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Global Demon King: Starting as the Abyssal Dragon – Chapter 62: Du Mingfeng Personally Sets Out Bahasa Indonesia

Du Mingfeng’s plan went through quite smoothly.

He had successfully utilized the shock from this horrid defeat to make known the threat of the Demon Kings, thus stimulating the worries of the higher ups of Giantree City and getting them to decide to deploy a thousand soldiers.

This army will all be under Du Mingfeng’s exclusive command.

The official elven army of Giantree city is different from the warriors of the various forest tribes. All of them are well trained and even the most basic combat units are level 1 Elites.

Of those thousand Elite units, one out of every 20 of those elven soldiers is a level 2 Elite existence.

One can imagine just how powerful this army is!

When the Ironblooded Heroes learned of this, all of them were overjoyed. They never imagined that their guildmaster would be so capable, to forcefully change a disaster into an opportunity.

From that point of view, Zhou Kun’s sacrifice really was worth it.

Zheng Xiao immediately spoke up, “Boss, the time is ripe. I think we should deploy right away and attack the Darkness Vally. We’ll get revenge in one go and completely remove this threat to our future!”

When he said that, the other Ironblooded Heroes all showed their own agreement.

The Demon King of Darkness Valley has been acting far too arrogant.

They first killed a major potential recruit of the Ironblooded Heroes Guild, Zhao Lei, then they annihilated an entire scouting army. Now, they stopped Zhou Kun’s subjugation of the Flower Fey Demon King and even caused enormous damages to the Guild!

If they don’t destroy him, then the Ironblooded Heroes won’t be able to take it anymore.

This time, they’ll show him just what the Ironblooded Heroes can really do!

“What are you in such a rush for? Be it the Flower Fey Demon King or the Sky Drake Demon kIng, their deaths are already set, like fish on a cutting board. All that’s left now is just how to season them.”

Zheng Xiao hurriedly asked, “Then, the Guildmaster’s plan is?”

Du Mingfeng explained, “I plan on splitting our army into two and to attack the Myriad Flower Valley and Darkness Valley at the same time!”

When they heard that, everyone was stunned.

Zheng Xiao asked, “Dividing our forces? Why are we taking the risk of dividing our forces though? Isn’t it better to take it safe and fight with our full force? Right now, we have the power to easily crush them!”

Du Mingfeng explained, “This is not only not a risk, but instead the way to best utilize our military advantage. Have you considered why the Sky Drake Demon King went to save the Flower Fey Demon King in the first place?”

Zheng Xiao thought it over before speaking, “My guess is that the two Demon Kings are allied!”

Du Mingfeng nodded, “Not just that. The Flower Fey Demon King must be very important to the Sky Drake Demon King. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gone as far as exposing himself.”

“Then, the guildmaster means?”

“Darkness Valley is very disadvantageous terrain for any attackers, which makes the Demon King even stronger there. If we were to try to forcefully assault it, then we won’t be able to avoid a great deal of losses. Thus, we’re better off destroying the Flower Fey Demon King first.”

Du Mingfeng continued explaining, “You and I will each take an army. I’ll personally attack the Flower Fey Demon King. If the Sky Drake Demon King comes to save her, then you’ll use that opportunity to assault the Darkness Valley. If the Sky Drake Demon King doesn’t come, then I’ll be able to easily take down the Flower Fey Demon King.”

So that’s it.

Zheng Xiao finally understood it.

The intent is to force the Sky Drake Demon King into a dilemma.

There’s no way that the Flower Fey Demon King could possibly stop Du Mingfeng’s attack.

If the Sky Drake Demon King was to come to help her, then he would be giving up the home field advantage to fight in unfamiliar territory, thus far lowering the threat of him and his army.

Plus, once he leaves, the Darkness Valley is certain to be far emptier. Thus, Zheng Xiao could use that opportunity to attack it and deal huge damages to the Darkness Valley.

If he stays home to guard the Darkness Valley though, then it’s basically equivalent to just watching the Flower Fey Demon King die without lifting a hand. That would definitely place a great deal of pressure on him in terms of morale and mental wellbeing.

At that point, Du Mingfeng would have destroyed the Flower Fey Demon King and he would then be able to rendezvous with Zheng Xiao to attack the Darkness Valley as one.

Du Mingfeng spoke, “The Flower Fey Demon King is specialized in production and logistics. If my guess isn’t wrong, then that’s where her value to the Darkness Valley comes from. Us destroying the Flower Fey Demon King is equivalent to temporarily cutting off the Darkness Valley’s supplies, which will temporarily weaken that Sky Drake!”

Zheng Xiao nodded, “Brilliant, Guildmaster. No matter what, those Demon Kings won’t have any hope of turning the tables anymore. Our unification of this area is just a matter of time then!”

Du Mingfeng showed a satisfied smile at that.

This upcoming demon subjugation battle is nothing much. His plans and ambitions aren’t limited to just this. This time, he used the excuse of subjugating the Demon King to greatly increase his own authority and influence.

Then, the next step will be Giantree City’s turn.

The elven elders with the First Elder at the head are merely a bunch of ignorant country bumpkins after all. They won’t be able to strut around for much longer.

As for that soft young city lord?

How could she possibly win against him?

After he kills a few more Demon Kings, he’ll start acting to kick the young city lord off of her position in charge of the city.

That woman had no qualifications to order him about. She’s more suitable to be made into his toy as part of his harem.

After the meeting was done, Du Mingfeng continued making his preparations.

He went into a secret vault all by himself.

This vault contains a number of very important tools.

All of them came from the Ironblooded Heroes Guild’s previous Demon King subjugations. They were valuable loot that came from Demon King Treasure Chests.

Although Du Mingfeng had absolute confidence this time, his cautious nature made it so that he would still make perfect preparations just in case.

Thus, he took two of the most valuable items within the vault.

One of them is a scroll giving off an aura of spatial magic. It will be used to preserve his life at a critical moment.

The other is an unremarkable looking dark green stone. If one were to look carefully at it though, they’d discover that there’s a green flame burning inside of that stone.

Hellfire magic stone.

This item is extremely powerful and indiscriminate in targeting.

It’s a final trump card to assure mutual annihilation in the most extreme circumstance. He hopes that it will never come in use.

The next day, the armies set off from Giantree City.

Du Mingfeng led the thousand strong elven army toward the north.

Their destination is the Myriad Flower Valley where the Flower Fey resides.

At the same time, Zheng Xiao had already gathered his own forces. He drew a great deal of men from various tribes that they controlled and led them south toward Darkness Valley.

The young city lord personally watched at the armies left.

She was currently frowning unhappily.

When the First Elder saw that, he spoke, “My lady, I know you dislike battles, but there’s nothing else that can be done to deal with those Demon Kings.”

Another elven elder agreed, “Yes. My lady, whether or not Demon Kings really are as evil and vicious as they’ve been described, it is certain that their existences are major threats to Giantree City.”

Things have already reached this point, so the young city lord can’t do anything about it either.

She simply still has a bad premonition about Giantree City’s actions in attacking the Demon Kings without bothering to learn about them in detail or make any contact first.


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