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God Level Demon – Chapter 125 Bahasa Indonesia

125 – Are You also Looking for Xia Ping?

As the students left the supermarket and headed for the villa, they came across another group of students, heading in the direction they came from.

A lanky student kindly warned: “Friends, the food in the supermarket has long been stolen by a thief named Xia Ping. There’s point in going there. The supermarket has been thoroughly cleaned out.”


Upon hearing this, the students from the other group were taken aback: “No way? The supermarket in your ares was cleaned out by Xia Ping, as well? There’s no food left?!”

In an instant, a contestant from the 8th area felt gloomy, looked at the other party, and asked, “Judging by your words, you don’t seem to be contestants from the 8th area? You also suffered at Xia Ping’s hands?!”

“Of course we’re not. We’re from the 7th area.”

The student uttered, “Because the food in the entire area has been cleaned out, we had no choice but to come to the 8th area and look for that bastard Xia Ping.”

“We traveled a long trek and were mindful to avoid the monstrous beasts. But even so, several of us were eliminated due to serious injuries before we finally arrived here.”

The students of the other group revealed sorrowful expressions. If they were not starved, if their combat power was not reduced by more than half, they wouldn’t have been bullied by the monstrous beasts, which led to several of them being seriously injured and eliminated.

“For you to come here, did you also see a note left in a supermarket?” The lanky student asked curiously.

A student from the 7th area nodded, “That’s right. It goes without saying, but that thief is really arrogant. He not only stole all the food in the supermarket, but also left a note that states his identity and even location.”

“He’s shamelessness has no bounds. He wants us to become his henchmen. Furthermore, he’s targeting beautiful girls. This scoundrel wants to take this opportunity to pick up girls.”

The furious students want to get a hold of Xia Ping and beat him up, want to see what is at the root of his arrogance.

The competitors from the 8th area were stupefied. Unexpectedly, they were not the only victims. Even the competitors from the 7th area were implicated.

As the saying goes, a rabbit doesn’t eat grass by its own burrow [1]. But this guy went so far as to eat the grass by the burrow. He has no restraint.

At this time, another group of people came from a distance. Some of them are wrapped in bandages. It seems that they were injured by monstrous beasts.

“Brothers, let me ask you something.” A tall student stepped forward aggressively, “Do you know how to get to XX community, XX villa? We want to go there to look for someone.”

“You aren’t looking for Xia Ping, are you?” The lanky students and company looked at the tall student absentmindedly.

The tall student was taken aback: “Yes, we are indeed looking for Xia Ping. Is that scoundrel very famous?”

“You haven’t come to find the bastard because he took away all the food, have you?” The lanky student asked subconsciously and looked at the group of students.

The tall student became even more shocked: “How do you know everything? Amazing, you’re really well informed. The food in the 9th area was taken away by a thief called Xia Ping.”

“Now the whole 9th area is starving. Everyone is looking for that bastard.”

He gnashed his teeth, unleashed wrathful aura, and clenched his fists.

The people from the 9th area felt aggrieved. In order to reach the 8th area, they had to pay a great price. They met dozens of monstrous beasts along the way and suffered greatly.

Due to the attacks of monstrous beasts, five or six students were seriously injured and eliminated. The rest were also injured. But they just wrapped themselves in some bandages and proceeded ahead unrelentingly.

It can be imagined how angry they are right now. They wish they could catch Xia Ping right this moment and beat him black an blue.

“Heaven must punish Xia Ping!”

The lanky student looked up and sighed: “The contestants in the 8th area suffered at his hands. Even the nearby 7th and 8th areas nearby were not spared.”

“How could he do such a horrible thing? This is the height of shamelessness!”

He was mad at Xia Ping’s evil deeds. Not only did the people in the 8th area, but even the people in the 7th and 9th area suffer at his hands.

Who knows if there are any other areas that suffered at this guy’s hands.

If they don’t get rid of this bastard, the students in the qualifiers won’t be safe.

“Needless to say, this Xia Ping is a locust that must be punished.”

“Let’s go find him at once. To take our food away, he deserves a good beating.”

“For him to make an enemy out of so many of us, he’s overestimating his capabilities.”

“Only by catching that bastard and beating him up, can I vent my anger.”

“That scoundrel wants to starve us. He must harbor sinister intentions. If I don’t beat him up for half an hour, I’m not a human.”

Everyone roared and, while filled with indignation, rushed towards Xia Ping’s location in an aggressive and grand manner. The monstrous beasts along the way were frightened and hid themselves one after another.

This scene was immediately captured by the spectators, and spread to various live-streaming platforms.

“My god, this Xia Ping is simply outrageous.”

“He cleaned out entire supermarkets. Furthermore, he left notes stating his identity and location behind.”

“To do such a thing, what’s wrong with his head?”

“After stirring up such a mess, there’s no way he’ll be fine.”

“If so many people find trouble with him, he’s definitely finished. I reckon he’ll be severely beaten for half an hour, until beyond recognition. He’ll have to go to Mei Lai Aesthetics Clinic to reconstruct his face.”

The spectators were dumbfounded, unable to understand why this guy would do such a thing. This is no different from asking for a beating.

“This Xia Ping is really outrageous.”

The homeroom teacher Qiu Xue is also watching life stream. When she saw this, she felt a headache. If she were present, she would have grabbed the scoundrel by the ear, scolded him, and asked him if he has rocks in his head.

“Ha-ha, I knew that this Xia Ping is reckless, but I didn’t expect him to be this stupid.”

“Right? At least 100 people are looking for him, all elites. The guy will be beaten black and blue.”

“That’s great. Someone will finally punish this shameless bastard. Heaven help us.”

“Heaven still has eyes. It’s not that it was turning a blind eyes, but that the time wasn’t right.”

Gao Wan, Yang Wei, and others who have a grudge against Xia Ping are all happy, even ecstatic. They are excitedly waiting for Xia Ping to be beaten black and blue.


Skywater City, in the VIP lounge, some big shots are watching this scene, speechless. They don’t know how to evaluate the lad’s way of doing things.

The guy is clearly pretty strong, but he has rocks in his head.

“It’s a little interesting.”

The old man in white raised his eyebrows and looked at the screen, non committal.

[1] – 兔子不吃窝边草 — lit. a rabbit doesn’t eat grass by its own burrow; fig. one shouldn’t do anything to harm one’s neighbors


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