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God Level Demon – Chapter 92 Bahasa Indonesia

92 – I’ll Send You to Meet Yama

“This, this!”

When he saw this scene, the man with a knife scar was scared shitless. What kind of monster is this student? To kill a sniper from a distance of five kilometers in an instant, is that still regarded as a human?

For them to foolishly provoke such a monster, isn’t that seeking death?!

But it’s late now, really late. For him to realize this at this point in time, when his team was nearly wiped out, is of no use.

“I have to run away. I have to tell the boss about this at once.” The man with a scar turned and ran away with all his might. At this time, he wished he was born with a few more legs.

But after taking only a few steps, Xia Ping appeared in front of him.


The man with a knife scar shouted in horror, “We were wrong. We were really wrong. We shouldn’t have provoked you. Spare me this time. I won’t dare to do such a thing next time. I really won’t dare to do it again.”

Xia Ping stepped forward and unleashed a punch. Tiger Fist — Tiger out the Gate.


In an instant, the fist hit the man with a knife scar in the chest, crushed his heart, and threw his body into the air, breaking five or six trees in a row.

When he fell to the ground, the man with a knife scar was already dead. His eyes are opened wide, showing the unwillingness, regret, and fear he felt before dying.

If he could turn back time, he would never have led a team to attack the students.

“Spare you?”

Xia Ping gazed at the body of the man with a knife scar indifferently: “What a joke! To spare you, that’s Yama’s [1] business! My task is to send you to meet Yama!”

Regarding these gangsters who want to take his life, he can only kill them!

Seeing that all the gangsters were dead, Xia Ping took their laser guns, grenades, bulletproof vests, and other equipment. It would be a waste if he didn’t took them away.

Furthermore, since they are likely to face the counterattack of the whole Band of the Cheetah next, if Jiang Yaru and them are armed, there won’t be a need for him to get distracted and protect them.

After finishing his business here, he headed back to the cave.


At this time, in the center of Savage Beast Island, on a mountain.

Toot toot~

Lin Bao, the leader of the Band of the Cheetah, has a gloomy expression, brimming with both anxiety and anger. He can’t get in touch with the man with a knife scar.

After all, it is the man with a knife scar. He even sent a team of twelve people. But he still can’t get a reply. Although he is reluctant to admit it, but those guys must have been wiped out already.


The furious Lin Bao crushed the communicator in his hand: “Who the hell is it? Who killed people from my Band of the Cheetah? Do they want to die?!”

With the death of an elite team of 12 people, plus the death of baldy and company from before, the casualties this time amount to nearly half of the Band of the Cheetah.

It can be said that such a loss is grievous for the Band of the Cheetah.

The death of the sniper is particularly disastrous. After all, there aren’t many sharpshooters in the world with a nearly flawless hit rate. Lit Bao spent a lot of effort to rope in the other party.

But now he’s dead!

“Boss, the Bloodfruits are about to ripen.” A subordinate came forward and reported.

At this time, on the large tree, there are several fruits that appear to radiate red light. They emit a strange aroma that fills nearly the whole valley, making the cells in a person’s bodies seem to moan.

At the same time, however, the aroma caused a change in countless savage beasts in the surroundings, making them agitated. It seems like they want to take this opportunity to rush over.

But they endured, because the fruits aren’t ripe yet.

“Damn it!”

Lin Bao gnashed his teeth, a wavering look on his face: “Whoever you are, anyone who kills people from my Band of the Cheetah has to die. As long as you stay on Savage Beast Island, you won’t be able to escape with your life.”

“Just you wait. Once I get the Bloodfruits, I’ll come to take your life.”

He’s exuding fearsome murderous aura. This cutthroat is clearly enraged. Even when he was betrayed by his brothers before, he has never been this angry.

But Lin Bao is not a simpleminded character. He soon calmed down and asked his man, “Is everything ready?”

“Boss, it’s ready.”

The subordinate smile ferociously: “We have planted a large number of bombs nearby. Once the Bloodfruits ripen, we will blow all those savage beasts up and raze the place to the ground.”

“At that time, not only will the Bloodfruits be ours for the taking, but we’ll also get the carcasses of those savage beasts. It’s going to be a great harvest.”

He was elated.

Lin Bao nodded: “Alright, keep waiting. Don’t let any accidents happen.”

“Yes, boss,” A number of gangster shouted.


At this time, Xia Ping returned to the cave.

“Xia Ping!”

Seeing a familiar figure come into the cave, Jiang Yaru shouted in surprise. But she soon found that Xia Ping has something in his hands. There are laser guns, grenades, and other weapons in his hands.

“Where did you get these things?” Jiang Yaru was stunned. She doesn’t remember Xia Ping to be an arms dealer. Where on earth did he get those weapons from.

Xia Ping answered flatly, “I got them from the gangsters.”

“Is that even possible?” Jiang Yaru was taken back. Those gangsters are no fools, there’s no way they would hand those weapons over obediently. But she soon thought of a possibility.

Her countenance suddenly changed greatly: “Did you kill them?”

“Yes, to the last one.” Xia Ping nodded.


Upon hearing this, not only Jiang Yaru, but also Zhu Erqin, Luo Lan, and the other girls were stupefied. There were more than ten heavily armed gangsters outside, including a sniper. It was a tyrannical force.

Were such formidable characters actually slaughtered by this guy?!

Although they are aware that Xia Ping went outside to deal with the gangsters, but they never thought that he would really succeed.

“Impossible. You’re kidding, aren’t you?” Jiang Yaru can’t believe it. In order to kill those heavily armed cutthroats, you would have to at least be a Martial Practitioner realm powerhouse.

Xia Ping smiled: “Whether it’s true or false, you can go out and have a look for yourself. The bodies are outside.” He pointed to the outside of the cave casually.

Although Jiang Yaru and them are skeptical, but there’s indeed no sound of gunfire coming from outside. The quiet is a little eerie. It’s like the calm before a storm.

They hesitated, but then still went outside and took a look.


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