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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1324: Concern Bahasa Indonesia

“Let’s move out!” The Poison Princess commanded the next morning. But as expected, the others were still wary of her to the point they distanced themselves from each other.

Other than his group, Theo could see that the rest didn’t have any trust in their own team, creating a huge gap in their formation.

Still, there wasn’t a single Mythical Rank Expert from a third party that came after them. Even the Poison Princess grew restless and often checked around the camp to see what was going on.

This journey would be extremely dangerous because she had expected at least ten Mythical Rank Experts would come after them. Yet, she hadn’t encountered a single one of them.

‘What’s going on? This is not like the plan. I have gone all the way to bring twenty Mythical Rank Experts to protect myself, but why has no one arrived yet? Are they still going to attack me? I’m only two days away from the destination, so it’s clear that the best time to attack us has almost passed.’ The Poison Princess frowned.

On the one hand, she was happy that no one attacked them since there would be more casualties. On the other hand, she was afraid that the attackers this time had banded together and planned to attack her at the right moment.

In the end, there wasn’t a single answer coming to her mind. She wasn’t aware that the attackers had truly come, but they came a few at a time.

As someone who had become a King, even though she was just like a fledgling, Ruth still managed to kill them one by one.

This way, there was no more attack that would haunt them until they arrived.

Theo observed the Poison Princess’ every action while recounting what had happened in the past few days.

The biggest thing that had happened to him was the poison used by her. It was a colorless and odorless poison that could influence one’s mind.

At first, he suspected that the Poison Princess was actually trying to control him because she planned to kill the rest of the group. But it didn’t seem to be that case.

The Poison Princess seemed to have another plan on her sleeve.

Whether it was fortunate or unfortunate, the journey didn’t encounter a single problem. They fought against many Mythical Rank Monsters, but they were just a normal class with low-level intelligence. Some were Rare Class Monsters with some intelligence, but luckily, they didn’t find a single General Class Monster.

There wasn’t a need to deploy a formation or something to protect the carriage.

Alea seemed to have realized there was a hidden scheme in this mission that was beyond what they expected, but she had no proof to show. In the end, she and Ana only prepared for something worse while maintaining their jobs.

On the other hand, the World Martial Institute didn’t have that kind of peace.

Due to Phyrill stating the truth that brought harm to Ragnar at the same time, Phyrill was excluded from the rest of the group. In addition to his talk with Theo, they were looking at him like a traitor.

When they returned to the institute later, he wouldn’t really have that much of a peaceful time.

Since he spoke up for him, a stranger, Theo thought about asking Phyrill about his condition.

‘Hey. Do you mind looking to the right for a bit?’

“!!!” Phyrill was startled when there was a sudden voice in his mind. He straightened his back and looked around to see what was going on. But as the voice said, when he looked to the right, Theo was waving his hand to him.

‘Telepathy?’ Phyrill widened his eyes, thinking in his mind. Since it came from the mind, it should work this way.

But Theo also knew about the question in his mind and answered, ‘I am using a method that can transmit my voice to you. I’m assuming that you’re good at English, so I just want to ask you… Do you understand what I’m saying? If you understand, please look down. If you don’t, please let out a sigh.”

Phyrill looked down as if he was depressed.

Now that he had confirmed Phyrill’s language skills. He asked, “Anyway, I just want to ask you if you’re alright… After all, I’m pretty sure that you won’t have a good time in that institute anymore, considering that Ragnar is petty. And when Joker makes his move, you won’t escape unscathed either.”

Phyrill let out a long sigh as if he agreed with his statement. He knew the situation would be that way after they returned since Ragnar couldn’t afford to beat his group in front of these people.

‘Well, this is just a normal day for me.’ Phyrill muttered inwardly. Although it was a shame that he couldn’t say anything back to him, Phyrill was still thankful that someone actually cared about his condition.

However, he soon got a huge question when Theo presented an offer. “Anyway, this is what I actually want to ask. Do you think you have time after this expedition? Since you’ve spoken up for me, I’m going to at least make you busy for the rest of the trip so that you’re not bullied like that. Well, I don’t mind if you come over to me right now since I’ll just repay you for what you’ve done.”

Phyrill let out a sigh again, rejecting his offer. He glanced at Ellen with a troubled expression. It was clear that he was saying Ellen would become a victim the moment he left.

Unlike him, Ellen didn’t do anything earlier that was enough to garner someone’s attention, so the situation would be extremely complicated the moment he left.

“I understand. I won’t say much to you, but if you’re in trouble during this expedition, you can go with the woman beside you. I’ll take care of your problem for a while.’

Phyrill looked down, thanking him for worrying. But Phyrill had no intention to give up on this matter because their future was at stake.


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