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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 36: First Impression?? Bahasa Indonesia

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Together, the party of four, including the majestic raven, had progressed through the forest.

The air grew colder, which was a good sign.

Oz the raven pecked at the dead autumn leaves that the wind did not whip away.

Not long after, he flew down from the tree and settled on Fischl’s shoulder.

“Mein Fräulein, I have spotted a large encampment of thirteen Hilichurls on a nearby hill together with one Mitachurl resting nearby, shall we deal with them?”

“As expected from my loyal familiar, the beast of immortality. We shall head out immediately!”

Yomite and Hu Tao nodded, and as they were walking, Yomite was silently thinking about his overall party.

He had a strong Pyro Vision user, an Isekai character with special unknown abilities together with a cute fairy, and there was, of course, him.

Now, his party needed at least four people for the full bonus of the Mora reward thingy.

Paimon didn’t count for a member apparently as she didn’t meet the requirements for the height from what he had asked Katheryne like twenty minutes ago.

Which was unfortunate, so he had to find someone else to fill in the void.

He was thinking of Kaeya for a bit, but then he remembered how irresponsible he was and that he might make himself a cup of coffee in the middle of a hard fight, and then just casually watch them suffer while he would laugh away at their tears.

Logically thinking, the best course of action would be to get a healer into their party, but so far, he hadn’t seen a single healer apart from that Deaconess from Mondstadt, Barbara was her name. But he kinda doubted that she would join his party out of nowhere. It made no sense for her to join some beginners.

He glanced at the Chuuni girl in front of him and then at her Raven.

‘She has an Electro Vision, and a bow for easy long-distance picks. Her Raven can fly and is perfect for scouting out the area ahead.’

If he could somehow get her to join them, that wouldn’t be half bad either.

She wasn’t a healer, but long-distance attacks coupled with scouting could be very deadly, and she would most definitely be useful to him.

Of course, they already had Paimon for scouting out ahead, at least that was his plan initially, but then he noticed she was too slow.

He perceived it when she was chasing after Hu Tao, she was flying but could barely keep up with her.

The raven in front of him had no problem flying at a speed that was at least five times that of Paimon.

He also doubted Paimon could fly too high into the air as from what he had observed, she only flew around the eye level of Lumine, so it must have been taxing for her to fly higher than that.

That’s why he was seriously considering Fischl.

She mentioned the need for money, and from what the raven talked about, they were usually traveling alone, most likely because no one could stand her Chuuni tendencies, but that didn’t bother him in the slightest.

As long as she performed well, he would accept her into the party without a problem.

Money won’t be a problem with the Mora party member bonus from the guild, and she will even get to talk to people at the same time.

‘That could work, now…I need to leave an impression on her somehow so that she would be willing to join…I have an idea but it’s really embarrassing…’ As he was thinking that, Hu Tao suddenly spoke.

“Um…Fischl, was it?”

“I allow thou to state thus desire. The chosen child of god. Go on.” She ran her hand through her blonde hair resting it at her temple.

“Um…what do you mean by that? Also, why do you speak like that…?” Hu Tao was confused.

This was first time Hu Tao had met someone with such weird speaking pattern other than Hilichurls and she didn’t really care enough to try and figure out what she meant by her words so she asked her instead.

Fischl on the other hand was elated once more, it only brought her joy when other people had trouble deciphering the numerous riddles and puzzles within her sentences.

Fischl gestured towards her familiar raven Oz with her hand and allowed him to speak.

“Go on, Oz.”

“She means that you—”

Oz had begun explaining what she wanted to say but was interrupted by Yomite, who was a tad bit faster.

“She means that you are a chosen person for having a Vision, just like her and that you should state what you wanted to say.”

“Ah! As expected of Assistant-kun! Then my question was why does she speak like that? Is it popular around these parts? I’ve never heard words like Verurteilung before.”

“Hmpf, I applaud thou to figure out a part of Prinzessin Der Verurteilung’s abyss of the night language.” She turned to Hu Tao and continued, “Thou couldn’t have heard, as the language of gods of Olympus ist only knownth to me and the stars of the firmament are naught but rifts.”

Hu Tao was lost once again and looked at Yomite for help, “She probably meant that only she talks like that…”

“Very well done, dear sir. It seems like you are well versed with mein Fräulein speaking pattern and you’ve only just met! As mentioned before, my name is Oz and mein Fräulein ist Fischl.” Oz sat down on Yomite’s shoulder, making him initiate the petting mode.

As he was rubbing Oz’s small head, Yomite pointed at Hu Tao and spoke, “This is Hu Tao, she is the 77th Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor in Liyue.”

Hu Tao nodded at her introduction, satisfied that he had remembered every detail about her profession.

But then, Yomite did something unexpected.

He made a pose, imitating the one Fischl did, not too long ago when she met them with one hand placed over his eye and said, “My name is Yomite Hissha, a traveler, a challenger of universe and fate alike.” He said that with a rigid voice as his cheeks turned a bit red.

When was the last time he did this? Thirteen years ago? Roleplaying was hard and embarrassing.

He didn’t want to do this but it seemed like this would be the best chance he would get to make a good first impression on her to make her join.

What were those few seconds of embarrassment compared to profit in the future?

‘Kill me.’

“Um… Assistant-kun? Does your eye hurt? Or do you have a fever perhaps?” Hu Tao wondered as she put her hand on his forehead.

He ignored Hu Tao’s stupid comment although he had to admit that the cold rings on her fingers felt quite comfortable when she rested them on his forehead.


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