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God Level Demon – Chapter 68 Bahasa Indonesia

68 – Lying Low

At night, Skywater City, in a remote warehouse.

There are no people around the warehouse. Judging by the garbage such as auto parts strewn about everywhere, this seems to be an auto junkyard specialized in recycling cars. The air here is filled with a strong smell of gasoline.

At this time, a room in the middle of the warehouse is lit brightly. There are two middle-aged men staying inside. Of the two middle-aged men, one is bald, while the other is fat, weighing more than 300 catties. The two are quite distinct.

“Kong Shui, how was it? Did it go well?” The fat man looked at Kong Shui, the bald man, sitting opposite him and asked.

The bald man picked up a glass of beer from the table and took a sip, before saying, “It couldn’t have gone any better, of course. I knocked down the bitch. She’s lucky she didn’t die.”

“Although I ran fast, but I could hear the ambulance coming from behind. The woman must have broken her legs.”

“Since I was the one who handled it, is there anything to worry about, Meng Qiang?”

He showed a proud expression.


The fat man called Meng Qiang nodded: “Since you used to be an underground car racer, you’re an expert when it comes to driving. Although driving a car to break someone’s legs must be fun, but I didn’t expect you to take the job.”

“That’s only natural.”

The bald man called Kong Shui replied with a smile, “That’s a reward of 3 million federal credits. Even if I race ten times, I may not be able to make as much. I just had to break someone’s legs, easy-peasy.”

“This is quite serious. After all, it’s a hit-and-run. If caught, you will be sentenced to seven years in prison.”

“Of course. But if you aren’t caught, you won’t go to prison. It’s the best.”

He calculated things clearly and considered all kinds of consequences beforehand.

“Don’t worry about it.”

The fat man called Meng Qiang smiled: “The car you drove was put together by me using the parts here. It’s a model that doesn’t exist on the market. Even the police won’t be able to find the origin of the car.”

“Don’t forget about my cut. I want 30% of the reward.”

His eyes revealed the shade of greed. Regarding the possibility of killing a person, he doesn’t have the slightest guilt or even pity. Nothing is more important than money.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get you’re share when the employer pays up.” The bald man called Kong Shui waved his hand. “You should know about my reputation, that is, I never renege on a debt. There will be many other opportunities for us to cooperate in the future.”

The fat man called Meng Qiang nodded. He naturally trusts this bald man whom he has known for a long time. He uttered, “But does the woman you knocked down have any background? If we stir up trouble, this may not be worth the hassle.”

He is a little worried about this point.

“You don’t have to worry about this. I’ve already investigated her family. They’re just ordinary people. They don’t have any prominent figures within the last three generations of ancestors, nor do they know any dignitaries.”

The bald man sneered: “The woman’s husband is only an urban management officer; her son is still a high school student, and his grades are ordinary; her relatives and friends are ordinary people, as well.”

“To be honest, even if they learn that it was my doing, they won’t be able to do anything to me.”

“They’re ordinary people, that’s all. Even if I kill them, what of it? Can it come back to bite me?!”

He has a disdainful look on his face.

“But I fear that the police will come to investigate.” The fat man called Meng Qiang is still a little guarded, “I think it’s better that you leave Skywater City and lay low for a while.”

“You can return after things have settled down.”

The bald man Kong Shui nodded: “I know that. I’ve booked a ticket for tomorrow morning. I’ll leave after a night’s rest, and then come back half a year later. I reckon that it will become a cold case by then” He already has a series of detailed plans.

“It’s no use. You won’t be able to leave Skywater City.”

All of a sudden, a voice came from outside, and the door opened with a bang.


Startled, Meng Qiang and Kong Shui immediately jumped up from their seats and warily looked in the direction of the door. But they just saw a young man who looks like a high school student walk in through the door.

They breathed a sigh of relief at once.

“Young man, who the hell are you? Do you know that this is private property? What you are doing now is classified as trespassing. If I call the police, you’ll be arrested and have to stay in prison for seven days.” The fat men called Meng Qiang threatened fiercely, trying to intimidate the young man in front of him.

“Who I am, you should be well aware of it. The woman you knocked down today is my mother. Do you understand if I put it like that?” The person speaking is Xia Ping.

He used 10,000 Li Tracking to track the scent all the way to this warehouse and finally found the perpetrator.

Just listening to the two talk made him so angry that he couldn’t suppress it.


The bald man called Kong Shui was startled, and his countenance changed: “You’re that woman’s son. How is that possible? How did you find this place?”

He can’t believe it. In order to create the traffic incident, he made a strict plan. Even the police with its various high-tech means won’t be able to find him.

But now, that woman’s son surprisingly walked in through the door and found him?!

“I have my ways. You don’t need to know about that.”

Xia Ping looked at the bald man indifferently and said, “The reason I came here is very simple! I wanted to find the mastermind and kill you!”

He can hardly suppress the killing intent in his heart. If the other party drove a little faster or the ambulance came a little later, his mother would be more than just crippled. She would likely be dead.

These bastards did such a heartless thing just for a bit of money, how could he forgive them?!

“Kill us?”

The fat man called Meng Qiang smiled, smiled coldly: “What can a high school student do? You made a mistake by coming here alone.”


With that, with a swish, he took out a blade from under the table. The blade traced a cold ray in the air and stabbed at Xia Ping’s chest.

Although he is fat, but when he gets serious, he’s nimble like a monkey. Surprisingly, the fat man is an 8th layer Martial Apprentice.

Snake Fist — Viper’s Tail Swipe

In a blink, wriggling like a viper, Xia Ping instantly wound to behind of the fat man and slapped the top of his skull.

With a bang, the top of the fat man’s skull blasted into pieces. He bled from his facial orifices and died on the spot.


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