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God Level Demon – Chapter 94 Bahasa Indonesia

94 – Meeting Chu Rong

In the jungle.

Several nimble girls are running quickly and dodging the attacks of the outlaws in between the trees. They have flustered looks on their faces, and some of them are even injured.


Chu Rong gritted her teeth. She is carrying an injured girl on her back. The girl was hit by a laser beam, injuring her left leg. The girl was basically rendered immobile.

If she abandons the girl, the other party wont be able to run away from the outlaws. However, according to Chu Rong’s nature, she could not leave the other party behind.

“Wasn’t this supposed to be an inhabited island with only savage beasts? Where on earth did these hoodlums come from?” Chu Rong is disgruntled. She doesn’t understand why this happened.

While she led several companions to hunt savage beasts and focused of defeating Jiang Yaru, three or four hoodlums with guns suddenly rushed out.

The other party ruthlessly killed two male students in the first moments, frightening everyone.

Although she managed to kill one of the outlaws by relying on her martial arts, but she was outnumbered. Furthermore, the other party still has weapons. She had no choice but to flee into the depths of the jungle.

“Little Rong, we can’t go on. We’ve been running for a long time already and have no strength left.” A girl nearby is pale, covered in sweat, and gasping for air. Obviously, her physical strength is running out.

The same is true for the other companions. After all, they don’t have Chu Rong’s physical strength and can’t run at a rapid pace for a whole day.

“Don’t slack off.”

Chu Rong shouted angrily, “Don’t you see the gangsters behind us? Can you imagine what will happen to us once we’re caught? Clench your teeth and persevere.”

She reprimanded her companions.

“However, we really have no strength left.” The girl gritted her teeth. They also want to persist. However, sometimes physical strength cannot match your willpower.

Being chased like this, their nerves are stretched taut. They are an arrow at the end of its flight. One day ago, they were just students. How did they come across such a situation?

Suddenly, a girl tripped over a stone and fell to the ground. She scraped her knees pretty bad.

“Little Lan.” Everyone exclaimed. Unexpectedly, during this rapid chase, someone fell. This is a big problem.

“Don’t mind me. Just run yourselves.”

The girl gritted her teeth. She doesn’t want to implicate her companions.

At this time, the two or three gangsters chasing from behind saw that a person fell on the ground, and their eyes lit up.

“Ha-ha, this naughty girl can’t run at last.” A gangster smiled ferociously, “To have us chase for so long, you really can run. I’ll let you guys have a taste of men later.”

His tone was sinister and cruel. The girls turned pale when they heard his words.

“Hurry up, don’t waste time.”

Another gangster said in a deep voice, “I heard that brother scar’s team was wiped out completely. There are fierce characters among the students, so the boss instructed us to be careful.”

“There’s nothing to fear. It must be that brother scar was careless and fell into a trap set up by the students. As long as we are careful, how can the unarmed students be our opponents?”

The remaining outlaw said with disdain, “But there’s indeed a fierce character among these naughty girls. In a moment of carelessness, she actually killed one of our brothers. I must teach this tigress a good lesson and let her know the power of men.”

He stared at Chu Rong ferociously. As he looked at her hot figure, his breathing accelerated.

“Damn it, let’s fight these guys.” Chu Rong clenched her fists. She doesn’t want to imagine what will happen if Little Lan falls into the hands of these outlaws.

The other girls turned pale, and their legs trembled with fear. Although Chu Rong spoke fiercely. But in fact, with their strength, they are not the opponents of the other party.

If they were the other party’s match, they wouldn’t have run in the first place.

“You want to fight us? Can you avoid our guns with your mediocre skill?” A gangster said with a cruel smile, not caring about Chu Rong’s words.


At this moment, a sharp and harsh sound rose, and then a stone pierced through the head of the outlaw that was talking.

With a bang, his head was smashed like a watermelon.

“Who?!” The remaining two outlaws were stunned and had no idea what happened. They just saw their companion’s head burst.


Two more stones ejected like black bolts of lightning and their trajectories couldn’t be perceived. With two sqwelps, the two stones pierced through the throats of the remaining two gangsters, and two fountains of blood burst out.

“Er~ Er~” The two gangsters subconsciously clasped their throats. Their eyes showed the shades of fear and unwillingness. They seemed to want to say something, but the air escaped through their necks, and so they couldn’t say anything.

Thud — the two fell to the ground and died.

“This, this!” Chu Rong and them were stunned by this situation. The three vicious criminals were killed at once.


At this time, a figure appeared in front of the group of girls.

“Xia Ping!” After seeing the figure clearly, Chu Rong couldn’t help shouting, really surprised. She could recognized Xia Ping’s figure anywhere.

The other girls also recognized Xia Ping. After all, this famous character made trouble wherever he went. How can they not recognize him?


At this time, Jiang Yaru and them, who were following behind Xia Ping, arrived at this clearing.

“Jiang Yaru?!” Chu Rong saw Jiang Yaru and them.

Suddenly, the group of girls were relieved. After meeting other students, they felt a lot safer. At least they met someone who has the power to resist the gangsters.

“Chu Rong, you guys are fine.” Jiang Yaru looked at the bodies on the ground. However, she didn’t mind them. She already adapted to such a thing.

After all, humans are highly adaptable creatures.

“Did you guys save us?” Chu Rong immediately thought of a possibility.

Jiang Yaru waved her hand: “It wasn’t us who saved you, but this fellow.” She pointed to Xia Ping.

“This fellow!” Chu Rong bit her lips, and complicated emotions rose inside her. This scoundrel is her nominal husband. Furthermore, she signed a contract.

She wanted to forget it, but this guy appeared again and saved her.

“But this is not the time to be talking about this. There are injured people among you guys, right? We’d better find a place to take a temporary break and treat their injuries.” Jiang Yaru said immediately.


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