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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1163: Positioning Bahasa Indonesia

He continued recalling the time when Theo told him about the formation.

“Using the opponent’s strength to take them down.”

“That’s the basic martial art… Taekwondo or something? We’re talking about the formation, right? If that’s the case…’ Felix fell silent before grasping the hidden meaning. “You…”

Theo smirked. “That’s right. With them destroying themselves from the inside, those who are adept in formation will realize the situation and try to patch them up. When that happens, you can move them depending on the situation.

“This gives you the freedom to place your enemy in the position you want and ultimately…” Theo’s hand made a pistol and aimed it at his own head. “Bang!”

“So, your target is the brain of the formation, making them collapse from within. But if that’s the case, you need a bullet that can penetrate everything. Who will be the bullet to cripple their formation?” Felix asked.

“That is of course…” Theo smiled while closing his eyes.

Felix recalled that scene and smiled, saying, “Anyone that is qualified to take that role.”

Before the enemies attacked him, they suddenly turned around, feeling an enormous Magic Power coming from their back.


Clouds of dust had been rising to the sky. It was clear that the number of people coming to their position was not small.

When they came closer, the person Theo chose as the bullet was finally revealed.

“You bastard! To think I would be fooled this whole time! I’m going to kill you all!” The person roared as he led more than fifty men to their sides. More importantly, all of them were either Mythical Rank Experts or Supreme Rank Experts.

“That’s… The general who is known as a tiger general, General Okho!” The remaining Mythical Rank Expert from the Black Snake Group dropped his jaw to the ground. “How is he here? Shouldn’t he fight in the rear?”

The battle stopped for a moment as all of them were stunned to find their biggest enemy to come to their position.

Nella’s eyes were wide open as she took a peek at Theo. ‘How did he call them?’

None of them had realized that they had fallen into Theo’s trap the moment they killed the monkey. The monkey was nothing but a distraction.

Only commander Okho understood Theo’s plan.

A few minutes ago.

“Attack them. Capture those who can be captured and kill those who resist. Those are the trash of society,” Okho shouted.

Suddenly, a person came to his side, reporting. “Commander. There is someone continuously sending the transmission. Is there any instructions about it?”

“There is none. I only told them to use the transmission once so that we know where to go. Whose transmission is it?”

“It’s Joker’s.”

“Joker? He’s supposed to be holding the front, right?”

“Yes. It looks like he needs reinforcement.”

“Now that you think about it, the enemies are moving forward, trying to break through. It makes them easier to kill, but it’s weird that these terrorists suddenly make such a movement… There is an unknown variable?” Okho came to a realization and immediately ordered. “Call Husun, Tungge, Cirina. I want them and their platoons to follow me to aid Joker. The rest can follow the same plan. Make sure no cannon shoots at us.”


After that, Okho led a total of 65 people to assist Theo.

However, when they reached Theo’s position, Okho saw three Mythical Rank Experts suppressing Felix.

This kind of position wasn’t a coincidence.

The military was on the north of the battlefield, splitting into two, with one group killing the terrorists that came to the center and the other group taking over the cannon. Then, there were numerous monsters coming from the west, making it hard for them to break through there.

Hence, there was only one direction he could go. It was none other than the east. He looped around the east to help Theo.

And Theo used this strategy to make the Mythical Rank Experts go to this weak spot, which was at the east of the battlefield.

This way, Okho could ambush them, killing all the strongest people on the enemy’s side.

In other words, without even saying his plan to Okho, he used Okho as the bullet that would shoot down the enemies.

“Commander?” Husun, one of Okho’s subordinates, a Mythical Rank Expert, asked for his command.

“Husun and Tungge will deal with the Mythical Rank Experts. Cirina will lead the rest to flank the enemies from two sides. Remember to rescue Joker since he looks like he has been holding them for a long time.”

“Roger that.”

All of them immediately nodded their heads as they moved according to Okho’s direction.



“How are they coming from our back? Shouldn’t the rear hold them back?”

“Did they break through?”

The Mythical Rank Experts were stunned, trying to think of a way to turn around the situation. They noticed that from the hunter, they had become the hunted. If nothing was done, they would die here.

However, Okho actually recognized the remaining Mythical Rank Expert from the Black Snake Group.

It turned out that guy was a Mythical Rank Expert from the Bolhom Family that had been situated here to control the Black Snake Group.

“Yargai! As expected, the Bolhom Family has created a terrorist organization and betrayed the country! I shall make sure that your entire family faces the law!” Okho roared. There was no need for more evidence from Theo. Of course, Yargai never planned to go out if not for the Griffith Family, who found him hiding. It showed how powerful their information network was.

And it turned out their strength also helped Theo.

“They’re coming.”

“The military is coming.”

“Are we going to be killed by the military?”

“Will they spare us if we surrender?”

The people were panicking as they didn’t know whether to continue the fight or not.

Meanwhile, Theo asked Felix. “Felix. Can you keep going?”

“I can’t use my left hand, but my right hand is my dominant hand. Killing a few more people shouldn’t be a big matter.”

“Those two from the Griffith Family… I want their heads.”

Since the situation had been turned around because of Theo again, Felix smiled as he became fired up. “Consider it done.”


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