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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1161: Plan Failed Bahasa Indonesia


After Theo ‘died’, Leonardo often visited Theo’s mansion and asked some maids to clean this mansion while he sat in the garden, remembering how he used to play there.

On his side, there was a wine that Theo gave him before their separation. It was truly the best wine he had ever tasted.

However, no matter how tasty the wine was, there was still the loneliness in his heart.

He closed his eyes and smiled, “It’s been one and a half years. I’m truly bored since no one can make me have an exciting battle other than him in the younger generation. Those who are older are too focused on their work that they’re neglecting me. Ah, I really want to have another simulation battle with him.

“Now that I think about it, most of my defeat comes from one strategy. I always had superiority at that time, and suddenly, he pulled something that turned around the situation.

“And yes, he actually used my own superiority to take me down. Eventually, I knew that I couldn’t be overconfident when facing him because when there was a huge disparity between us, he would be able to take that opportunity.

“Now that I think about it, he rarely killed people because his enemies died in numerous ways that he didn’t need to kill them. No, wait, this was actually his winning style.

“I see… To think I never realized this… The most terrifying time when we should fear him was actually when we thought we would win. After all, he would use us to destroy us.” Leonardo smiled. “Theo… Theo. Come back here… I want another match.”


“You must want to inform the military’s reserve army while you’re distracting us to the opposite direction. Hahaha, it’s useless!” The Mythical Rank Expert that killed Theo’s monkey laughed, mocking Theo’s plan.

“Let’s run.” Theo fell silent for a moment before giving another command.

Nella gritted her teeth, realizing the plan didn’t work. Meanwhile, Felix continued observing the situation. He was ready to create an opportunity for Theo to escape.

In the meantime, Theo still continued his plan. Just like the enemy said, he was planning to go in the opposite direction.

Of course, it was filled with numerous enemies, so Theo moved slightly to the outside, looping around them.

“It’s useless. Kill them first! We can’t take on the army with all of them.”

The terrorists immediately moved toward Theo’s group to surround him.

All sides looped around so they could encircle Theo, but everything needed time. Because the enemies consisted not only of Supreme Rank Experts but also people at lower ranks, they became a bit slow when moving around.

At the same time, they only knew how to chase Theo, resulting in their movement being restricted due to their number. When they looped around, more and more people did the same, resulting in their position slowly getting pushed further.

And because they were planning to encircle Theo, the same applied to the other end. They were stretched so far that the enemies created a ‘U’ shape with Theo in the center.

Theo smiled when he saw this as he said, “Continue onward, Felix.”

“Got it.” Felix nodded and raised his blade. He leaped forward and started killing the enemies one by one.

“Kill them.”

“There is a woman here. We can’t kill her yet.”

“Right. They want to capture her, but it doesn’t mean we can’t do anything to her.”


Theo maintained his calm and looked at the situation.

The terrorists, on the other hand, became even more brutal as they were gradually closing him in.

Their actions would be perfect if they were in the army. With the army’s discipline, the entire army should be organized when moving together. However, the Black Snake Group wasn’t an army.

They might be good at guerilla warfare, but they couldn’t synchronize with the entire group.

The people that were getting pushed further also tried to loop around and come closer to Theo to kill him. But they had a ‘U’ Shape, so with both sides trying to come to the center…

“Wait, wait…”

“It’s the people on the back. Why are they coming here as well?”

“We just want to loop to the center, so we can kill him.”

“We’re the same.”


Both sides stopped, but the people behind them didn’t see what was happening and couldn’t listen to their orders due to the chaotic situation, resulting in them hitting the people in front of them.

And the people behind them rammed their bodies and the situation repeated, resulting in the people at the front getting pushed to the ground and stepped on.


“You bastards!”


Both sides were desperately moving to the center but ended up killing their own people by stepping on them. And eventually, the two sides crashed into each other, causing a huge disruption in this direction.


The Mythical Rank Experts had climbed the hill and saw the people from the terrorist group crashing into each other.

“What is this? Why are they?”

“They need to let…”

“No. They can’t because the people behind them keep pushing them forward, thus the crash.”

Suddenly, they saw one big movement in the middle of the group.

Theo suddenly shouted, “Right!”

Felix and Nella glanced to the right and saw the crash. Realizing it was the weakest point of the group, they both turned around and charged to that side.

“Use all your strength, and we shall escape from this hell,” Theo shouted as he waved his sword, creating a sword strike.


“They’re too strong.”

The enemies were cut down one by one to the point the Griffith Family understood what Theo was planning to do.

“That crash will continue to happen even after they break through. They’re planning to use that crash to stop all the experts from the Black Snake Group.”


“We can’t let this happen.”

All the Mythical Rank Experts went to the right side before Theo could break through their encirclement.

Even Theo noticed their movement and shouted, “Felix. Hurry!”

Felix didn’t reply to him. He simply increased his speed so they could advance faster. However, everything was for naught.

When they broke through, there were five Mythical Rank Experts standing next to each other.

“Using our own people to stop us. Do you think we will allow such a thing? I’ll kill you for ruining our plan!” The Mythical Rank Expert from the Black Snake Group smirked. With them patching this area, Theo would be attacked from the left, right, and behind, so this place would be his execution ground.


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