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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1144: Enemy Reinforcement Bahasa Indonesia

“Feel my music.”

Theo wasn’t the only person boosted by the melody. The illusion trees under Jeff’s control somehow matched the movement with the beat, creating a new attack pattern.

“As expected…” Jeff smiled when he heard this melody. In fact, this was one of the reasons why Jeff wanted to collaborate with Chris in the past, even if he needed to go as low as blackmailing him.

He had experienced the unique ability Chris had.

On the contrary, Felix… wasn’t like a human anymore.

His body was spinning around Kuchar, the Mythical Rank Expert from the Bolhom Family.

There were many superficial wounds on Kuchar’s body because he couldn’t follow Felix’s movement. When that melody was up, Felix looked like he was dancing.

His movement was so fluid that he moved like a fish that had returned to the water. The swing was swift and precise. His steps were small and unpredictable. The moonlight shone brighter, illuminating him and Kuchar.

“Kh. I can’t even follow his movement. What is he?” Kuchar gritted his teeth as he kept parrying Felix’s sword. Unfortunately, the sword landed a hit on his body every now and then. If this continued, he would be the first person to go down.

Felix maintained his silence as he kept cutting Kuchar until the blood loss was enough to lower his movement.

At the same time, he finally understood why Theo wanted an elite squad consisting of unique individuals. Chris alone could actually do this much and Jeff’s illusion managed to handle some of them at the start so that the development of this battle could go according to the plan.

In the home, Millie could handle technology, while Isaac’s ability was useful for researching a new type of power.

Theo even wanted a general like Ergene, whose purpose was stabilizing the battlefield, and a dual-shield wielder in Japan. If Theo also got the information broker, he could work with Millie to create an information network for them.

With all these unique people helping each other, the elite group wouldn’t be just a normal elite group. Theo wanted ten Mythical Rank Experts in his group, but even if the enemy was twenty Mythical Rank Experts, he felt they could still destroy the enemy.

Once again, he realized how far Theo had seen ahead.

Upon that realization, Felix couldn’t help but smile as he muttered inwardly, ‘I’m fired up.’

His eyes started excluding killing intent as his sword became even deadlier.

And Theo, who was overseeing the entire battlefield, was satisfied with this result.

Despite being surrounded, Theo still didn’t feel pressured. In fact, he had been using his Perfect Control to completely overwhelm the enemies.



Each swing of his sword generated a shock wave that could push or even launch them back.

When they saw Theo, fear started crawling inside their hearts as they couldn’t see how to defeat him despite outnumbering him.

“What is this?”

“We can’t even get closer, let alone capture him.”

“Our skills will always disappear before hitting him. His power is weird.”

“The assassins can’t get close because of that huge figure too.”

“The monkey is annoying as it seems to be able to understand its owner’s thoughts, stopping anyone from hurting that guy.”

“No, wait. This power is similar to that guy in the Skytube! The one from the US that once shook the Skynet!”


“What? He is Joker?”

“You only realized it until now?”

It seemed only a few people recognized Theo after summoning his Death Avatar, but they thought the others would have realized it too, so they didn’t say anything this whole time. It turned out to be a mistake.

“I’m speechless. How foolish can this family be…” Theo shook his head helplessly. He never thought that it would take them that long to realize his identity when he wasn’t even covering them.

However, that didn’t matter anymore. Without hesitation, Theo charged forward. The Knights tried to stop him.

Planning to end this fight as soon as possible, Theo summoned the sword as big as his body again.

At the same time, something unexpected happened.

“AAAAHHH!” That scream shook everyone’s heart as it came all the way from Felix’s battlefield. When they glanced to the side, they saw Kuchar screaming while dropping to the ground. His right hand was cut by Felix.

Still, as one would expect from a Mythical Rank Expert, Kuchar endured the pain and put his sword between them, stopping Felix’s attack that was supposed to be the killing blow.

However, this situation made the Supreme Rank Experts have a cold sweat.


“What will happen if our expert is defeated?’

“That Mythical Rank Expert doesn’t seem to be injured. He should have enough energy to cut all of us down. And if he helps the other Mythical Rank Experts…”

The explanation stopped as they all sucked a cold breath, realizing what would happen. To put it simply, the moment Kuchar was cut down, they would be dead as well. Even if they retreated, the family head wouldn’t spare them.

Upon that realization, their faces became pale. They were scared.

Theo took this opportunity to swiftly kill the other Enchanter as well as one Fighter.

With this, he lowered their number again. If he reduced their number to eight, Theo wouldn’t have any problem dealing with the rest.

However, the moment he was about to kill another person, Felix shouted. “Joker!”

“!!!” Theo turned to the side and saw an incoming spear. He hurriedly changed his sword into a shield and put it in front of them.

“Kh!” Theo gritted his teeth as the spear actually had so much force. Eventually, he couldn’t stop it anymore.


The spear exploded before Theo had the chance to throw himself to the side. The explosion launched Theo a hundred feet from them, skipping a few times on the ground.

On the other side of the battlefield stood another fifty men with a muscular man standing in front of them.

When they saw this figure, they all said the same thing.

“Family Head…”


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