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God Level Demon Chapter 51

  The so-called martial arts halls were equivalent to cram schools in Xia Ping’s previous life.

  The college entrance examination had tests regarding martial arts. Every parent hoped that their children’s academic performance was good. But what they learn from school was not enough. So, they were sent to a martial arts hall for further training.

  Therefore, the martial arts halls gathered top students from various high schools in Tianshui City. There were even rumors that people who had not attended a martial arts hall basically had no chance of being admitted to a first-class university.

  Of course, just as there were good and bad cram schools, martial arts halls were naturally varied in quality. The more famous the martial arts hall, the stronger the students in them.

  And Wuwei Martial Arts Hall was undoubtedly a well-known one which had taught many powerful people. Even figures like Zhou Taian were attracted to it.

  ”It seems that I have to go to Wuwei Martial Arts Hall today. There should be a lot of masters there. It is a suitable place for my practice.” Xia Ping’s eyes flashed and he made a decision immediately.


  Time passed in the blink of an eye. Soon it was time for the end of school in the afternoon. Wuwei Martial Arts Hall was not far from Tianshui city 95th High School; about three or four bus stops away.

  Xia Ping got on the autonomous and driverless electric smart bus and arrived at Wuwei Martial Arts Hall within a few minutes.

  ”This is Wuwei Martial Arts Hall?”

  After getting off the bus, Xia Ping came to the gate of Wuwei Martial Arts Hall and saw a huge building in front of him. It was square and simple in style, just like an ancient courtyard house.

  At the door, there were two stone lions about one-person tall, with a plaque on them on which the four characters of Wuwei Martial Arts Hall were written. ‘The sky where powerful dragons and phoenixes dance.’

  At this time, some part-time students seemed to be handing out flyers at the door, trying to recruit students.

  ”This friend.”

  When a tall man saw Xia Ping coming, his eyes lit up and he immediately called out with an enthusiastic attitude: “You want to join the Wuwei Martial Arts Hall? You are definitely making the right decision.”

  ”Who doesn’t know that Wuwei Martial Arts Hall is a prestigious martial arts hall in Tianshui City. There are countless martial arts experts who have graduated from here. Even top students from various universities join here due to their admiration.”

  ”As long as you train in Wuwei Martial Arts Hall for two or three months, I believe that your martial arts skills would definitely improve by leaps and bounds. You could even be admitted to a top university.”

  ”Tuition for three months is 15,000 federal dollars. Of course the price is not cheap, but I can guarantee that it is definitely worth the money. People who come here have only sung praises.”

  He seemed like a salesperson, constantly promoting Wuwei Martial Arts Hall to Xia Ping.

  But the price was simply too expensive.

  The tuition fee for one semester of 95th High School was around 1000 federal dollars. But only three months of training here required 15,000 federal dollars which was simply not affordable for ordinary people.

  ”I’m here to challenge the hall.” Xia Ping said flatly to the chattering guy.


  Not only the tall man, but even some of the people who were handing out flyers next to him were stunned. They seemed to be taken aback and turned to look at Xia Ping.

  ”Came to challenge the hall?”

  The tall man showed a non-smiling expression on his face. He turned his head and shouted at the person inside: “Brother Xu, another person who knows nothing has come to challenge the hall. Come and deal with it.”

  ”What? Which idiot came over today to court death? Didn’t they learn their lesson last time? It seems I’ll have to give a deep memorable lesson.”

  A man who was two meters tall and looked like an iron tower walked out of the door. He exuded a heavy and powerful aura with each his steps.

  He snapped his fists and looked at Xia Ping grimly: “Boy, are you the one who wants to challenge us? You dare come here to cause trouble?! Come, I will give you a martial arts lesson for free. “

  As soon as his voice fell, he stretched out his big hand and tried to grab Xia Ping’s head.


  Before the man’s big hand could reach him, Xia Ping punched out with a thunderous force.

  ”Ah!” The man let out a scream. His face distorted with pain as his huge body flew away like a ping pong ball and crashed into the nearby cement wall.

  A human-shaped pothole immediately appeared on the cement wall as numerous cracks surfaced and rubble rolled down. The man who looked like an iron tower was smashed against the wall forcibly. His body was unable to move and five or six of his ribs were broken. He looked very miserable as the corners of his mouth were bleeding.


  The students next to him were all dumbfounded, looking at the iron tower like man in disbelief. They knew how strong this man was as he was a powerhouse at the Sixth Layer.

  Even in the Wuwei Martial Arts Hall, he was considered an elite; sweeping many of his senior brothers with unparalleled strength. But with just a single punch by this kid, he was seriously injured and knocked into the wall?

  ”He was defeated! Someone really defeated him!” The tall man suddenly reacted, showing a look of extreme horror. He realized that this time, the man in front of him was the real deal. He really came here to challenge them.

  Panicked, he ran into the martial arts hall and reported to the senior brother inside.

  Tatata! ! !

  Xia Ping walked in step by step with a calm and relaxed demeanor, like walking in a leisurely courtyard.

  At this time, the students all around showed a look of awe. They didn’t dare to stop him. They could only watch as he entered Wuwei Martial Arts Hall.

  After entering the Wuwei Martial Arts Hall, he noticed that there was a martial arts training ground in front of him. It was a large and empty area, equivalent to a school stadium.

  Whoosh whoosh! ! !

  When the tall man went to report the incident, the students in the martial arts hall were shocked. One by one, they ran out of the Hall.

  Suddenly, hundreds of people gathered on the martial arts ground. They were led by Yao Zhong, who was a powerhouse at the Seventh Layer.

  ”Damn, isn’t this guy Xia Ping from 95th High School? Why did he come here?”

  ”It’s really that kid! That infuriating look! I would recognize him even if he turned to dust.”

  ”It’s him. I dreamed of him last night. In the dream, I beat him hundreds of times and made him kneel on the ground as he begged for mercy. It was a really beautiful dream. I haven’t had such a good dream in a long time.”

  ”I heard that this kid is here to challenge the hall.”

  ”Damn, we didn’t bother him. But he dares come here to cause trouble.”

  A group of men in white exercise suits talked with righteous indignation. They stared at Xia Ping in front of them. They all followed Yao Zhong to trouble Xia Ping, and of course they knew this kid.

  ”Xia Ping, what are you here for!”

  Yao Zhong’s face was gloomy as he asked.


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