really have a good life when he was studying at the World Martial Institute. It seemed that every day was a fight that he obviously couldn’t lose.

‘I see. His situation right now is close to what I’ve experienced in Thersland, but this time, he has some strength to fight against the circumstances.’ Theo didn’t know what to say about this condition.

On the one hand, his identity right now was Mark, not Joker or Theo. On the other hand, he pitied the lives of his friends. Phyrill was actually a cheerful guy. He often cheered the group up when they were in a team before.

Meanwhile, Ellen was a kind of mentor to Theo. She was the first one to extend her hand and show him many things that could happen in a battle.

‘Well…’ Theo suddenly remembered Nella’s words when she offered herself to be the last member of the group. ‘Now that I think about it, what do I think of having my former teammate become my people?

‘For example, if it’s Nella, she will be specialized in espionage. Someone who can disguise and learn something from the scene. She will be extremely useful since her presence will strengthen Akbar and Millie.

‘On the contrary, asking her to be my subordinate would make the situation a bit more complicated, considering Nella is now affiliated with the new Griffith Family. Though, it’s true that she can help me for a few decades before taking over the Griffith Family. By that time, I might not need her power anymore.

‘Then, how about Phyrill? I still remember how Phyrill tortured a schoolmate to get some information. He will surely be able to work well in this area since his family operation is similar. But then again, does Phyrill want to live that kind of life?

‘He wants to enjoy his life to the fullest because of his illness, so I don’t really want to take that freedom from him.

‘Then, how about Ellen? Ellen is a natural dual caster Magician. Although you will be able to use two skills in rapid succession to the point it looks like you’re using both skills at the same time, Ellen is extremely talented.

‘Whatever I can do, she can do it two times simultaneously. Isaac can also help her with that split personality. But then again, she’s Phyrill’s girlfriend. I’m not going to separate them like that.

‘This is hard. Each of them has pros and cons. But if we’re talking about a former teammate, how about Alea?’ Theo raised his vision, looking at Alea’s back for a moment before shaking his head helplessly.

‘No, no, no. I don’t think so. Unless fate gives such a twist to me, I don’t think I’ll have Alea as the last member. I’m not going to start a series of sadness and madness, especially during this period.

‘If Alea and Agata meet, it’s going to be a world war where losing is the only result.’ Theo sighed. In other words, if he wanted someone, it would be among these three.

After that, he glanced at the Poison Princess. Her poison was extremely useful because it could affect even his mind. Although due to him messing with alternate realities that the poison couldn’t do anything to him, it was clear that her poison was quite potent.

However, the path had been destroyed the moment she tried to poison him. Even if he could use the Death Avatar to dispel the poison, it would be a different matter with the rest of the members.

She could poison them and kill them without anyone knowing. So, the risk was too big.

Besides, she was just a stranger. With this kind of power, he didn’t dare to trust her as easily as the other members he had recruited so far.

‘In the end, I shouldn’t rush this matter. It’s true that I’m lacking one last member, but I still have four months left before the promised time. Assuming that two months are enough for the last hunt to reach the Mythical Rank, I still have two more months to gain the last member.

‘Now that I think about it, I have seen many prominent Supreme Rank Experts too, but…’ Theo paused for a moment. ‘Only Winston and Lorenzo are good enough, but then again, Winston is useless to me since he can only fight, while Lorenzo’s space ability is extremely useful. It’s just…he needs to remain in the War God Family to succeed the house. In the end, I’m out of options.’

Theo let out a long sigh, feeling so much trouble just to get the last member.

In the end, the last member remained unknown to him, and Theo could only keep thinking about it during the journey.

It didn’t take too long for them to reach this area.

The destination seemed to be a valley with two tall cliffs standing next to it. The valley itself was 100 feet wide, so the entire group could easily fit inside.

But if one took a look at the cliff, they would notice that there was some pollen rising from here and there.

Judging by the status of the person they escorted, it was clear that those pollen were poisonous.

It seemed that the Poison King had been refining all the poison in this area to create something that could enhance the Poison Princess’ body.

And the only thing that could withstand such a potent poison was none other than one of the Five Aspects, Endurance. Normally, they would have physical resistance when they trained Endurance, but the Poison Princess was different.

Instead of physical resistance, she had a body immune to poison as her body had turned into a poison itself. If the Flame Lord, the strongest person in Australia, had a fire body, the Poison Princess had the body of poison.

If she could turn her physical body into that of poison, she might surpass her father and attain the top ten experts in the future as a Poison Saint.

When that thought was in Theo’s mind, a middle-aged man walked toward them with a dignified expression. He gently placed his hand on his chest and said, “Thank you for escorting my daughter to this place. I’m her father, Artur Alvarez Ambrosio. People know me as the Poison King.”


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