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Eternal Thief – Chapter 411: Silver Star Bahasa Indonesia

Somewhere in the middle region of the shadow mountain range,

“I have no enmity with you, nor did I provoke you? Why do you guys insist on killing me?!” a weak and angry voice pealed from a running demon.

Two burly demons were in this demon’s pursuit with a compelling expressions on their faces as they watch the demon escaping like they were watching a helpless mouse.

One of the violent skin demons shouted back with a malevolent smile on his face, “Did a hunter tell its prey why is it killing it?”

Just as his vicious voice faded, the demon who was running for his life wanted to use some life-saving measure and felt his heart palpitate as he wanted to turn around. But before he could, a green arrow appeared right from the left like a wind breeze and penetrate his skull!

He didn’t get to see who shot the arrow and died miserably.

A nonchalant, contemptuous voice sounded from a tree nearby, “He was only worth 100 Kill Value. He must be in the top 100,000. That’s why he was so weak.”

These demons were from the mist domain, and they were hunting the blade domain demons for Kill Value on their heads.

This wasn’t the case for just this small group, but these ambushes were happening all over the middle region, and this put blade domain demons at an enormous prejudice.

Ace was currently stalking a resting late-grade-4 demonic beast, Jade Purple Boa, from a hundred meters away from his current position.

This was the first late grade 4 demonic beast he encountered in the middle region, and it was on top of the food chain in the middle region. There weren’t many who could threaten its life, and that was why it didn’t bother to hide its existence.

‘This Jade Purple Boa’s skin is as thick as a grade-1 defensive treasure. It would be hard to kill it with one strike without using my heavenly Qi or element sword intent.

‘Furthermore, I still didn’t know if this wristband can record every detail about the demonic beast I killed. If I killed a late grade-4 demonic beast at the peak of Qi river realm, it could be quite bothersome to explain, and I might draw some undesirable attention…’

Ace mused about the pons and cons of killing this powerful demonic beast if it was ever discovered.

Although he wasn’t afraid of his soaring ranking in these few past days since everyone knows just what kind of capability Feng had, but killing a late-grade-4 demonic beast was still too startling, and it could backfire on him if anyone suspected something.

‘Forget it, I should just kill it for EXP and store my wristband in my thief’s space meanwhile,’ Ace decided and was about to spring into action when he suddenly halted.

He suddenly felt ten new soul signatures entering his soul sense range, and they were headed toward Jade Purple Boa’s resting place at a fast pace.

Furthermore, Ace felt a strange Qi fluctuation from one person in this group, and his eyes narrowed slightly.

“Moira opened the Live Fate Map.” Ace quickly commanded.

He didn’t require activating the Live Fate Map on his own anymore, he just needed to do it once, and afterward, Moira can do it for him with just a thought, as long as he had the soul Qi to sustain the ability.

This was one of the many benefits of having an intelligent treasure spirit.

“The Live Fate Map has been activated, Sir Ace.” Moira’s childish voice rang.

Ace quickly observed the gray map and fully zoomed it out, and his heart jolted with shock when he saw ten fate points.

All the ten fate points were red, which means they were enemies, and they will attack him if they found him.

But what truly shocked Ace was one of the ten red fate points had another circle around it and its color was glittering Silver!

“Moira, are you seeing what I’m seeing?” Ace asked with a hint of ecstasy in his voice.

“Yes, Sir Ace, that silver circle around that red point means this person had something useful for you or something which could be useful for you in the near future, or maybe this person might lead you to this thing. I’m not sure what it is.” Moira’s voice sounded in affirmation.

Ace knew about the silver color indication, but he never thought he would see it so soon.

Because he knew there weren’t many things that could be useful for him because of the system, and anything that fell into the ‘useful’ category had to be very important in a normal cultivator’s view.

Nevertheless, it still made Ace thrilled; he found a silver fate point, and he was now eager to see what it was.

However, he didn’t act recklessly because he felt something from this person and that was why he used the Live Fate Map.

Furthermore, just as Moira explained, this person might not have this treasure on him at all and might lead him to it. That was why he won’t take action before making sure what he required was on him, not somewhere else.

“Close the map. Let’s observe this group first. Since they’re moving in a group, and they are my enemies despite their new soul signatures, I don’t want to risk exposing myself too soon.” Ace commanded and slowly crept deeper into the tree crown while using his heartless stealth and start waiting.

It didn’t take long before voices of different footsteps could be heard, and a group of different skin demons appeared in Ace’s view.

Ace’s eyes directly fell on a white skin demon who looked extremely ordinary, and he was at the very end of this group, quietly following them.

‘It’s him!’ Ace quickly marked this white skin demon and closely monitor his actions.

The leader of this group was a tall bulky yellow skin demon that had a giant axe on his back as they kept moving toward the Jade Skin Boa, unknowingly about its existence.

However, the moment this group entered fifty meters radius of the beast, the white skin demon suddenly roared, “Idiot, there’s a late-stage, grade-four demonic beast quickly run!”

But alas, it was too late. Just as the white skin demon’s voice petered out, everyone felt a tremendous pressure descend on them before a deadly hiss sounded from the forest.

It didn’t take long before a giant head of a snake appeared, and its body size was over a hundred meters. With jade purple color skin and gem-like vicious blue snake eyes were coldly looked at the group like they were merely food!

Everyone’s heart palpitated when they felt icy killing intent from those snake eyes.

“B-brother…” The demon with a giant axe on his back stuttered as he looked toward the white skin demon with a pleading expression on his face.

The white skin demon cursed at this moment, “Useless trashes, move to the side!” completely breaking off his disguise as an ordinary henchman.

Every respectfully moved behind the white skin demon.

He coolly looked at the giant boa without any hint of fear and sneered, “You can only blame your bad luck coming in my way!”

The Jade Purple Boa seemed to understand the meaning of white skin demon’s words and, infuriated by his unsympathetic gaze and sprang toward the group while opening its giant black maw, clearly wanting to devour the group whole!

The white skin demon remained unfazed and snorted before a gray paper appeared with blue rune symbols engraved on it.

The very next moment, the symbols on the gray paper shimmered and the youth’s malicious voice rang, “You should feel honor, dying under the Mist Lance Talisman!”

Theater, a fifty-meter gray lance, suddenly appeared while the talisman completely vanished, and before Jade Purple Boa could react, it was already too late.

The Mist Lance Talisman was already locked and shot toward Jade Purple Boa’s opened maw, extinguishing all its defenses and killing it, giving no chance of resistance.

The boa’s enormous body fell to the ground, creating a small dust cloud.

The white skin demon spoke at this moment, “Fuck, didn’t our scout say there weren’t any late stage grade-4 in our way? Now, because of their blunder, I had to use my precious Mist Lance Talisman. Mural, kill those incompetent idiots the moment we saw them!”

“Yes.” the demon with a giant axe on his back respectfully replied. He knew if it wasn’t for this guy, they would all be dead.

After this minor incident, the group moved again in the same formation, as the white skin demon again took the low-profile position and Mural took the puppet-leader position again.

This time, they also send two scouts ahead, so they won’t have to encounter the same dangerous situation again.

Ace saw all the entire event play out and smiled thievishly as he saw the group leaving, ‘Heh, this guy is really my Silver Star…’

Without further delay, Ace crept behind the group and followed them!


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