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God Level Demon – Chapter 69 Bahasa Indonesia

69 – I Won’t Forgive You!


The fat man’s eyes widened and showed the shade of incredulity, looking like he can’t believe that he was killed just like that. His arm is still raised, still in a ready-to-stab posture.

His huge body of more than 300 catties suddenly fell to the ground, raising dust into the air. A large amount of blood flowed out of his body and dyed a part of the concrete floor red.

Fortunately, no one is around, or else such a loud strike would certainly have alarmed people nearby.


Seeing his companion die at the hands of a young man who looks like a high school student, the bald man called Kong Shui was so scared that he peed himself. He felt a terrible chilliness well up all over his body and shivered.

Due to the instinct he developed after staying a long time in the underworld, he felt extreme danger and made to escape outside. He ran fast like a racing car.

“Want to escape?” Xia Ping’s eyes revealed a cold shade, and he fished out a handful of stones from a pocket in his pants.


In an instant, two or three stones flew out lightning fast, whistled through the air, and instantly pierced the legs of the bald man, and two bloody holes appeared.

“Ah!” The bald man called Kong Shui let out a shrill scream and fell down with a thud, heavily slamming his face against the floor.

The pain coming from his legs spread all over his body and made him break out in a cold sweat from all over his body and tremble. This was the most pain he had ever felt in his life.

“You almost killed my mother. Did you think I’ll let you escape?” Xia Ping came to the bald man and looked at him from above.

Terrified, the bald man called Kong Shui stammered. “Spare me. I, I didn’t mean it, I really didn’t mean it. It wasn’t me who wanted to cripple your mother, it wasn’t me.”

“Although I was the one who carried it out, but it was someone else who instructed me to do it, it was someone else.”

He’s frightened to the extreme. After he saw the fat man being killed in an instant, there was no doubt in his mind that the youngster in front of him is a cruel and ruthless character, not unlike a true gangster.

Shocked by the youngster’s methods, he didn’t dare to speak any harsh words.

“I know you’re just a pawn. But even so, you have to take responsibility. If it wasn’t for you, my mother wouldn’t be seriously injured, wouldn’t have nearly died.” Xia Ping’s eyes showed a chilly gleam.

“Whoever dares to harm my family must pay a price!”

The bald man called Kong Shui shouted, “Spare me. Don’t you want to know who is behind this? If you spare my life, I will tell you everything. I won’t hide anything.”

“It’s useless. You’ll tell me everything, no matter what.” Xia Ping said flatly. With a swish, he fished out a Truth Pill. He stuffed the pill into the bald man’s mouth and forced him to swallow it.

A moment later, the bald man’s body reacted. His eyes glazed over.

“Now, who ordered you to do it?” Xia Ping asked.

The bald man called Kong Shui answered at once, “Zhou Clan restaurant’s boss, Zhou Ding, told me to do it. He offered 3 million federal credits for me to break your mother’s legs. If your father wasn’t still working in the government, he would have been crippled together with her.”


Xia Ping clenched his fists as endless anger welled up in his heart. Zhou Clan restaurant’s boss, Zhou Ding, not only wanted to cripple his mother, but also his father?

“Wait, Zhou Ding? Zhou Clan restaurant?”

His eyes flashed as he remembered something: “No wonder I felt that this name is familiar. Zhou Ding is that Zhou Tai’an’s father. That is to say, Zhou Tai’an instigated this incident in order to get his revenge against me.”

He immediately figured out the cause to this incident, which must be Zhou Tai’an’s desire for revenge.

“They reportedly still have follow up plans.” The bald man called Kong Shui said in a deep voice, “Even if you heal your injuries, they will launch a second plan. The ultimate goal is to destroy your family.”

“They won’t stop until you have become disabled and beg on the streets.”

He spilled out everything he knows.

“Damn it!”

Xia Ping clenched his fists, his killing intent boiled, and his eyes revealed a cold gleam. It seems like the temperature around him dropped by a dozen plus degrees. He knew that Zhou Tai’an is cruel and vengeful.

However, he didn’t expect the other party to be this ruthless, to the point that he wouldn’t stop until his family was destroyed!

“Zhou Tai’an, Zhou Ding!” Xia Ping gritted his teeth. “I won’t let you get away with it.”

Next, he asked about Zhou Ding and his family’s whereabouts and some other information.

Suddenly, the bald man called Kong Shui came back to his senses. He instantly realized what he just said, and his expression changed dramatically: “What’s going on? I spilled out everything, without hiding anything. What did you feed me?”

He immediately realized that the reason behind his strange behavior must be related to the strange pill he consumed.

But what kind of pill can make you spill the beans so easily, to the point that you can’t even lie. He suddenly felt that the young man is really mysterious and should not be provoked.

However, this realization came too late.

“You don’t need to know what you ate.” Xia Ping looked at the bald man coldly. “Because the dead don’t need to know anything.”


The bald man called Kong Shui shouted, “I’ve already said everything. You can’t kill me., you absolutely can’t kill me. You know? It’s against the law, against the law.”

He struggled and tried to resist.


Without waiting for him to finish speaking, Xia Ping slapped the bald man’s head, and a force of 10,000 catties broke out. With a bang, the top of his skull was blasted into pieces, and he bled from his facial orifices.

With a thud, his body fell to the ground, his eyes opened wide, revealing his resentment, fear, unwillingness, and regret before he died.


Xia Ping took out Decomposing Water and spilled it over the two bodies. The bodies were fully melted at once, and even the clothes disappeared.

In an instant, their existence was erased, turned into a wisp of smoke and disappeared from this world.

Even if someone comes to the warehouse, they will probably only think that the two have fled for fear of being punished and left for to another city.

After all, the two have criminal records.

“Zhou Ding!”

Xia Ping’s eyes flickered coldly: “I will find you and your son. I won’t forgive you. Just wait for me to send you to hell.”

With a whoosh, he left the warehouse.


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