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When they heard Song Hui, the other people were startled. they immediately looked at the front entrance and saw a white paper stuck to the door that seemed to have some words on it.

“What happened? When did this white paper appear here?” Zheng Cheng’s complexion was gloom. He angrily shouted, “What did you do? Do you just let random people scribble here?”

“No, I remember very clearly, this door originally didn’t have any white paper. It just suddenly appeared there.” Song Hui felt chilled inside, “It was definitely not one of us.”

Suddenly appeared there?!

The people present felt a chill from the bottom of their heart. They were all Martial Arts Experts, but they didn’t notice anything. If the other party wanted to assassinate them, wouldn’t he face no difficulty?!

“Go and see what is written on it?” Zheng Cheng frowned deeply. He also felt that this was unusual. According to his cultivation base of his Martial Apprentice 9th Heavenly Layer, it was impossible for him to not detect any movements.

But just now, he couldn’t feel anything. It was very strange.


Song Hui resisted his inner fear. He walked to the white papers and read out loud: “Thanks to everyone for their love for me. For this reason, I will send a big gift to the Black Bear Company. Everyone, I am truly grateful. Signature: Huang”

Big gift?!

The people present all looked at each other in dismay. They didn’t know what to say. What was this big gift? Could it be that the other party did something like this to really thank their Black Bear Company?

The problem was that their Black Bear Company was an Underworld force. They committed any imaginable misdeed, killing countless people, destroying homes. They never did good things. There was never anyone who had thanked them before. Not even once.

“Who is this Huang?” Zheng Cheng asked.

Song Hui and the others were shaking their heads: “I don’t know, I have never heard of this name.”

“Damn, this is bad. Danger! Watch out!” Suddenly, Zheng Cheng tensed up. A feeling of strong threat instantly spread throughout his whole body. His sixth sense was crazily giving out danger signals.

With a bang, the muscles of his whole body tightened, just like a polar bear. He ran out of the building with a whistling wind.

But it was already too late.


At that moment, a micro-nuclear bomb exploded at the Black Bear Company. Its might was equivalent to hundreds of tons of explosives, and suddenly the entire Black Bear Company’s large building was destroyed.

Hundreds of meters of concrete was flattened and swept up formidable waves. The air almost condensed into a substance and there was an earthshaking tremor. All the glasses within a few kilometers were shattered.

“Nooooo!!!” Song Hui and the others screamed, there eyes showing a terrified look. But their reaction could not keep up with Zheng Cheng, and they were buried under the rubble of Black Bear Company’s building.

Even if Zheng Cheng had a very fast response and enough strength, the explosion was still terrible. He was directly damaged by the huge fluctuations of the explosion, and countless giant stones fell from the sky. These were dense reinforced concrete that were falling from high altitude. Like a meteor they made terrible craters as they crashed into the ground.

Bang bang bang! ! !

A few minutes later, the entire Black Bear Company was no different from ruins.

A struggling shadow emerged from under the debris. His whole body was covered in blood as he was seriously injured with a deathly pale complexion. He was Zheng Cheng, an expert of the Martial Apprentice 9th Heavenly Layer. Even after suddenly suffering from such an attack, he could escape with his life intact momentary, displaying the extreme survivability of an expert.


Zheng Cheng roared towards the sky almost as if his lungs were exploding: “You dare to blow up my Black Bear Company’s building, do you think you can escaped? Can you still survive?”

“You are dead! I will chase you to the ends of the planet and no one will save you!”

“I swear, I will catch you, tear your body to a thousands of pieces and destroy your nine generations!”

He never felt so angry in his whole life. Someone actually dared to mess with the Black Bear Company, and even blew up the entire Black Bear Company’s building with a micro-nuclear bomb.

Unprecedented, this simply was an unprecedented event.

This was clearly a provocation. They were spitting on Black Bear Company’s face! It was absolutely humiliating!

If their Black Bear Company didn’t fight back and catch the culprit, their reputation would be gone, and there would be no place for them in black moon city.

And Zheng Cheng, because of this incident, was seriously injured.

Whoosh whoosh! ! !

Suddenly, there were more than a dozen stones flying in the distance. Like bullets, they slammed into his body as they tore through the air, making a sharp sound.

“What? Ambush?!”

Zheng Cheng was shocked. He didn’t expect that after blowing up the entire Black Bear Company’s building, the murderer had not escaped. Instead, he had stayed to kill any survivors.

However, he was still an expert of the Martial Apprentice 9th Heavenly Layer. Even if he was seriously injured by the bomb and lost most of his fighting strength most of his fighting strength, he still had a little strength left that was incomparable to a normal person.

Bang bang bang! ! !

In a flash, he punched nine times with each fist having more than ten thousand catties of force. It was imcomparbly more powerful than Xiong Batian’s Tyrant Bear Fist.

In a split second, those stones were smashed and his fist shot out.

Whoosh whoosh! ! !

However, the enemy’s attack did not give him a chance to breathe. A dozen laser shots almost covered Zheng Cheng’s body with holes. Every laser was aimed at a key vital point. Once hit, he would be killed immediately.

“Bastard!” Zheng Cheng panted. Both of his legs compressed like a spring, and he suddenly jumped away out of the lasers range

Before he could relax, a terrifying force suddenly struck. Like a roaring tiger, a fist seized an opening and made Zheng Chen unable to fight back.


  The fist hit Zheng Cheng’s chest firmly, breaking three ribs on the spot and sent him flying with no resistance at all.

  ”Who is it? Who is it? Is it you, Huang?!” Zheng Cheng screamed with extremely anger as he still hadn’t seen anyone around him.

  Even if he was hit with a punch, he did not see who was attacking him as if the enemy could be invisible.

  ”Yes, I am Huang.” A voice sounded from the air.

  With a swish, a laser beam shot his way.

  ”No, no, no!” Zheng Cheng saw this and was horrified to the extreme. He was in the air and it was impossible for him to dodge. The laser reached him in the blink of an eye and blew his head up.

  Zheng Cheng died instantly


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