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God Level Demon – Chapter 124 Bahasa Indonesia

124 – Arrogant!

The sky gradually darkened.

In the simulated city, there are many contestants walking cautiously towards supermarkets. Judging by their clothes, which are ragged and even stained with blood, they obviously suffered a lot.

From time to time, terrifyingly strong monstrous beasts patrolling all over the city appear on the streets. If accidentally discovered by these monstrous beasts, the contestants will be besieged.

The whole city is replete with danger.

“Damn it, that monstrous beast is too strong.”

“Of course it’s strong. After all, it’s a Horned Thunder Leopard, a Martial Practitioner realm monstrous beast. No one is its opponent.”

“To put the token under the Horned Thunder Leopard’s ass, the organizers are a bunch of perverts. Can anyone even obtain it? If we mess with the Horned Thunder Leopard, isn’t that courting death?”

The number of students were sullen. Originally, they wanted to quickly find the token and seize it. But who would have thought that the monstrous beast guarding the token is so strong. It’s actually a Martial Practitioner realm monstrous beast.

A grand group of more than 100 people went to fight it. But they were beaten up badly by the Horned Thunder Leopard, and fled helter-skelter. A dozen plus unlucky bastards were almost killed.

Fortunately, the organizers keeping watch at all times stepped in and rescued the students, allowing them to escape death. But even so, they were eliminated.

Even though the remaining people were not eliminated, but they have all sustained injuries of varying degrees. They were also chased by some monstrous beasts they met en rout. After such a tumultuous day, they are both hungry and tired. They just want to lie down and rest.

“It can’t be helped. It’s really hard to get a token. I reckon that more people need to work together to beat the Horned Thunder Leopard. We should go to the nearby supermarket to find something to eat. I haven’t eaten all day. I can’t fight on an empty stomach.”

A student with a rumbling stomach uttered thusly.

“You’re right. I remember there being a supermarket nearby. There is plenty of food there, including bread, hamburgers, instant noodles, french fries, cookies, ham, and whatnot. The organizers should have prepared the food for us.”

“What are we waiting for? I’m starving.”

As the students trudged along, they took care to avoid the monstrous beasts on the streets. They soon arrived at a large supermarket nearby. They rushed in excitedly, looking for food.

But when they entered the supermarket, they were taken aback.

“What the fuck? Why is the supermarket so empty? This morning, it’s shelves were still replete with food. Was there a thief here?!” Upon seeing the empty supermarket, a tall student turned a bit green in the face. Without food, won’t they just starve?!

“There must have been thieves here. Look, the ground is completely empty. They must have cleaned out the place. To be so meticulous, these thieves must be seasoned veterans with many years of experience.”

A fat student looked at the empty supermarket with an aggrieved expression, feeling like weeping.

Apart from supermarkets, no other places in the city have food. Despite how amazing the organizers are, but they can’t hide food everywhere. And it’s not necessary.

In fact, they only put food in supermarkets, not anywhere else.

“Plucking feathers from a flying goose [1]. That’s plucking feathers from a flying goose.”

“Which bastards did such an immoral thing? To empty out an entire supermarket, can they even eat so much food by themselves?! Do they want to eat themselves to death?!”

“Shameless, utterly shameless! If I learn which school’s bastards did this! There’s no way they can eat so much by themselves. They’re clearly trying to starve us.”

“Could it be the work of monstrous beasts? Reportedly, monstrous beasts are interested in human food and occasionally eat potato chips.”

“Monstrous beasts my ass. When they go into supermarkets, are monstrous beasts so well-mannered? The place was cleaned out. Nothing is left, not even debris. Those thieves are experts.”

The students yelled indignantly. Originally, they thought they could eat their fill in the supermarket. But who could have guessed that the whole supermarket would be packed up and taken away, leaving nothing behind.

Looking at the empty supermarket, their hunger only rose.


A student exclaimed, “There’s a note on the wall. There’s something written on it.” He, who has really keen eyesight, suddenly found a white piece of paper on the wall.


The students immediately surrounded the white piece of paper and read it, “This great master, Xia Ping, was the one who emptied the supermarket. If you trash want to get food, you must become this great master’s henchmen.”

“If you want to ascertain that the things written here are the truth, you can come to the 8th area, XX community, XX villa.”

“Because there are few henchmen slots open, they will be awarded on the first come first served basis. Additionally, beautiful girls will be prioritized.”

The students were stunned when they read this.


A tall student’s nose scrunched up from anger: “Arrogant, really arrogant. To empty out a whole supermarket, and then leave a note stating that he did it himself, this thief is quite overbearing.”

To tell the truth, he has never seen such an overbearing person in his life. This exceeds his imagination.

After all, when thieves steal things, they do it on the down-low, for fear that others will learn who they are. But this bastard is different. Fearing that others won’t learn who he is, he not only stated his name, but also gave his address.

If this isn’t overbearance, then what is? He’s clearly looking down on them.

“He wants us to become his henchmen, on the first come first served basis, while giving beautiful girls priority.” A student with a square face uttered angrily, “What is this bastard doing? Is he looking for concubines here? Does he think that he’s a great master or an emperor, that we can only serve him as henchmen?!”

“That’s beyond shameless!”

“The bastard thinks that by stealing the food, he found our weakness. He thinks we have no choice but to obey.”

“Obey my ass. If I become his henchman, then I, Feng Shaofeng, shall read my name in reverse [2].”

“Big brother, your name read in reverse is still the same.”

“Don’t sweat the small stuff. In short, if that bastard wants to die, then we’ll oblige him.”

“That’s right. To actually leave his address, what a reckless thing. Let’s go beat him up and force him to hand over the food. By then, let’s see if he’ll still be so arrogant.”

“To seize the food of the entire supermarket, that’s no different from trying to arouse public anger. No one will stand for it.”

“Enough with the nonsense. Let’s hurry up and find that bastard, or else someone else will beat us to the punch.”

The students scrunched up their noses from anger. That scoundrel not only stole all the food in the supermarket, but he also wants them to be his henchmen. No one will stand for such a thing.

The students immediately went to the villa indicated in the note.

[1] – 雁过拔毛 — lit. to pluck feathers from a flying goose; fig. to seize all opportunities

[2] – this comes from a post, ‘if we break up, then I shall read my name in reverse”, the Chinese actor Feng Shao Feng wrote on social media.


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