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God Level Demon – Chapter 50 Bahasa Indonesia

God Level Demon Chapter 50

  Seeing Xia Ping coming in, his mother, Huang Lanxin, immediately stepped forward and asked, “Son, what the hell is going on? Why am I hearing that you made Yaru pregnant? When did this happen?”

  ”Why didn’t you tell us about such a major event?”

  She looked at Xia Ping solemnly.


  Xia Ping didn’t know what to say. He didn’t think that the rumors in school would spread to his home so quickly. The speed of rumors were really amazing.

  ”Son, this was a bit too much.”

  Father Xia Chuanliu looked distressed: “As a high school student, you played around with women everywhere and even made some of them pregnant. You are not as mature and stable as your father used to be.”

  ”To tell you the truth, before I met your mother, I was a virgin. I didn’t even hold a girl’s hand.”

  Xia Ping looked at his father with disdain. Is this mature and steady? It’s just unpopular. ‘Did he think that I wouldn’t realize if he said it like that?’

  ”What! Son, what look is this?!”

  Xia Chuanliu was a little mad and said: “Don’t think that I can’t see what you are thinking. You think that your dad was not popular?”

“Wrong! Terribly wrong!”

“Back then, I, Xia Chuanliu, was the school idol. I became the first love and dream lover of an uncountable number of girls. I almost debuted as a star, you know? “

  ”Although I am now middle-aged and fat with a beer belly, my waistline is a few times bigger and even my hairline has receded, it is undeniable that I was handsome.”

  He almost wanted to take out photos taken when he was young.

  ”Well, don’t brag here.”

  Mother Huang Lanxin glared at Xia Chuanliu and said: “Now what we have to solve is the problem of our son getting married. The girls are all pregnant. This is not a trivial matter.”


  Xia Chuanliu coughed and said as he scowled, “That’s right, son. Tell me what to do. You have known Yaru since childhood. She is beautiful and has good character.”

  ”Although I don’t know why she was blinded and fell in love with someone like you. But at this point, I can only recognize it. My Xia family is not the type who eats and doesn’t wipe the mouth.”

  ”The responsibility should be borne.”

  Hearing this, Xia Ping looked at his father speechlessly.

  ”You can’t say that. Our son still has some advantages. It’s just not obvious.” Mother Huang Lanxin said, “The reason he could do all this is probably because of blessings from our ancestors.”

  Xia Ping twitched the corners of his mouth. Were there any advantages that were not obvious? Why don’t you just say that he didn’t have any good points at all?

  He coughed, stopped his parents from speaking and said: “You have misunderstood. Those are all rumors. There is nothing between me and her, and the other girls are also not pregnant.”


  Upon hearing this, his mother, Huang Lanxin, was obviously disappointed. But she seemed to have expected it long ago.

  ”I knew that no such big pie would fall from the sky.” Father Xia Chuanliu sighed, “It seems that if you want to get rid of singlehood, son, you still need a blind date. You have to follow in the footsteps of your father. “

  ”But don’t worry, this is a family tradition.”

  Xia Ping ignored his two weird parents and went straight to the living room to have dinner. Then he went back to his bedroom to rest.


  Morning, three days later in the bedroom.


  Xia Ping used the Pure Yang Immortal Art. His body vibrated and the true energy inside his body was surging. The sunlight outside the window shone in and turned into endless energy that flooded into his body.

  At the same time, with the assistance of Pure Yang Immortal Art, the energy of two or three bottles of golden potions that he had just taken taken was quickly refined and transformed into a large amount of True Qi that poured into the depths of his Dantian.


  At that moment, the surrounding air vibrated and the true Qi in his body surged like a tide as it flowed around the meridians of his body. With a snap, a meridian was broken through by a powerful force.

  Finally, Xia Ping penetrated the sixth meridian and was promoted to the sixth layer of martial apprentice realm.

  ”Sixth Layer!”

  Xia Ping squeezed his fists and opened his eyes, revealing a terrifying light, as if it contained a ball of flame like a mysterious sun rotating in the depths of his pupils.

  He felt that at the moment he was promoted to the sixth layer, his body’s strength and speed had greatly improved, at least forty to fifty percent stronger.

  True Qi in his body was strengthened and every gesture of his had the power to smash a mountain. Even his spiritual power was strengthened and his range of perception had increased to 30 meters.

  As long as he moved his mind, he could clearly perceive thirty meters centered around his body. Even if a fly flew by and an ant crawled by, he would see it clearly.

  ”This Beiming body protection technique is really amazing. It is indeed the best auxiliary skill.” Xia Ping couldn’t help exclaiming out loud. He had expected that it would take at least a month before he would be able to be promoted to the sixth layer.

  But who could have imagined that after practicing this technique, other people’s beating would help him temper his physique and increase the efficiency of energy absorption.

  In just three days, he absorbed ten bottles of golden potions and finally filled his dantian with true energy; successfully breaking through to the sixth layer as a result.

  ”But if I want to continue speeding up my cultivation, I need to find more opponents and let more powerful people beat my body so as to enhance the efficiency of the body’s energy absorption.”

  Xia Ping’s eyes flashed with ambition. Now he not only wanted to be promoted to the seventh layer, but he also wanted to achieve the eighth layer and even the ninth layer.

  After all, in the high school student fighting competition, powerhouses of the Ninth Layer also existed. It was simply not enough to be at the Sixth Layer.

  But the problem was that if he wanted to practice Beiming Body Protection Technique, he had to find more opponents. But fewer and fewer people in school were qualified to become his opponents.

  If it was an opponent whose strength was worse than his own, then it would be of no use to him. It would be impossible to continue speeding up his cultivation.

  ”It seems that I must find a place where there are a large number of opponents, and they also need to be strong enough.” Xia Ping’s eyes flickered, thinking about his future cultivation plans.

  That’s right! The martial arts hall!

  Thinking of this, his eyes lit up. In Tianshui City, there was no place more suitable for his cultivation than a Martial Arts Hall. There were more powerful people there. It could be said that most of the masters in Tianshui City had trained in a Martial Arts Hall at least once in their lives.


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