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Xia Ping coldly watched Zheng Cheng’s death without any fluctuations in his heart. This was war. If this guy did not die and waited for revenge, then it would’ve been his own death and the death of his family.

  There was no right or wrong, only perspectives.

  From another perspective, if he was caught by the opponent, he was afraid that he would really be unable to die even if he wanted to. So it was impossible for him to keep his hands still.

  ”Unexpectedly, things went well.” Xia Ping’s eyes flashed. After buying the invisible pill, he secretly came to the vicinity of the black bear company to observe the surroundings and then took the invisible pill.

  Then he relied on the fact no one could see him as he swaggered into the internal warehouse of the Black Bear Mansion and searched for treasures. After all, it was a black market. Drugs, monster meat, medicine, weapons, and various prohibited items etc. were abundant.

  It was a pity that there were very few things he could take on his body. In the end, he picked and chose twenty bottles of golden potions. He couldn’t take any other thing. So he could only give up regretfully.

  Finally, he found several timed micro-nuclear bombs in the warehouse, set the time for the explosion, and destroyed the entire Black Bear Building, burying all the enemies inside.

  The plan went well as no one could see him. Even the culprit, Zheng Cheng, was killed by him.

  ”However, now that I’ve blown up the Black Bear Building, I am afraid I really provoked the entire Black Bear Company.” Xia Ping looked at the Black Bear Building that had turned into rubble.

  He knew that the headquarters of the Black Bear Company was not in this place. This building was just a branch, and the bombing would not really hurt the Black Bear Company.

  But this will definitely irritate them.

  ”Forget it, after this, I will return to Tianshui City. I many not even return here in the future.” Xia Ping’s rolled his eyes, “If offending is inevitable, then I might as well be more ruthless.”

  Thinking of this, he immediately used a laser gun, pulled the trigger, carved a few large characters on the ground, and placed them clearly in front of Zheng Cheng’s corpse: Murder and arson, Huang!

  Hunag was a code name for him. Its purpose was to confuse his enemies about his identity.

  ”Okay, that’s it. Taking advantage of this, I should buy a ticket and get on the bus to return to Tianshui City.” Seeing these characters, Xia Ping was very satisfied. He threw away the laser gun, then grabbed a package on his body and moved towards the station.

  The effect of the invisible pill only had half an hour left, so he had to hurry up.


  Whoosh whoosh! ! !

  Not long after Xia Ping left, a dozen figures came running in from the distance. They were all members of the Black Bear Company. They were patrolling the surrounding area. They all came quickly when they heard the explosion.

  ”What’s going on? Our company building was blown up?” A man in a black suit was shocked. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The building that was dozens of stories high was now turned into rubble.

  And the gang members inside, all died tragically.

  ”Look, Director Zheng is also dead, and he was shot in the head.”


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  Another man in black suit looked at the corpse lying on the ground in disbelief. That man was indeed Zheng Cheng who had the cultivation base of the the ninth layer.

  ”Damn it, which bastard did it?”

  ”This matter is too serious. We can’t handle it. We must notify the people in the department to come over.”

  More than a dozen men in black suits talked, their faces ugly to the extreme. They immediately took out their communicators and notified the senior leaders of the Black Bear Company headquarters to come over.

  Half an hour later, a suspended vehicle flew in from the air and landed on the ground. With a snap, the door opened and a group of men with formidable aura walked out from the inside.

  The one in the lead was an extremely fierce middle-aged man wearing a white practitioner clothes with a scar on his face. He walked out of the floating car, and a group of people stood respectfully behind him.

The atmosphere was tense.

He was a veteran of the Black Bear Company, Di An, a strong man who had reached the realm of martial warrior.

  ”Murder and arson, Huang!”

  The scarred man, Di An, saw the big words in front of Zheng Cheng’s corpse. With eyes full of killing intent, he said: “What guts! What guts you have! You come to my black bear company to kill and set fire, and dare to leave a name?!”

  ”Who is this Huang?”

  He looked at the dozen men in black suits behind him.

  ”I don’t know, it may be a rookie.” A man in a black suit said hastily, “but it is certain that he has an extremely close relationship with the traitor of our company. He killed the traitor of the company in an alley and fled with the bag. There were twenty bottles of golden potions and the secret manual worth more than 100 million dollars in the bag.”

  ”So Director Zheng issued an order to send countless masters to chase after him, but he did not expect the culprit to kill more than a dozen people, and even Director Zheng’s son was tragically killed in his hands.”

  ”We didn’t expect that he was so frantic as to directly demolish the Black Bear Company building and blow up Director Zheng’s head”

  He didn’t expect this guy to be so cruel. Even when surrounded and almost reaching a dead end, he thought of counterattacking.

  The other men in black suits were very angry. No one had ever dared to provoke the Black Bear Company like this, killing their people, ruining their building, and taking their belongings.

  If they were still indifferent, would they still be gangsters?!

  ”Good! Very good!”

  Di An smiled with anger: “He dares kill our people and takes away our treasures, and even blatantly leaves a name. It seems that our Black Bear Company has been completely underestimated.”

  ”Immediately post wanted notices worldwide!”

  ”I don’t care who he is, no matter what background he has, if he dares to come to Black Moon City and piss on my black bear company’s head, I will definitely not spare him!”

  ”As long as someone can provide clues, reward them!”

  ”As long as you find a trace, kill him.”

  ”No one can offend my Black Bear Company, and get away with it scot free!”

  With a bang, he slapped his palm on the ground. A terrifying force exploded and hit the ground fiercely. All of a sudden, a huge pit with a diameter of five or six meters appeared. The cracks in the road spread, like a spider web, the whole earth vibrated, and the sound waves traveled five or six kilometers away.


  The group of black bear company members yelled, their eyes showing extreme anger. They were underestimated to such an extent, they would not give up unless they caught this Huang.


  Meanwhile, Xia Ping had already boarded the train back to Tianshui City.

  The medicinal power of the invisible pill had now disappeared, and his figure was revealed. Before, he went to the station and waited in the toilet until the medicinal effect disappeared before boarding the train.

  No matter how powerful the Black Bear Company was, they only dared to wait outside and not enter the station to make trouble. After becoming an enemy of the federal government was no different than seeking death.

  ”Didi~, the host provoked a large number of enemies, causing immense anger, hate points +10, hate points +10…” At this moment, system prompt was heard in Xia Ping’s mind.


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