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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1141: Ambush Bahasa Indonesia

“Wha—!” They couldn’t even react when Theo chose to run. Theo was brazen enough to kill Baltu, but the first thing he did was run.

They simply couldn’t understand Theo’s thoughts.

“Chase them!” The Mythical Rank Expert roared as he couldn’t afford to let Theo go.

“But isn’t this weird? He’s been wandering around this place for a while… If he wants it, he should be able to hide for a while. At the very least, it won’t be this easy to find him… It is as if he wants us to find him.” Another Mythical Rank Expert frowned, raising his concern.

“It feels like a trap for me.” The other Mythical Rank Expert agreed with that suspicion. “I think we shouldn’t pursue too far.”

“But the family head will make a fuss about it again. It’s annoying.”

“As annoying as it is, preserving our strength is more important. After all, even the slightest weakness can be taken advantage of.”

The three Mythical Rank Experts contemplated for a moment whether to pursue Theo or not. After a while, they stopped at the same time as if getting the same conclusion.

“Let’s stop chasing him. Put some people to trail him.” One of them said to the people behind them. “The enemies are dangerous, and the road ahead might be a trap. It’s better to scout the area first so that we won’t fall for their tricks.”

“What? You are running away now?” Theo smirked and turned around, provoking them.

The Mythical Rank Expert couldn’t say anything. Although he was ashamed of running away with all these people, the road ahead was extremely dangerous.

“Let’s go back.” The Mythical Rank Expert snorted and ordered a retreat.

However, Theo smiled and formed a giant sword on top of him. “Do you think you can escape from here?”

Without hesitation, he released this sword that was slightly bigger than his body toward the Mythical Rank Expert.

“Hmph! Overestimating yourself!” The Mythical Rank Expert took out a dagger and struck the blade to destroy it thoroughly.

But the moment he received this attack, he realized something was different.

“!!!” The Mythical Rank Expert widened his eyes. The sword itself looked like an illusion or a weapon that was created by Magic Power. His dagger alone should be enough to destroy this sword.

Yet, when he struck this sword, it completely felt different. Even with his power, he had a hard time erasing this power.

‘It is a real sword? No, a real sword can’t appear out of nowhere…’ The Mythical Rank Expert furrowed his eyebrows before pouring more Magic Power into his dagger before he deflected the sword into the air.

“…” The two Mythical Rank Experts beside him were stunned. The disparity between them should be enough to remove Theo’s attack completely, but he actually chose to deflect the sword. It was a questionable decision.

Of course, his strength alone was enough to deflect the sword. He just couldn’t remove it because the sword felt real.

Unfortunately, Theo used their confusion to wave his hand down. In that instant, the sword spun in the air and pointed to the ground, launching itself like a bullet.

“The sword!”

The three Mythical Rank Experts raised their heads. Because the other two were curious, they were the first to move, hitting this sword with their power.

Yet, both of them failed to destroy it.

“This is…”

“A real sword?”

They were stunned and ended up doing the same thing, which was deflecting the sword to the side.

“Since you have gone all the way to capture me, let’s see whether you have the ability or not.” Theo snorted.

Suddenly, numerous vines started emerging from the barren ground.

“What?! The ground is supposed to rock. How can these vines come out?!” The confusion started to happen in their ranks.

But the vines didn’t care about their confusion and started moving their bodies closer. After that, they circled around the enemies with a few of them pointing their pointed edges toward the Supreme Rank Experts.

“Be careful! These vines are their power!” The Mythical Rank Expert shouted.

All Supreme Rank Experts immediately raised their own weapons. Those with Fire Affinity even released their flames to burn the vines down.

Surprisingly, those vines returned to their original form, the paint.

“Huh? This is…” One of the Mythical Rank Experts noticed something different from these vines. He looked around and found a man drawing the vines. “There! There is another Mythical Rank Expert over there. But how?! It’s hard to travel with more than one Mythical Rank Expert.”

“That’s not important. I’m going to stop him! You will reorganize our group.” A blue-haired man stepped forward as he raised his sword, waving it down.

Blue light glowed from his sword and flew toward Jeff in a crescent shape. The energy was so cold that the vines that tried to stop it ended up getting cut and frozen.

It was at this time Felix suddenly appeared before the sword strike. Felix’s blade was shining so brightly that it blinded all the people.

Even the Mythical Rank Experts had a hard time opening their eyes.

Felix struck this crescent-shape sword energy with a calm expression. The clash brightened the area with white and blue light. The white light tried to illuminate and even disintegrate the blue light, while the latter was freezing the white light.

“…” Felix was surprised when the ice started forming on his blade. His opponent seemed to be stronger than he expected.

He poured more Magic Power into his light and completely disintegrated this attack. After that, he charged forward to the Mythical Rank with ice affinity.


The clicking sound of the swords echoed in everyone’s ears as Felix finally clashed with their Mythical Rank Expert.

Seeing his comrade was stopped and the vines were still rampaging, the person that was attacked earlier immediately shouted, “I’ll handle that guy!”

Without hesitation, he rushed toward Jeff while the Ice Mythical Rank Expert decided to stop Felix with his sword.

“So, you’re my opponent.” Jeff smiled and drew a curved line in the air. Suddenly, the curve expanded and turned into the same shape as the previous sword strike without its cold temperature.

“!!!” The Mythical Rank Expert was surprised by this attack. He thrust his spear forward as hard as he could. “It’s just an illusion. I will destroy it with this!”

The tip of his spear was filled with Magic Power. It was clear that the spear had high penetrating power.

But the moment the spear hit the attack, Jeff’s element came into play. Due to his plant affinity, his illusion could become extremely elastic like a vine or hard like a trunk. This time, the illusion imitated that of a vine.

When the spear touched it, the illusion was stopped and the sides of the illusion began to move like a whip, trying to capture the enemy.



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