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God Level Demon – Chapter 93 Bahasa Indonesia

93 – Likes to Lecture Others

“No, no way, are they all dead?!”

Jiang Yaru and the other girls went out of the cave cautiously. Immediately after, they saw the bodies lying on the ground. They were shocked. The previously ferocious outlaws are now lying on the ground, motionless.

They are clearly dead.

“What about the sniper? What about the sniper located five kilometers away?” Zhu Erqin couldn’t help asking.

Xia Ping answered indifferently, “Don’t worry, he’s dead, as well.”


The girls were shocked. This news was more shocking than the death of the outlaws on the ground. After all, it’s not so easy to kill a sniper. A distance of five kilometers is enough for the sniper to deal with any enemy.

But now the sniper is dead. There is no doubt that this guy was the one who got rid of him.

“How did you do it?” Jiang Yaru and them are extremely curious.

It should be noted that the gangsters were not only armed to the teeth, but they were also martial arts powerhouses at the 8th layer Martial Apprentice realm or higher.

Regarding such characters, even if they were unarmed, you may not be able to defeat, let alone kill them.

“It’s simple. It’s because I’m strong.” Xia Ping smiled.

Brag! Just keep bragging!

Jiang Yaru looked at this fellow bragging, unhappy. Even though he is strong, but he’s just a 7th layer Martial Apprentice. How can he kill these enemies while unarmed.

For him to deal with these outlaws while completely unharmed, this guy must have some kind of secret.

“Xia Ping, you’re really amazing.”

A tall girl from Zhengde High School looked at Xia Ping with adoration, “We’re all students. Why are you so amazing, how do you cultivate, can you teach me?”

No matter how Xia Ping killed those gangsters, it won’t change the fact that he did indeed kill them. Coupled with what happened before when he saved the girls, this is proof enough that he’s strong.

Even Han Shan, the No. 1 expert of Zhengde High School, is not this guy’s opponent.

“It was a piece of cake. Teaching you is not an issue. However, cultivation is a sensitive topic. I think we may need to find another time and a secret location to discuss this in detail.”

Xia Ping stated thusly with a dignified expression. He likes to lecture others. In particular, he will rarely refuse a request of girls.

What nonsense!

Jiang Yaru is furious. Why does he need to find another time and a secret location to give advice about cultivation? Can’t he just do it here and now? This bastard is clearly scheming something.

But the tall girl’s eyes lit up, and she giggled: “That’s great. It’s better to set the time at after the trial by fire ends. As for the location, it can be my house. That place is really secret. No one will disturb us.”

“Besides, my parents have recently gone on a business trip. They are not at home.”

Her tone was bold and provocative.

“The parents are not at home?” Xia Ping stroked his chin, and his eyes brightened, “That’s good. It’s best if the parents are not at home.”


Jiang Yaru’s nose scrunched up from anger. This pair with loose morals actually started teasing each other, as if there’s no one around. To go to her home, with her parents out, one can imagine what they are going to do.

“Brother Xia, don’t listen to that floozy. What’s the fun in going to her house? It’s better to go to my house.” With a brazen shade in her pretty eyes, a girl with a hot figure came forward and spoke, “My bedroom happens to have a big bed that can accommodate three to five people. It’s really big and soft. It’s quite suitable for cultivation.”

“Drop dead. Don’t listen to them. These girls have evil intentions. They must want to harm you, brother Xia. Unlike them, I am earnest. I purely want to ask you for guidance regarding some cultivation questions. But it may take a lot of time. Perhaps we’ll have to talk all night.”

“What questions require to give guidance all night? I have never seen you study so hard. Don’t you usually like to put on make up and go shopping?”

“Humph, can’t I turn a new leaf?”

Several girls from Zhengde High School chirped. As members of the upper class, they express their feelings rather daringly, which is completely different from the more reserved ordinary girls.

Cultivation my ass!

When she heard these words, Jiang Yaru turned a little green in the face. When talking about cultivation, for what reason would you mention your bed, and even say that it’s really big and soft? What sort of cultivation is done on the bed? This bunch of horndogs are really shameless.

Furthermore, to talk all night, a man and a woman, alone in a room. That’s pillow talk. Cultivation my foot. Isn’t that just hitting on a man?

Furthermore, as girls, be a bit more reserved. Have some sense of shame.

“Cough cough.” Xia Ping coughed twice. “I am a gentleman. Don’t worry, when the time comes, I will instruct you all well.”

“Giggle, we’ll learn from each other at that time. After all, we don’t have much experience in this kind of thing.” The girls giggled and surrounded Xia Ping, dilly-dallying.

“Xia Ping, come here!”

Jiang Yaru can’t stand it. If things go on like this, then before the trial by fire is over, this guy may mess around with them. This sort of thing is not right. As high school students, they shouldn’t do such a shameless thing.

As a fake girlfriend, she won’t permit this kind of thing. She pulled Xia Ping out of the encirclement of these shameless girls.

“Giggle.” Upon seeing this, the girls from Zhengde High School giggled. They seem to be quite happy. They know about the rumored relationship between Xia Ping and Jiang Yaru, but they don’t care.

For them, only when a man is excellent is it worthwhile stealing him. Furthermore, if he has a beautiful girlfriend, doesn’t that just proves the excellence of a man?

There is no better prey.

“Look, someone is coming from over there.” Suddenly, Zhu Erqin shouted. She noticed that there seem to be five or six figures far away in the jungle running towards this side in a hurry.

It looks like there are two gangsters equipped with guns chasing these figures. From time to time, explosions would sound.

“It’s Chu Rong!”

Jiang Yaru’s eyes are really sharp, and so she made out these figures at once. Chu Rong is among them.

“Darn it, it seems that they were also targeted by those outlaws.”

The other people’s expression changed. Obviously, they have already expected that they might not be the only ones being targeted by the outlaws, that even people from other schools might fall into such plight.

However, those students may not be as formidable as Xia Ping. It is likely that they will either die at the hands of these outlaws or be captured alive and fall into a despairing situation.

“I’ll go save them.”

Xia Ping’s figure flashed. After several jumps, he disappeared from this area.


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