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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 37: Mitachurl Bahasa Indonesia

He gazed at Fischl whose mouth was half open, unknown if it was from shock or something else.

‘Did I fuck up? Is she gonna think I am making fun of her?’ He started panicking as she wasn’t saying anything.

“Perfection.” Oz muttered, “You and mein Fräulein would honestly make a pair made in heav—”

Without warning, the twin tailed girl held the bird’s beak shutting it up, and surprising the pair.

“Oh, do mine ears deceive me? Or didst thou properly return thus greeting in earnest supplication just now? Yomite, was it? Grandiose!” She nodded as she started clapping.

‘Great, it looks like it went well.’ He thought and his eyebrow started twitching as he gazed at the poor suffocating bird in Fischl’s grip.

To be honest he was tempted to say that he was an otherworldly traveler or something along those lines but he didn’t want to blow his cover.

He wouldn’t tell just anyone that he was from another world, but in this case it would have actually served well as a great cover and would have had a purpose.

Fischl would be a great addition to his party and eventually he might end up telling his party members about it anyway.

As for Lumine, she already figured it out herself and Paimon was probably still in the dark which was good.

It didn’t look like Hu Tao had heard or even understood what he had just said and Fischl was a Chuuni so she was bound to believe anything that sounded cool even if it wasn’t the truth.

Now that he thought about it, if Fischl told someone about it, no one would believe her as she was probably speaking crazy things all the time.

And as for Hu Tao, well…even if she was to figure out the truth about him, she mentioned that people in Liyue were ignoring her so these two girls were basically the best keepers of secrets in the whole world if it ever came down to it.

“Oh, it smells like a storm is coming,” Oz said, finally escaping it’s master’s choke hold, staring toward the darkened sky.

The raven flapped its wings and took off into the sky, once again, doing its job of scouting the surrounding area to protect his Fräulein and her newly obtained party of friends.

A part of him also wanted to show off a few of his abilities to them.

He was thinking that his Fräulein has influenced him quite a lot.

The trees were dense here, but also more open, allowing for more sunlight, and with the party going at a quicker pace, they were able to cover the distance very quickly.

As they reached the center of the clearing, they were able to see their destination ahead of them. To the northeast of the clearing, a wooden hut with a few holes in it could be seen with its roof covered in vines.

The clearing was very large, and there was uncertainty about what the area had once been used for.

Other than the wooden hut, there were ruins of some sort, but they were just the rudimentary remains of some variety of village or settlement.

While the party of four did not go closer, they did notice the presence of nearby Hilichurls.

It seemed to be the Hilichurl camp that Oz notified them about not too long ago.

The group didn’t see the point in waiting and straight up ran into their territory, ambushing them and starting carnage.

Hu Tao swung her polearm, cutting off legs of three nearby Hilichurls.

Fischl released an arrow, and another, and another one. Just in a matter of seconds.

Each arrow brought down a Hilichurl Archer or a Hilichurl Warrior, skillfully and precisely striking through their heart by the tip of her arrow.

Yomite cut a few Hilichurls in half himself but silently gazed at her out of the corner of his eyes as he did so.

He was right, her bow mastery was insane. He definitely needed her in the party now, more than ever.

Releasing so many arrows in succession with such precision was physically impossible. If anyone recorded this and showed it to someone from his old world, they would think it was a sped-up clip of a robot shooting on a target practice.

Just then, something bigger showed up, it wasn’t a regular Hilichurl although similarly to them, it had a mask and a weapon, albeit the axe in its hands was about as big as an average human being…

“Mitachurl.” Hu Tao exclaimed and went to fight him, but was stopped by Yomite, who wanted to see Fischl fight it.

“Lowly creature of the abyss. Taste the wrath of the Solomon!”

Unlike before, he could tell that Fischl was serious this time, pouring her Vision power into the arrow.

After it was ready,

she released the arrow, filled with purple lightning, across the overcast sky, thundering through the air, and struck the creature in its furry black belly, making it drop its huge axe and howl in pain.


It was a direct hit, but the creature still moved. It made a strange noise and charged at her.

She moved to the side, effectively dodging the attack and aimed her bow at its charging head.

“Drachentöter der Ewigkeit,” she muttered.

The arrow sped from the string with a roar and struck the creature’s right eye, electrocuting it and forcing it to stop due to the pain.

The arrow became embedded in the soft eye material.

She drew another arrow, charging it once more, and drawing back the bowstring.

“Horizont der Morgendämmerung,”

The second arrow flew from the bow, striking and embedding into the other eye, and stopped there.

For a split second, the creature stood still, before its head exploded into small fragments of brain matter and its cracked mask fell on the ground, finally shattering.

Then, a small streak of electricity settled onto the ground next to its corpse, glistening happily as if fulfilling its purpose.

“Holy shit…” Yomite exclaimed, witnessing the brutal sight.

The head of the Mitachurl was much bigger than that of a Hilichurl and contained bigger brain coupled with more disgusting fluids…meaning it was much more gruesome than anything Yomite had seen so far since coming to this world.

Seeing that their leader has fallen the other Hilichurls decided to escape but Hu Tao was a tad bit faster and cut them down before they could do anything.


Once again, Yomite could clearly hear the voice of the dying Hilichurl, but he appeared to be the only one…


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