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70 – Zhengde Community

This is a famous rich gated community in Skywater City. The houses here are basically all villas worth more than 10 million federal credits, and some even more than 100 million.

People who can live here are wealthy and respectable. Consequently, the security here is extremely strict. Without relevant documents and the owner’s vouching, even a fly can’t come in.

In the northeast of the gated community, there lies a two-story villa refurbished in a minimalist style. It has a green backyard and an independent garage. It has a surface area of approximately 500 square meters.

There are no bodyguards around the villa.

The security of the Zhengde Community is enough to ensure the safety of the villa, so there is no need to arrange bodyguards at the villa, since that would be overkill.

At this time, in the villa’s living room, Zhou Ding and Zhou Tai’an are sitting on sofas. The two are sitting opposite of one another.


Judging by the expression in his eyes, Zhou Tai’an clearly feels a bit nervous: “Do you think their plan succeeded?”

After a week of emergency treatment and a lot of money, his injuries have already recovered. Therefore, since he didn’t want to continue to stay in the hospital, he chose to go home.

“Don’t worry.”

Zhou Ding waved his hand and smiled coldly: “The plan succeeded. The other party called me before, saying that they have already knocked down that woman. She was sent to the hospital, partly paralyzed. The medical expenses will amount to hundreds of thousands of credits.”

“I sent someone to the hospital to confirm it. That woman is staying in the ER for emergency treatment.”

He looks like someone who has the situation well in hand, not worried about any mishaps. In fact, there were no mishaps.

Zhou Tai’an was overjoyed when he heard this, and his eyes showed a vicious color: “That’s great. If that damn Xia Ping learns of this, he will be livid. Maybe he will even pass out from anger.”

“But he deserves it. After all, it’s his fault for being so unbridled. This is what happens when you offend me, Zhou Tai’an.”

“But what about Xia Ping? How’s he doing? Have his legs been broken yet?”

He gnashed his teeth. After all, the person he wants to get revenge against the most is Xia Ping. He can’t wait to see that bastard’s miserable appearance.

He wants to see that guy kneel on the ground and beg for mercy, to see the other party kneel in front of him for the rest of his life!

The youngster will likely wallow in regret, repeating things like “why was I such an idiot, why did I offend Zhou Tai’an” for the rest of his life.

“There is no news from Chen Dong for the time being.” Speaking till here, Zhou Ding frowned. Chen Dong should have already given him a call regardless of the outcome.

But up to now, he still hasn’t received any news. This is really strange.

“Did something unexpected happen perhaps?” Zhou Tai’an is a little worried.

Zhou Ding uttered indifferently, “What could have happened? No matter how amazing that youngster is, he is just a high school student, a mere 7th layer Martial Apprentice. While Chen Dong is a 9th layer Martial Apprentice.”

“Furthermore, he has the support of about a dozen elite men. They are all ruthless thugs who have murdered countless people. If they mess up, are caught by the police, and are executed on the spot, they would have received their just desert.

“For that youngster to escape while facing those thugs? That’s simply a pipe dream!”

He sneered, a look of disdain on his face. In fact, sending so many people was already thinking too highly of Xia Ping. If not for the sake of safety, it would be enough to send Chen Dong alone.

Upon hearing this, Zhou Tai’an calmed down and continued to ask, “But what about Xia Ping’s father. That guy seems to be alive and well. Why don’t we run him down, as well?”

He is cruel and ruthless and wants to thoroughly destroy Xia Ping’s family.

“I couldn’t find any opportunities for the time being.”

Zhou Ding said: “After all, that guy is a civil servant and works at a government department all day. We can’t just rush over. If this escalates, it will be bad for us.”

“But this is only temporary.”

“I’ve already ascertained that he plans to spend the night with his wife in the hospital tonight and will only leave tomorrow. That will be our opportunity.”

“Once Xia Chuanliu walks out of the hospital, someone will knock him down with a car. By then, their family can be reunited in the hospital.”

He emanated thick killing intent that sends chills down the spine, exhibiting the viciousness of a true gangster. Once he starts, he will destroy and uproot families.

“Xia Ping, ah Xia Ping, after tomorrow, your family will collapse.” Zhou Tai’an sneered repeatedly, “However, this is the result for offending the Zhou Family, for offending me, Zhou Tai’an.”

“Don’t blame me. After all, it’s your fault for being weak. Weakness is the original sin. You can only be toyed with by the strong.”

“Xia Ping, your martial accomplishments are really impressive. Although I can’t compare with you in terms of martial accomplishments, but you can’t compare with me in terms of background. Facts have proved that it’s easy for me to play with you like a bug, Xia Ping.”

His eyes shone ferociously and his heart surged with killing intent.


At this moment, three whooshing sounds rose in the air, and then the ear-piercing noise of glass in the villa breaking rang.

“What’s going on?”

Zhou Ding’s hair stood up. As a 9th layer Martial Practitioner, he immediately detected a threatening killing intent shroud his whole body. He looked closely and, to his shock, discovered that three stones are shooting towards him like sniper rifle bullets.

At this moment, he twisted his body at an incredible angle and evaded the three stones.

A few bangs sounded as the three stones pierced into a concrete wall, revealing three holes. Moonlight shone in from the outside through the holes. Small stones splashed about.

In can be seen from this that the three stones are basically no different from sniper rifle bullets in terms of firepower.

“Darn it, curses.” Zhou Ding turned a bit green in the face because the three stones were only the fists attack. The second attack launched at once. A strong wind approached his chest and faint viper-like hissing rose.

To avoid the three stones, he has expended his strength to twist his body at an incredible angle. As a result, he can’t resist the follow up attack.


A large hand rushed over like a viper, pierced Zhou Ding’s chest in an instant, and crushed his heart, and blood sprayed out like a fountain.

“Who? Who on earth is trying to kill me?” Zhou Ding clasped his chest. Severe pain extended all over his body. Up to now, he still hadn’t seen so much as a shadow of the enemy, as if the other party is transparent.

He doesn’t understand how the enemy passed through the gated community’s heavy security and reached his villa.

“Remember, when you go to hell and meet Yama [1], don’t forget to say that I, Xia Ping, was the one who killed you!” A cold voice came from the side, lowering the temperature of the whole villa by several degrees.


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