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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1143: Feel My Music Bahasa Indonesia

“What happened?!”

“I don’t know!”

They were confused. Theo’s move should be big enough to take advantage of, yet they were blown away for no reason.

“This fluctuation…” All the Mythical Rank Experts were stunned when they saw this strength.

After all, the only one that had realized Theo’s Perfect Control was the Time God. Even when hunting together, Isaac and the others had a hard time knowing this power.

But everything was different for a Mythical Rank Expert. They could easily see through this Magic Power’s fluctuation.

Whether it was Felix and the others or even the enemies, they were shocked beyond belief. After all, they never expected a Supreme Rank Expert to have this kind of ability.

“Perfect Control!” The Mythical Rank Experts from the Bolhom Family shouted at the same time, informing the Supreme Rank Experts about Theo’s power.

“What? Perfect Control?!” The Supreme Rank Experts had obviously heard about this. After all, they needed to master the Five Aspects if they wanted to continue improving their power.

Of course, Theo used this confusion to come closer to the Knights, planning to take down at least one of them.

“Don’t be distracted. He’s coming!” One of them shouted while pushing his shield forward, becoming the first one to stop Theo.

Unfortunately for him, Theo wasn’t alone. A monkey soon appeared next to Theo.

The monkey covered its fists with Magic Power as he struck the shield.


A thunderclap shook the battlefield as the shock wave pushed the knight back.

“Kh…” He gritted his teeth while looking at his shield. “I can’t even block a monkey’s punch?”

Theo didn’t care about his reaction. He continued onward and waved his blade toward the other two knights.

The two knights thought Theo would be using the same thing, so they planted their shields on the ground, bracing for impact. Even the people behind them tried to shift their positions.

But this was what he needed because nothing stopped him anymore.

A spear soon appeared on top of the monkey as the latter jumped and grabbed the spear. The monkey focused on one person and threw the spear as hard as he could.


The spear flew past the Knights as well as Fighters, directly reaching the Enchanter.

“No!” The Enchanter used his sword to block it, but this spear was the same as the sword that derived from the God Killing Spear. The power behind it was beyond anyone’s imagination.

Even with all that preparation, the moment the spear struck the sword, the force carried inside this spear overwhelmed the enemy. The sword was swung backward and ended up cutting its own owner as the spear pierced through his head.

Despite the shock, they still had something to do. The Assassins, Healers, and the Fighters immediately attacked Theo.

The Assassins appeared behind Theo as they planned to ambush him. The Fighters surrounded Theo to prevent him from leaving this killing zone while the Magicians launched a few skills from above.

With all these attacks coming simultaneously, Theo wouldn’t be able to protect himself unless he had an absolute shield that could block from all directions. This was why fighting against multiple opponents was hard.

Unfortunately for them, Theo wasn’t an ordinary person.

With a single wave of his hand, the elements coming from the air disappeared, leaving only the Magic Power that gently brushed the ground. At the same time, a giant avatar emerged from Theo’s shoulder, smacking the two assassins with its hands.

As for the monkey, he went to challenge one of the Fighters as there was only one reason for Theo to use his clone right now.

“AAAHHHH!” A scream startled the enemy as they saw the monkey cutting the Fighter’s hands before slashing his body into two.

“Kiki…” The monkey laughed while looking down at them.

‘Good. That’s two. 12 people left.’ Theo smiled before having a doubt in his heart. ‘Hmm… Although I’m confident in my strength, this battle is a bit too weird. The enemies seem to be weaker than I originally thought. At the same time, I’ve been moving too well, even with this power surge coming from Chris… No, wait a minute… I think this is my best performance so far.

‘I can use my skill even more fluently than I used to. And I believe this is not the effect of the training with the Time God. In that case…’ Theo suddenly focused on the rising beat ringing in his ears.

The beat could make one get excited. Even the tone felt like he was the general that fought against a thousand men.

Theo waved his hand to the side without even looking before a clicking sound rang, making him aware that the other Fighter tried to attack him.

‘I can actually move better right now. This beat… No, should I say this rhythm?’ Theo thought about the melody and glanced at Chris, realizing what was happening. Despite playing the piano to control the sound wave to fend off the Mythical Rank Expert, Chris was making a melody that could support Theo and the others.

‘So, that’s how it is. This is Chris’ true power. Those melodies have four purposes. The first one is to control the sound wave around him, repelling any attack coming toward him. The second one is to boost my physical abilities. I have noticed the difference in my strength… If not for it, it’d be harder to fight these people.

‘At the same time, the melody can even lower the enemies’ strength. It is like the melody is actually suppressing or disrupting them. Last but not least, this melody can even make his movement better. It was as if giving him a rhythm to follow.

‘How can he even know what melody to use? No, this is Chris’ power!’ Theo smirked, realizing Chris’ true potential.

On the side, Chris had a serene expression as his hand moved to create a beautiful melody. The more he played, the calmer his face became.

When he felt Theo’s gaze, he couldn’t help but smile, muttering in a low voice.

“Feel my music.”


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