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God Level Demon – Chapter 34 Bahasa Indonesia

Tianshui City, at Xia Ping’s home, the next morning. Sunlight softly came in through the window.


  Sitting on his bed, Xia Ping exhaled a long white breath that almost condensed into substance. The true Qi in his body surged like the tide of the sea, filling his body with explosive power.

  He suddenly opened his eyes and shot out a terrifying golden light. The depths of his pupils were shining with mysterious power, as if piercing through the void. After a night of practice, he also took a bottle of gold potion to improve his body. His true also increased a lot, a bit stronger than the day before with its strength still increasing every moment.

  ”The energy contained in this gold potion is extremely pure and huge, absolutely incomparable to ordinary energy potions.” Xia Ping’s eyes flashed with satisfaction.

  Last night, he consumed a bottle of golden potion to assist his cultivation, running the Pure Yang Immortal Art. As a result, he made great progress. In just one night, it was comparable to cultivating for three months.

  The gold potion had helped him tremendously.

  However, the price was also very expensive. One bottle required half a million federal dollars. Such a price was not affordable by ordinary people. Only least the super rich could take it at will.

  ”Fortunately, going to Black Moon City this time gave me forty bottles of gold potions. This time it was really a big jackpot.” Xia Ping smiled slightly. He originally wanted to go to Black Moon City to buy gold potions.

  But who would have thought that such a dangerous accident would happen, and he almost died in that sinful city. Fortunately, he returned safely and even got gold potions worth 20 million federal dollars.

  This was a huge sum of money, and even if the profits he earned from writing novels was immense, it would not come so quickly.

  Of course, it was also stolen money and couldn’t ever be exposed.

  Once exposed, people from the Black Bear Company would come knocking at his door, and even the government departments would find him to settle accounts and pursue legal liabilities. He would then be in danger.

  But no matter what, he returned safely and even reaped great benefits, which was ultimately a good thing.

  ”I should only take three or four bottles of gold potions this month. I guess I will be able to penetrate the sixth meridian and break through to the sixth layer of martial apprentice.” Xia Ping squeezed his fist.

  The reason why it took a month was because you couldn’t take the golden medicine continuously. Too much would be harmful and the body’s absorption was also limited.

  Every time he took a bottle of gold potion, he needed to spend a week to cultivate in order to thoroughly digest and absorb the energy of the gold potion, and consolidate his foundation.

  If he took too much at one time, not only was it not good for his body, it would even damage his foundation, causing it to become unstable and making it very difficult to promote to higher realms in the future.

  ”However, is there really no way to increase the speed of the body’s energy absorption?” Xia Ping’s eyes flickered. Although the speed of absorption of the sixth layer was already very fast, he still felt that it was not enough.

  After all, there was only less than four months before the college entrance examination. If he didn’t improve his own cultivation as soon as possible, he would not be able to get a good score. He would then be unable to enter a good university.

  Suddenly, the voice of the system came out: “Host, there are methods to increase absorption speed.”


  Xia Ping was taken aback. He didn’t expect the system to say so suddenly, but he calmed down quickly and immediately asked: “What is this method you say?!”

  ”There is a technique called Beiming Body Protection Technique.”

  The system replied: “It is a supremely powerful body-protection technique. It can absorb the strength, energy, etc. from the enemy’s attack and convert it into the energy of the user’s own body.”

  ”Through the enemy’s attacks and beatings, the body’s cells, muscle tissue, bones, etc. are destroyed. Then a mysterious life energy can be used to continuously repair the damaged body tissues, which can greatly increase the speed at which the body absorbs energy, and the physique will also become stronger as a result. “

  ”If the host practices this body protection technique, and then constantly competes with and is beaten by others, the host will be able to quickly digest the body’s excess energy and continue growing stronger.”

  Beiming body protection technique?!

  Xia Ping’s eyes lit up immediately. He could continue growing stronger and increase the speed of the body’s energy absorption just by being beaten. What an amazing and convenient auxiliary skill this was!

  Even in Yanhuang star, such mysterious skills were unheard of. But if this skill was legit, then it was simply the best auxiliary skill for him.

  But he soon calmed down: “How much hate points does this skill require?” He knew that there was no such thing as free lunch in the world, and it was even more so the case for this system in his body.

  ”A total of one million hatred points are required to exchange for it.” The system replied.

  The corner of Xia Ping’s mouth twitched: “Sure enough, how could such a powerful technique be cheap? The hate points on me is probably not enough.” His expression was a little helpless.


  The system said: “This is the price for redeeming a whole manual, but the host could also buy the first few level of the skill, and the rest can be exchanged later. This is a special discount for the host.”

  ”You can still do this?! Isn’t this a payment in installments?” Xia Ping’s eyes lit up. For his current martial arts realm, it was a bit extravagant to exchange the entire secret manual. Only the first level of this skill was enough for his current cultivation level.

  ”Let’s talk about it, how much does it take to exchange for the first layer?”

  The system said: “It takes three thousand hate points to redeem the first layer.”

  Three thousand hate points? !

  Xia Ping asked, “Is my current hate points enough?”

  ”The host has a total of two thousand six hundred hate points, which is four hundred short.” The system honestly said.

  Four hundred short?!

  Xia Ping was a little dejected. When he was in Black Moon City, he killed many members of the Black Bear Company and caused a terrible disaster. Many people in the Black Bear Company hated him and brought him a lots of hate points, not only had he restored the loss from buying the invisible pill, but he also made a small profit and gained some benefits.

  But he didn’t expect that it was still not enough, just four hundred short.

  ”Right, tomorrow.”

  Xia Ping suddenly remembered something, and his eyes lit up: “Tomorrow is Monday, the day when the school fighting competition is held. At that time, I will fight on behalf of the class, and countless students will watch the battle. This is the best opportunity to pull hatred.”

  If he wanted to get the hate points, of course the more people the better. Tomorrow was an opportunity. With his ability to attract hatred, it would be easy to get four hundred hatred points.

  ”And Zhou Taian.”

  Xia Ping squeezed his fist: “You must repay me for what happened last time.” His eyes glowed like blazing flames.


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