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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1162: Another Failure…or Not? Bahasa Indonesia

“This is not good. We’re completely surrounded. Even if they’re not that strong, they will be able to defeat us soon.” Nella stopped and turned around, trying to buy some time for Theo to think about another plan. Theo’s plan had failed.

Felix’s expression was calm, but it was clear that he was thinking about how to deal with these five Mythical Rank Experts.

“We don’t need to focus on Joker and Nella. We will defeat this assassin first since our hundreds of experts should be able to stop them.” The Mythical Rank Expert from the Black Snake Group explained.

Unlike the group that Theo and Ergene fought earlier, the main group consisted of more Supreme Rank Experts. That was why it would be a problem to fight them.

Felix didn’t know how long he could endure this fight.

Nella gritted her teeth and looked at their situation, thinking, ‘It’s impossible to escape anymore. Are we going to fight to the last breath here?’

“Felix.” Theo furrowed his eyebrows.

“I understand. I believe the experts other than those five will also come from this direction. Do you want me to stop them too?” Felix remained calm as if this wasn’t the end of their journey.

“Will that be an issue?” Theo asked while turning around, ready to face the enemies from behind.

“Please be assured that none will pass me.” Felix took a step forward, ready to face five Mythical Rank Experts along with some random experts that came to them.

“!!!” Nella widened her eyes. With Theo’s last question, it was clear that they intended to fight here to their last breath.

She wanted to apologize to Theo for dragging him down, but Theo was so focused on the enemies that he didn’t bother to glance at him. His action was also a message to her.

Upon deciphering his message, Nella’s expression turned grim as she raised both hands, preparing to use all her strength to fight.

‘This is my fault, and you still help me even if it means your doom. If that’s the case, I can only fight to the death with you.’ Nella took a deep breath as she gathered the Magic Power in her fists. “Haaa!”

With a single punch, the Magic Power erupted. Her breathing technique accumulated all that energy to create an explosive power unlike Theo’s breathing technique, allowing her to create a far bigger torrential flow of Magic Power that swept the enemies.


Some people took the full brunt, but some stronger ones gathered and formed a barrier that dispersed the attack.

Meanwhile, Theo didn’t summon his Death Avatar since it was the same thing as telling them his exact position. Instead, he gathered his power to Supernatural Snake Body as well as his Perfect Control.

A single wave of his sword could cause a shock wave that blew everyone away. At the same time, Theo created a sword, the size of his body, to deliver a killing blow to the people who had fallen due to the shock wave.

However, there was a huge difference in number. With them getting surrounded in all directions, the enemies would swarm him. And due to the push from behind, the enemies felt like they had no fear and fought Theo even if it meant dying. This was why encirclement was such a bad situation.

Theo needed to use all his Magic Power to keep blowing the enemies with his shock wave to clear some space, or he would die. At first, Telekinesis was a good move since he could fly away, but the Mythical Rank Experts would definitely chase him.

Although Felix could stop them, it was because they were focusing on him. Three of them were enough to stop Felix as the other two could chase him. That was the dead end, so the only way for him to survive was on the ground.

“They won’t last long. Keep coming at them, and they will exhaust all their Magic Power soon.”

The enemies kept pushing forward, doing the same thing to deplete Theo’s Magic Power.

On the contrary, Felix completely lifted off his limiter. Even without Chris’ support, Felix’s movement became crazy.

In a random person’s eyes, Felix looked like he was spinning like a dancer, but the spin actually allowed him to move from one place to another.

“He is crazy!” The Mythical Rank Expert from the Griffith Family was stunned. It seemed that Felix became even fiercer the closer he was to dying.

“I will stop him. Protect other experts so that they can sneak up on Joker and Nella. It will be over if we kill his master. A dog without an owner is just a useless dog after all.” Another one stepped forward as he prepared to receive Felix’s attack.

Just like he predicted, Felix moved toward him as he saw people going to pass him. However, the Mythical Rank Expert struck Felix’s own blade and stopped his movement.

“I got you!” He smiled.

Felix gritted his teeth and slightly tilted his sword.

‘Kh. Light?’ The Mythical Rank Expert was stunned and closed his eyes. He realized it wasn’t the light from the blade that blinded him, but it was the sunlight that was reflected by the mirror-like blade.

Using that opportunity, Felix looped around him and sliced three guys.

‘But now, you’re open!’ He still didn’t give up. While covering his eyes from another light that would blind him, he turned around and struck Felix from behind.

Felix took a deep step because of earlier, so the blade actually hit Felix’s left arm. But it turned out to be Felix’s plan as the latter turned around and swiftly waved his sword toward the enemy’s neck.

‘He let me attack him so that he can kill me? And that wound is too shallow… It’s a trap.’ The Mythical Rank Expert widened his eyes and took a step back. However, it was too late as Felix’s sword cut the hands that held the blade.

“Die!” Two more experts appeared since this wasn’t a one-on-one fight.

Felix kicked the expert he cut earlier to one of them before leaping forward, not only avoiding the other expert but also coming closer to the two.

Because of the body, one of them needed to catch him, but Felix’s sword was so fast that it cut both of them at the same time.


“He sacrificed his left hand to kill two of us? Is he a monster?”

They didn’t know that Felix was a professional assassin. As long as he could kill the target, he would sacrifice everything. And he had gotten used to utilizing something like this to lower the opponent’s guard.

After killing two Mythical Rank Experts, Felix leaped back, regaining his distance while checking his wound. Although the wound was shallow, he couldn’t move his left hand anymore. It must cut his muscle.

“…” Felix took a deep breath while checking the situation.

“Don’t be afraid and be more careful. We can still take down this guy.”

The people Felix killed earlier came from both the Griffith Family and the Black Snake Group, but it seemed to be not enough to cripple their group.

“That’s right. It’s his last struggle. As long as we are careful, we can take him down.”

Felix panted a few times before a smile replaced his tiredness as he glared at the remaining Mythical Rank Experts. “No.”

“A dying person is surely desperate.” They brushed it off easily, thinking Felix just wanted some comfort for thinking he still had the chance to survive.

Felix panted a few times and finished his words. “The person I’ve served is a much greater man than all you think.”

“Hah?!” They started getting angry because of Felix’s taunts.

But when they were about to attack, Felix’s smile became even bigger as he muttered inwardly, ‘It is like what he said back then…’


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