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Global Demon King: Starting as the Abyssal Dragon – Chapter 63: Mutual Base Raids Bahasa Indonesia

Late at night.

Darkness Valley.

On the high walls of the Demon King Castle, the Demon King stood with his hand behind his back.

Two mighty guardian draconian generals respectfully stood at his side. Other than Zhang San, there’s also a Wang Ar.

Wang Ar is new, a second draconian general that Zhang Nu just summoned.

Right now, even excluding Zhang Nu, his territory now has three full high leveled Lord level units, and all of them are quite strong among Lord units too.

Other than them, the army itself was constantly expanding.

At this point, the racial units have now reached 3660 in total.

Of them, there are 2000 draconian laborers, 700 high laborers, 850 draconian soldiers, 80 high draconian soldiers, and 30 draconian battlemages.

Besides them, he also has over a thousand undead units, nearly a thousand minotaurs, over 3000 goblins, and a number of fox-kin as well. In total, the territory’s full population has reached five digits.

This enormous number has gradually made the territory more and more prosperous.

Right now, with the Demon King Castle as the center, the entire area around it were industrial zones. Over a thousand skeletons transported materials while thousands of draconian laborers and minotaurs worked.

With the castle as the center, a high grade city in terms of both size and format was slowly taking shape. This will become the Demon King’s capital in the future.

Right at this moment, the draconian priest Li Si approached.

“My lord, there is an emergency dispatch.”

Zhang Nu casually asked, “Most likely regarding the Ironblooded Heroes.”

The draconian priest Li Si nodded, “Yes. The Ironblooded Heroes have allied together with Giantree City. They sent out two armies. One is attacking the Flower Fey Demon King, while the other is coming for us.”

“The elves of Giantree City have also joined in?”

“Indeed so. Giantree City has dispatched an army of a thousand elves, all of them under the command of Giantree City’s guardian elf, who is also the guildmaster of the Ironblooded Heroes Guild, Du Mingfeng. Right now, they’re currently heading for the Flower Fey Demon King’s territory.”

“The other army is one assembled from the Ironblooded Heroes Guild themselves, mainly formed from an alliance of warriors from multiple tiger-kin, bear-kin, and wolf-kin tribes.

When Zhang Nu heard that, he was slightly surprised.

The reaction of Giantree City toward the Demon King was completely within expectations, but what he didn’t expect was that Giantree City would deploy their army that quickly.

An elite army of a thousand elves can’t be considered weak even compared to Darkness Valley. There’s no way that Flower Fey Chen Guoguo’s territory could withstand such an attack.

Yet, the Ironblooded Heroes Guild was splitting their forces and sending their vice captain Zheng Xiao to head straight for the Darkness Valley.

The draconian priest gave his analysis, “Their motive for splitting their army is quite obvious. They must be trying to force us to split our focus and fight on two separate fronts. If we try to save the Flower Fey Demon King, then we’ll end up weakening the defenses of Darkness Valley, and yet if we do not try to save her, then they’d be able to easily destroy her before coming for us.

Zhang Nu nodded, “What do you think then?”

The draconian priest gave his opinion with a sneer, “Those ants are so foolish yet arrogant. They have no idea just how terrifying my lord’s true might is!”

From the draconian priest’s point of view, such strategies are simply laughable.

He spoke after thinking briefly, “There’s no need for my lord to act. This one and the two generals should already be more than enough to deal with them!”

Du Mingfeng is indeed quite capable, but he was deceived from the start.

He started off assuming that the draconian priest Li Si was the Demon King, which directly made him underestimate the Darkness Valley.

That was a deadly mistake!

Du Mingfeng and the Ironblooded Heroes Guild had never fully understood the truth of the Darkness Valley, and he understood the Demon King of Darkness Valley even less.

“I have no doubts as to the capabilities of you and the two generals!’

“That said, based on the information I got, this Du Mingfeng is unlike other Heroes. He should not be underestimated.”

After some brief considerations, Zhang Nu gave his orders, “Li Si, Wang Ar, you are to lead 500 soldiers and 50 high soldiers to reinforce the Myriad Flower Valley. There’s no need to crush the army of Giantree City, but you do need to make sure to protect the Flower Fey Demon King and hold back Du Mingfeng and his army.

“Yes, my lord!”

Zhang Nu then gave additional orders, “Zhang San, you will lead the rest of the draconian army, undead army, and minotaur army to ambush the Hero army attempting to sneak attack the Darkness Valley.”

“Yes, my lord!”

After giving his subordinates their orders, Zhang Nu wasn’t planning on sitting idly either.

Giantree City and the Ironblooded Heroes Guild, was it?

If they’re going to make an enemy of him, then he absolutely needs to teach them a heavy lesson!

He’ll be sure to make them experience the true dangers of the world!

“I’ll leave the two battlefields to you!” Zhang Nu spoke, “I plan on personally giving Giantree City a little visit using this opportunity.”

When they heard those words, his three high commanders all visibly reacted.

The draconian priest was slightly concerned, “My lord, Giantree City is well defended. They do not lack for powerful elven defenders as powerhouses of various other races. Although you do bear great power, might going personally by yourself be a bit overly risky?”

Zhang Nu calmly replied, “There’s no need to worry. The thousand elite soldiers that Giantree City had just sent out were all part of the city’s defenses, so their defenses are certain to be weaker in the short term.”

“Both of the highest leadership of the Ironblooded Heroes have all deployed, so how many out of the Heroes remaining in Giantree City could possibly be of any threat to me? Giantree City in its current state cannot possibly stop me!”

Zhang Nu’s confidence came from his information advantage.

Firstly, he could directly see hidden information, and secondly, he had the spy Su Yan who had been constantly sending him information over the past few days, so he had a very good understanding of Giantree City right now.

Besides, only by doing the unexpected can he catch his enemies off guard.

Be it the authorities in charge of Giantree City or the Heroes guilds lead by the Ironblooded Heroes Guild, none of them would expect that something as unimaginable as the Demon King directly attacking Giantree City could possibly happen, so there was no way anyone could have made any preparations against it.

The Ironblooded Heroes have made trouble for him over and over, and now they even attempted to raid his home base.

Zhang Nu really wanted to see what kind of face they’d make after they failed their own base raid, look back home, and see their own base utterly wrecked.

Besides, by killing Heroes, he can get more souls.

Not only will killing more of them get him more souls, he’ll also be able to instantly weaken the total Hero forces in the nearby areas.

There’s no way any Demon King could possibly resist such a thing!

As for Giantree City? Since they decided to attack on their own accord, then they should reap the consequences for their decision!


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