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Global Demon King: Starting as the Abyssal Dragon – Chapter 64: Sound the Horns of Battle Again Bahasa Indonesia

The Giantree City army had reached the Myriad Flowers Valley.

Du Mingfeng was utterly confident.

The battle on this day lacked any tension whatsoever.

No matter how the Demon King of Darkness Valley chooses to respond, there’s no way that the Flower Fey Demon King will be able to avoid her fate of destruction.

After all, this particular Demon King subjugation army is completely unlike Zhou Kun’s tribes from a few days ago.

Even putting aside the difference between the disciplined and well trained proper army of Giantree City versus the mob made from various forest tribes, just the leadership alone was completely incomparable.

Zhou Kun was a level 2 Hero and his power is around that of a pseudo Lord level. While he might have been able to put up a decent fight against relatively weak level 2 Lord units, he hasn’t actually reached the realm of being a Lord himself.

But who is Du Mingfeng?

He’s the guildmaster of the Ironblooded Heroes Guild, as well as being one of the guardian elves of Giantree City.

His strength is absolutely crushing compared to any other Hero.

He’s a level 3 Hero.

And he has also reached the pseudo Lord level as well.

What did this mean exactly?

Although Du Mingfeng might not be able to fight seriously against a true level 3 Lord, he’ll have no problem at all against five level 3 Elites at once. He’s more than capable of fighting on equal terms against the strongest level 2 Lords. All in all, he’s undeniably a major bigshot.

Given all that, it’s quite obvious that with such power, paired with the elite Giantree City army, even if the Sky Drake Demon King of Darkness Valley were attempt to come to the rescue, there still won’t be any way that he’ll be able to avert the Flower Fey Demon King and her Nest’s fate of being destroyed.

Du Mingfeng wasn’t worried about the Sky Drake Demon King showing up at all.

In fact, he’s even looking forward to it a great deal.

If this Demon King was to come with massive reinforcement, then he would have fallen right into Du Mingfeng’s trap.

The Sky Drake Demon King is a top quality level 2 Lord, so he’ll be quite a bit more difficult to fight on his home turf. Instead, he’ll be far easier to fight against on foreign territory.

Besides, if they really do start fighting, the Darkness Valley will certainly be far weaker.

The Heroes under Zheng Xiao’s leadership were eager and ready and as the vice-captain and the second in command of the Ironblooded Heroes Guild, it’s only natural that he’s even stronger than Zhou Kun!

With that level 2 Lord Hero leading them, while the Demon King and his elites are missing, their chances at a base raid are very good indeed!

With that, the Ironblooded Heroes Guild will be able to take down two powerful Demon Kings at once while spending the least amount of resources.

As Du Mingfeng thought that, his lips curled up in a smirk.

He cannot think of any possible way for the Demon King to reverse the situation. His side has the absolute advantage and the initiative, so there was no way that they could possibly lose!

“Scout the enemy forces!”

“Yes sir!”

Several level 2 elven mages activated the E Ranked skill “Clairvoyance”.

It’s a long distance detection type skill, allowing one to gather information about the enemy ahead of time.


“There’s a massive amount of Venomous Flower Fey!”

“Other than those, there are also a large number of draconians and boar-kin.”

Du Mingfeng’s eyes lit up, “Draconians? How many!”

The elven mage answered, “Based on the results of all of our observations, we estimate that there should be around 500 or so!”

“That many?”

Du Mingfeng was surprised for a moment.

Then, he started laughing loudly, “Hahaha! Good, good. That idiot drake has completely committed to protecting that Flower Fey. However, that’s the best case for me!”

With that, he waved a hand.

“Send the Windchaser Bird!”

The Heroes immediately opened up the cage and released the bird.

This bird is extremely fast and shot off like an arrow, quickly disappearing over the horizon.

Windchaser Bird is a low leveled pet.

It has the ability to cast wind magic, but its combat capabilities are very weak.

Their extremely fast speed makes it so that they’re commonly used to send messages.

Zheng Xiao will soon receive the news and learn that the Darkness Valley is low on defenders, making it the perfect time to attack.


The Demon King Nest is right before us!”

Du Mingfeng gave his orders, “Activate defenses! Begin the assault!”

Of Giantree City’s elven army, 300 of them are mages. The remaining 700 are elven warriors armed with both sword and bow.

They’re capable of magical combat, long distance archery, or melee combat, so their overall combat capabilities are obvious.

A number of powerful magic circles appeared.

Magical shields quickly appeared, linking up with each other into a single whole and turning into an enormous magical barrier protecting the entire army.

This is far stronger than normal shields!

It both lacks any openings and is extremely tough!

Du Mingfeng drew his sword and roared out, “Attack! Kill them all!”

The elven army started entering the Valley. Venomous stingers constantly bombarded them and the giant Guardians continuously threw boulders, but all of it was blocked by the magical barrier.

“A laughable attack!”

Du Mingfeng felt no pressure at all.

The army easily passed through the entrance to the Valley and entered its interior.

At that moment, an army of draconians in formation appeared before them.

The elven mages’ long distance scouting was only able to discover those draconians, but they had no way to appraise just how strong or weak those draconians are. When he saw this army, Du Mingfeng couldn’t help but react slightly.


They’re all Elites!

Over 500 draconian soldiers, and even the weakest normal soldier among them are level 1 Elite units. Of them, the high soldiers and battlemages are even stronger level 2 Elites.

“How are they this strong?”

“Isn’t that Demon King a bit too powerful?”

Even Du Mingfeng ended up sucking in a breath at that.

If he didn’t borrow the Giantree City’s elven army, then just the strength that the Ironblooded Heroes have assembled would have had a very hard time fighting against this army.

Plus, Darkness Valley is extremely dangerous terrain. It’s easy to defend and hard to attack.

With an army like this within, it would be nearly impossible to storm from the outside. Even if they succeeded, they would have to pay an unbelievable price to do so.

No wonder Zhao Lei and Zhou Kun were so easily defeated.

Du Mingfeng set aside his shock and grinned with dark anticipation.

“Hahaha! Truly, the heavens are with me! You’re even more powerful than I had anticipated, but I’ll use this chance today to crush you all in one go!”


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