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God Level Demon – Chapter 126 Bahasa Indonesia

126 – Kowtow and Apologize

At this time, in the villa.

Han Shan and company were monitoring the villa’s surrounding. Suddenly, they saw a large number of people walk towards them in a grand manner, and they went to report in a panic.

“Shit, shit, a large number of people are heading towards our villa. Judging by their aggressive momentum, they must have bad intentions.” Han Shan shouted promptly, thinking that their deeds may have been uncovered.

“Oh, that should be the people who couldn’t find anything to eat.” Xia Ping was calm and collected. He already knew that many people would come find trouble with him. After all, the system’s prompts stated that he received a lot of hate points.

He was very happy to see the increase in hate points.

“How did they find us so soon?” Feng Hetang was shocked, “No one should know that we were the ones who emptied out the supermarkets, so how did they learn of our location?”

He felt like the information leaked too quickly.

“That’s simple. It’s because I told them. I left notes in the supermarkets.” Xia Ping stated flatly.


Feng Hetang and his party’s noses scrunched up from anger. This bastard is absolutely crazy. To leave a note after doing such an evil thing, he’s clearly tired of living. What thief rats on themselves when stealing things?

Anyway, now that an angry mob has come to their doorstep, they’re out of luck.

“Xia Ping, get out here immediately.” Just then, a person outside the villa shouted loudly.

Another person rang the doorbell like crazy.

As they gazed at the luxury villa, some students were so angry that their eyes turned slightly green. After trying hard to seize a token, they are now both famished and tired. Who knows how much they suffered.

But what about this lad? He rested in a luxury villa and gorged himself on food all day long. How is this fair?! Heaven really is unfair!

Suddenly, the villa’s door opened. Several people appeared at the door, including Xia Ping, Feng Hetang, and Han Shan.

“What’s with the noise? Don’t you know that it’s late already? If my sleep quality is affected, can you bear the consequences? Do you have what it takes?” Xia Ping asked discontentedly, and then stuffed a cream bread bun into his mouth and chewed on it.

Suddenly, a fragrant aroma spread in the air.

The starving students immediately felt their stomach rumble, and their eyes turned slightly green. They stared at the bun with fierce glints in their eyes, itching to go grab it.

“What are you looking at? Have you never seen people eating?” Xia Ping quickly finished the cream bread bun, which drove the students crazy.

Immediately after, a tall student stepped forward and scolded, “Xia Ping, hand over the food you plundered and distribute it to everyone. Furthermore, you must kowtow and apologize to us, so that we can forgive you.”

“Otherwise, you will have to bear the consequences!”

He glared at Xia Ping with a ferocious glint in his eyes, just like a wolf.

“Yes, kowtow and apologize to us at once and distribute food.”

“To try monopolize the food of three areas, are you tired of leaving, you trash?”

“If you don’t kowtow and apologize, then we’ll beat you until you’re partly paralyzed.”

“You have to know what you can and cannot take. You have to learn some rules.”

The students shouted and stared at Xia Ping angrily, filled with indignation.

When Feng Hetang and the others saw the 100 odd hostile students, they were so scared that their legs went soft. They are screwed.

Even if they each unleash a single punch, the 100 odd people are enough to make them meet their maker.

Crap, that brainless bastard, Xia Ping, really screwed up this time. By following this bastard, not only are there no benefits, but there’s a lot of trouble instead.

Feng Hetang’s group would like to take to their heels. But seeing that they are surrounded by so many people, they can’t even run for their lives.

“Xia Ping!”

The tall student stared condescendingly at Xia Ping and clenched his fists: “Get over here and kowtow, and then crawl between my legs. Otherwise, you can’t imagine the consequences you’ll have to bear.”

“You’re not qualified to monopolize the food in the three areas and lord over everyone.”


As of a hurricane, Xia Ping moved abruptly and kicked the tall student, and a force of tens of thousands of catties broke out.

With a bang, the tall student flew out like a shell, slammed into the crowd, and knocked down five or six students, who screamed one after another.

Lastly, he slid tens of meters on the ground and hit a wall on the opposite side. Several cracking sounds rose into the air. Unable to bear the huge impact, a dozen plus cracks appeared on the wall, and debris fell down.

“You, you!”

The tall student was horrified. He felt severe pain course through his body. With his trembling finger, he pointed at Xia Ping. He couldn’t believe that the lad dared attack him.

What made him even more frightened was the fact that he didn’t know when the boy attacked him. He couldn’t react at all.


Xia Ping jumped several times, crossed tens of meters, appeared in front of the tall student, and gazed at him: “You want me to crawl between your legs? You want me to kowtow and apologize to you?”

“Now tell me, am I qualified or not?!”

Xia Ping slapped the tall student in the face, knocked two or three of his teeth out, and sent him flying, and half of his face puffed up.

“Now, tell me, tell me if I’m qualified or not?!”

Xia Ping slapped the tall student a dozen plus times. Finally, he stomped with his foot on the other party’s left thigh, and the thigh bone broke into two or three parts.


The tall student let out a shrill scream, as if a pig being butchered. He frothed at the mouth, tilted his neck, and fainted.

“Speak. Why aren’t you saying anything? I’m waiting for you to speak.” Xia Ping slapped the other party a few more times.

Seeing this, Han Shan couldn’t help but say, “Big brother, he’s already out cold. He can’t say anything even if he wanted to.”

Feng Hetang and company were terrified by what they saw. The scoundrel is basically a devil that swings his fists at the slightest disagreement. He won’t go easy on you even if you faint. How dreadful.

He recalled the time he was tormented by the scoundrel and shuddered.

“Xia Ping, stop it!”

The eyes of the students widened from anger and they glared at Xia Ping. This bastard is too overbearing. He not only stole all their food, but also beat up one of them in front of everybody.

If they don’t teach the bastard a lesson, they’re not humans.


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