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God Level Demon Chapter 49


  There was a crash and the rubble rolled down. Yao Zhong walked out from the wall. He looked at Xia Ping with an extremely gloomy expression. He didn’t expect that he would suffer such a loss. This kid actually dared to attack him.

  Moreover, the opponent’s strength was indeed not simple. It was obviously only at the fifth layer. But this kid still had the strength to blow him away with a single punch; he didn’t even have the time to react.

  Although his own carelessness was partially to blame, on the whole, this kid was really strong. No wonder he could beat Zhou Taian with only one punch. This was not unreasonable.

  ”Brother Yao!”

  The group of men in white practitioner clothes looked at Yao Zhong and gritted their teeth, clearly very unwilling.

  Yao Zhong stared at Xia Ping with gloomy eyes: “You’re pretty good. You actually have the ability to punch me away. Although I was careless, I have to admit that you are more or less capable.”

  ”Stop pretending. You vomited blood after being hit.” Xia Ping said with despise. “To be honest, even if you were not careless, you wouldn’t be my opponent.”

  Fuck! This kid was too arrogant!!

  The group of men in white practitioner clothes were furious. They couldn’t wait to rush up and beat up this bastard. It was obviously a sneak attack that beat Senior Brother Yao Zhong. Now he was being very arrogant and pretended to be forthright. They had never seen such a cheap person.

  But he was still at the fifth layer. Facing a master at the seventh layer, what qualifications did he have to say such a thing? He managed to injure Brother Yao only because of the sneak attack.

  Yao Zhong’s face was ugly. He could not wait to rush up and beat the kid violently. But after getting hit by the opponent’s punch, he suffered internal injuries that impaired his fighting strength.

  If they really fought, he wouldn’t be at his peak. He really might not be Xia Ping’s opponent. Of course he would never admit it and say it out loud.

  ”Xia Ping, I’m not arguing with you. The strong defeat their opponents in a proper duel, not with sly tricks.”

  Yao Zhong stared at Xia Ping and said, “You reached the top ten in your school this time and would be representing 95th High School in the Tianshui City High School Fighting Competition. I am also the representative of the 99th High School.”

  ”At that time, I will see if you can still be so arrogant in the ring!”

  ”Let’s go!”

  After saying this, he turned around and left with the group of younger brothers.

  Although the other men in the white practitioner clothes were very unwilling, they also knew that it was unwise to look for trouble in front of other people’s schools. There was a risk of them being attacked by groups.

  So all of them glared at Xia Ping and left without saying anything.

  ”A bunch of idiots.” Xia Ping looked at these people from Wuwei Martial Arts Hall contemptuously. If these people surrounded and beat him together, he would just run away.

  Because he was now the public enemy of the school, he couldn’t call for any backup. Maybe when the students saw him being beaten, they would even cheer.

  Of course, these people from Wuwei Martial Arts Hall didn’t know about this and were all bluffed.

  ”But see you in the ring? I’m afraid that when we meet again next time, I won’t be at the fifth layer.” Xia Ping’s eyes showed a glimmer of coldness, looking at the back of those people leaving.


   Yao Zhong’s group soon returned to the Wuwei Martial Arts Hall. All of them were sulking and clenching their fists. They were extremely unwilling to accept what just happened.

  ”Damn it! Brother Yao, why do you still want to endure it?”

  ”That’s right, it’s just a trash at the fifth layer. With your strength, one punch is enough disable this kid and send him directly to the hospital.”

  ”If you’re afraid of being besieged by people from 95th High School, don’t be afraid. We’ll stall them and fight to the death.”

  ”Yeah! Who is afraid of who, we will not take it lying down.”

  ”Being led by the nose by that kid, I can’t swallow this resentment.”

  The group of people were furious.

  ”Puff!” At this moment, Yao Zhong couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood and spray it on the wooden floor. His face was pale and his body seemed weak.

  ”Brother Yao!”

  Everyone was taken aback and wanted to hold Yao Zhong. They didn’t know why this suddenly happened to Yao Zhong.

  ”Don’t worry, I’m fine. It’s just some bruises. It’ll be fine once I vomit some blood out.” Yao Zhong waved his hand and signaled that his injury was nothing serious.

  Someone was shocked: “No, Senior Brother Yao, is it true that that shameless bastard caused this. Just now that kid sneak attacked and injured you so much?”

  The others also showed incredulous expressions. Yao Zhong was a powerhouse in the seventh layer of martial apprentice realm. How could he be injured by a small fry in the fifth layer? Even a sneak attack would have a limited effect.

  ”Although I am very unwilling, that kid did hurt me.”

  Yao Zhong squeezed his fists, his expression unwilling: “He was able to defeat Junior Brother Zhou Taian. That kind of attack is indeed powerful enough to threaten the Seventh Layer.”

  ”I was careless just now and was hit.”

  If it were not for this, he would have fought back long ago. He felt suffocated when he had to endure and flee like a defeated dog

  The group had ugly expressions: “If this is the case, doesn’t that meant that even Senior Brother Yao is not that bastard’s opponent? Do we have no choice but to swallow this grudge?!”

  The others were unwilling. They were all martial arts practitioners. All of them were hot-blooded and arrogant. How could they bear this grievance?!

  ”Endure it!”

  Yao Zhong squeezed his fist and sneered: “That was just a sneak attack. He hit me when I was unprepared. With his true ability, how could he be my opponent?”

  ”Moreover, I’m at the peak of the Seventh Layer. In one month, I will be able to break through the eighth meridian and be promoted to the Eighth Layer.

  ”Then it’ll be easy to deal with a trash at the fifth layer.”

  His eyes were extremely proud and full of absolute confidence.

  ”As expected of Senior Brother Yao. Too powerful!”

  ”Breaking through to the eighth layer as a high school student. What a genius!”

  ”I reckon that among nearby high schools, Big Brother Yao is the strongest.”

  ”With this strength, even in the Tianshui City High School Fighting Competition, we can achieve good results.”

  ”That kid is dead, it’s okay to not meet Senior Brother Yao. But once he meets Brother Yao in the ring, he will be squashed in a bleak manner.”

  The group of people talked and their eyes lit up. There were nine layers in the martial apprentice realm. Each subsequent layer was stronger than the previous layer by a huge margin. Some people could fight above their layer. But to leapfrog three layers and winning was simply impossible.


  At this time, Xia Ping also returned home. He found that his parents seemed to have been waiting for him for a long time and looked at him in a dreadful manner.


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