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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 35: A Chuuni At Heart Bahasa Indonesia

Oof writing Fischl is much harder than I expected lol…

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Prinzessin Der Verurteilung puffed out her chest with enough pride to make up for its modesty, “Hark, citizens! Rejoice as your savior, your Engel der Erlösung, has beseeched your calls and has come to rid the curses that ail your lands.”

She pointed her noble finger at the Yomite, the guy who was rightfully minding his own business and only wanted to move on and finish his last daily quest, “You there! Thou shalt have the favor of servicing me first in my devoir. Speak to me the location of my adversaries, for time is of the essence! Mine audience is required, posthaste.”

Raven wings flapped monotonously. Oz wasted no time, no beat, in translating. “She wishes to ask if you could point us in the direction of a nearby Hilichurl camps, dear sir.”

“Oh, the Hilichurls?” Yomite answered, as if talking with a bird was as normal as breathing. Well, he knew a certain flying fairy so he guessed that talking animals were pretty normal, “Are you adventurers as well?”

He wanted to pet the raven, immediately.

Oz nodded. “Yes, basically.”

‘From her introduction it doesn’t seem like she means any harm as she works for the guild so there is no point in starting any conflict. She just helped us out anyway. Our objective is the same so we might as well just join them.’

“Well to tell you the truth, we are doing our daily quests and were sent here to exterminate a Hilichurl camp but from what we were told, there is a lot of them here on the hills, so why not go together?” Yomite proposed, definitely not hiding an intention to pet the animal in front of him.

“Thank you, that would be gre— “

“Oz,” Fischl reprimanded, taking offense at her familiar’s actions. She held out a pouch of coins for the him. “Have you forgotten your manners? This man has served his Prinzessin well with valuable information and a request that is good enough for someone as grandiose as me. It is only natural that he be rewarded greatly for his endeavors.”

Can ravens shriek? Maybe squawk would be a more appropriate term, but it sounded more like a shriek to Yomite.

‘Poor bird.’

“But, mein Fräulein! I must strongly advise you against spending any more of your Mora. The bounty we gathered from those Mitachurls is slowly running out, we cannot carelessly give away any more, and besides the man has proposed to work together, there is no need to reward him as two parties will only equally benefit from each other. Think mein Fräulein, think!”

“Hush now,” Fischl lifted her hand. “‘Tis but a trite sum, enough to bring him succor in his time of need. What kind of majestic, gracious ruler will I be if I let such a worthy man starve without so much as a loaf of bread to feed himself? Oz, kindly remind us why I, the Prinzessin der Verurteilung, had embarked on a journey and turned into the most famous adventurer, everyone is talking about in the first place.”

“…Because we’re broke?”



“D-don’t be absurd! We came here just as fates decreed us to. To share with these kind folk mine altruism true. Do you not hear it? The twisting of the knots on the lyre of destiny, the chorus of echoes as was prophesied by the ancient historians of mein Immernachtreich. ‘And for where there is valor, there are riches’ so they say in this place.”

Before she could utter the last syllable, a blush crept up her cheeks. “A-And besides! My spending habits aren’t that bad!”

“So…” Oz said, rolling the words. “We’re almost broke?”

Foolish, her familiar was. Of course, the answer would be…


A princess with no Mora to her name? She would rather feed her head to a Mitachurl than admit the fact that maybe, just maybe, she hadn’t been responsible with her budget that much and has been rewarding people left and right, but that was only natural for a King or rather the Prinzessin Der Verurteilung had to reward her subjects individually for their feats as Kingdom would be nothing without it’s citizens, right?

Fischl hung her head and sighed. “Seriously, Oz. Your mouth has been running a lot more lately.”

For a moment, Yomite saw the Chuuni facade on her face crumble. “…No wait…I don’t really need money honestly, I have a lot…just…keep it…” He was seriously starting to feel sorry after witnessing their small confrontation.

Hu Tao on the other hand just tilted her head and asked, “Assistant-kun? What language is she speaking? I don’t understand every second word.”

“…She basically said that she will join us for a while to hunt Hilichurls, if you don’t mind.”

Hearing that, Hu Tao lowered her spear and nodded, “Oh so that was the case~ Alrighty then!”

Fischl turned her head toward him and stared at him for a while before speaking,

“Bold of you to request such a thing to the Prinzessin der Verurteilung, but. The so called grouping up of the mortal wretches might not be so bad once in a while, we shall embark together to hunt our adversaries!”

Yomite has met quite a few of the so called Chuuni people.

Be it as a teenager or even as an adult when he worked with authors, some of them had this cringe Chuuni spunk to them so he got used to dealing with these weird beings.

Well, it was true that pretty much everyone has had that one phase when they were younger, the 8th grader syndrome if you will.

He was a bit ashamed to admit it, but he was also a bit Chuuni when he was younger. However, that was all in the past.

It existed everywhere.

Teenagers with self-important fantasies, knowing-it-all nerds, and kids that feel super-special.

There was a higher tendency for escapism due to society imposing enormously high pressure to be competitive and conformist, even on young children all around the world.

This caused them to escape into their delusional worlds where they found happiness and could relax without having to care about their parents’ expectations.

So things like Chuunibyou syndrome were actually real.

However the girl in front of him seemed like a special case.

From what he had seen so far, this so called Prinzessin had actual power to back up her delusions.


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