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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1142: Clash Bahasa Indonesia

“!!!” The Mythical Rank Expert ducked down to avoid this illusion. However, the moment he did it, the area turned dark as if something covered the moonlight.

‘A tree?’ He raised his head and muttered inwardly. The tree was so big that it would crush him. Even though he had some confidence in his body, Jeff’s strength was too weird, so he could only be more careful in this fight.

Ultimately, he leaped away to avoid the tree, only to find a face sculpted on the tree. Soon, the two holes that were supposed to be the eyes shone as though something possessed the tree.

“I also want to know the strength of the Mythical Rank Expert from another country. Let’s see whether you’re strong or not.” Jeff smirked as he started moving his hand again, painting more and more stuff in the air.

“Shit… Kuchar has been stopped, and Tayang is confused by the illusion.” The last Mythical Rank Expert gritted his teeth, finding the situation wasn’t as favorable as he thought.

But with these two Mythical Rank Experts fighting each other, no one would be able to protect Theo from their attack.

“Two of our men have died from those vines… Luckily, I have cut those vines down. All that’s left is…” He turned to Theo and commanded, “There is no one to stop us anymore. Kill him!”

After hearing his order, the Supreme Rank Experts charged toward Theo. Still, he was the one that had been seeing through Theo’s scheme this whole time, including this trap. There was a reason why he sent the Supreme Rank Experts first instead of killing Theo by himself.

And that reason became clear when the Supreme Rank Experts were about to reach Theo’s position.

A low-pitched melody resounded across the field.

At the same time, pressure began to build up in the air.

“What’s that sound?” The Supreme Rank Experts were confused as they couldn’t see any figure that could produce such a sound.

However, it soon changed when the pressure suddenly fell on top of them.



“What is this?!”

“I can’t move my body!”

Three people fell to the ground as the ground started to crack around them.

“Enemy attack!”

They needed to find the enemy immediately to help these three people. After all, they couldn’t afford to lose more men.

This was the reason why the Supreme Rank Experts went first. It was to identify Theo’s helper.

“There you are!” The last Mythical Rank Expert from the Bolhom Family smirked and jumped toward a figure on the left side.

“It’s strange for him to run away after baiting us. So, it must be a trap! And there is no reason to run away, so it means he has the same number of Mythical Rank Experts! You won’t have more Mythical Rank Experts because you can easily crush us at that time. As long as I can stop you, the Supreme Rank Experts can capture him!” He shouted, revealing the situation.

When the Supreme Rank Experts heard his explanation, they realized their job as well as condition.

But before they could move, the sword that flew in the air earlier fell down and slashed the three guys that were pinned on the ground.



A loud clash occurred at the same time as those screams.

“!!!” The Mythical Rank Expert widened his eyes when his hand stopped in the air as if he had hit a wall. “A barrier?”

Chris clicked his tongue and raised his hands, planning to start playing the piano. “Do you know that you need to be quiet in a piano concerto?”




The melody started ringing as the pressure gradually dispersed into the surroundings, blending themselves.

“This is…” The Mythical Rank Expert gritted his teeth before ducking down, feeling something fly toward him. He even felt the wind brushing his skin. “Sound waves!”

“Ssshh…” Chris smirked while trying to shut him down.

Meanwhile, Theo walked toward the remaining Supreme Rank Experts. “There are 14 people, huh…”

These 14 people started moving in a formation. There were three Knights and two Fighters in the front, who were responsible for stopping him. Theo could see three Magicians preparing their skills, but they weren’t his priority, considering he could remove their strength with his Order.

The danger from this group leaned on the two assassins as well as two enchanters in this group. They needed to be eliminated first.

Suddenly, there was a high-pitched voice that shook the battlefield. Theo suddenly raised his hand and felt something different. It felt like he gained additional strength just by hearing this tune.

“I see. So, this is an Enchanter. I should have found one sooner if they’re this good.” Theo muttered. “I wonder if this powerful ability can be stacked together… Won’t it make me the strongest person in the world like… if there are a million Enchanters supporting me?”

“You talk too much!” The three knights headed toward Theo with their shields in front, trying to stop Theo.

At the same time, the assassins disappeared, hiding themselves to launch a sneak attack. The same applied to the Fighters, albeit they were hiding behind the Knights since they were the backup of firepower.

“Alright. Let’s test you first!” Theo smirked and ran toward the Knights.

“You fool!” The Knights looked at him with contempt. After all, this was one they wanted him to do. As a knight, it was their job to receive the enemy’s attack so that the others could launch an attack from behind.

However, Theo was different from their opponents so far.

Theo made a big swing to strike all three shields.

“Hahaha! A big swing like that will leave you unguarded!”

“You must have relied on the Mythical Rank Experts to protect you!”

The two Fighters came out and swung their swords, albeit everything didn’t go according to their plan.

There was a huge burst of Magic Power in front of them. The burst wasn’t even visible because the concentrated Magic Power was not enough to manifest.

And this concentrated Magic Power exploded, creating a powerful shock wave that hit their stomachs.


Both of them felt as if a car hit them and spat some acids from their stomachs before getting blown away.



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