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Eternal Thief – Chapter 412: A Golden Goose Bahasa Indonesia

Without further delay, Ace crept behind the group and followed them!

After half a day of tailing this group, Ace found nothing peculiar, but remained stoic and kept monitoring them from the shadows.

At this time, another group of five demons with dark brown skin appeared in front of this group.

One demon said, “Brother Mural, we found one of the targeted in Top Hundred Kill List.”

Mural’s eyes narrowed and said, “What is the name?”

“Sedrick Wild Leaf, Rank 19. He’s hiding in a cave ten miles north from here, and he seemed injured.” The demon replied.

“What about the five names I gave you? Did you find any of them?” Mural seemed completely unfazed by this Sedrick fellow who had 1500 Value Point on his head.

“No, brother Mural, we aren’t able to track those five for now, but other scout parties are still looking for clues. It won’t be long before they found one of them.” The demon truthfully replied.

Mural nodded before saying coldly, “Which one of you report about the path being cleared before?”

The five of them looked at each other and an awful premonition suddenly rise in their heart, but one of them still replied, “It was old four who scout the passage.”

Just as his voice trailed off, Mural abruptly hack his Giant Axe toward the skinny demon, who seemed to be startled by Mural’s sudden action and was too late in evading the giant axe before he was hacked in two!

Those other four blink before they quickly draw their weapon and roar, “Bastard, you dare to kill our brother! Die!”

They all attack madly Moral because they were all blood-related and very close to each other, so the fourth brother’s abrupt death made them lose their reason.

“Heh, you’re knocking on the hell’s door yourself.” Moral sneered as he swigged his giant axe without much effort and two of the demons were sent flying, and the other two were barely dogged with their weapon, but they were still injured with an enormous impact.

However, the other two escaped the giant axe range and were about to jab Mural with their spears when two from the Mural’s group made a sudden move, and the next moment, two heads were rolling on the floor.

“Hmph… I don’t need your help!” Mural snorted unhappily.

“Don’t waste time!” another burly demon coldly said before he pointed his finger toward two demons who were trying to escape.

Two red beams shot from his finger and penetrate the back of their head, and they fell on the floor there and then, killed, making no sound.

Mural seemed to be afraid of this burly demon and didn’t retort again and merely gave an unhappy glance before he looked toward the white skin demon.

He said respectfully, “It seemed those five are deep in the middle region. We should move toward scout team eleven’s rendezvoused point. What do you think, Elder Brother?”

The white demon thought for a moment before nodding, “Let’s move, then. The faster I complete my mission, the sooner I could go back and all of got your rewards.”

The group advanced again.

Ace naturally followed them with a wintry smile on his face, ‘This entourage is from the mist domain, and they’re playing pig here, and they seemed to come here specifically for some five demons here. Hehe, I should soul probe every one of them and see if they had something I need…’

Within two hours, Ace had already soul probed the nine demons from the mist domain except for the white demon because he wasn’t confident doing it without being noticed.

But he got all the important information he needed.

This group of ten weren’t ordinary demons, but the nine were top talent of six mist clans of mist demon tribes and the white demon was none other than the second son of Mist Demon King, Prince Santos, who was disgusting himself as a white mist demon!

Furthermore, Santos was not only disgusting himself, but he was also a silver soul river core cultivator who shouldn’t be here at all.

This was already announced that no demon with cultivation above the river realm was allowed in the shadow mountain range until the first phase ended. But not only did Santos’s presence break this rule, but this was also all planned and orchestrated by none other than Mist Demon King!

Although those nine didn’t know why Mist Demon King wanted to merge this two-domain competition and then sneakily sent Santos in, one thing that was clear, this had to do with the five names they were searching for.

Their mission was very simple. They had to attain at least three heads from these five names and handed to the third mist prince, who would take them back, and they would be handsomely rewarded by the Mist Demon King.

Although Santos can handle this matter by himself, he can’t reveal his real cultivation if it wasn’t absolutely necessary or the soul realm blade envoys who were monitory the Qi fluctuations in the shadow mountain range with a powerful formation will instantly detect his presence, and it would be over for mist domain.

That was why Santos was carrying some talismans given by his mother because using treasures wasn’t forbidden here, which makes it quite easy for Santos to complete his mission and earn huge rewards from the Demon King.

All in all, this whole slaughter and then merging two competitions together were a huge conspiracy of Mist Demon King, and her goal was still unknown.

Ace was completely flabbergasted by the Mist Demon King’s schemes and her ruthless means of reaching her goals.

She put millions of lives on the line just to achieve her goal, and this was the true face of the Mist Demon King!

‘To send Santos here, she didn’t hesitate to take out the most precious legacy treasure of Mist Demon Tribe, Mist Camouflage Mask. It’s just like my mask. Not only it can change appearance but also hide cultivation and even demon kings weren’t able to detect it.

‘How decisive. She should be extremely confident in her plan. That’s why she handed it over to Santos. If not for those nine from the same tribe, I didn’t know about this mask.

‘No wonder I felt two different Qi fluctuations in Santos. My soul sense was constantly picking up soul Qi. That’s why I didn’t dare to soul probe him. In the end, it was all because of a disguising mask.

‘At least I now know my soul sense can also be failed if the disgusting treasure is stronger than it. But if it weren’t overly powerful, I can still detect some clues like this time.

‘But I had to admit; this Mist Camouflage Mask is really useful for Noa and I can bring her here in the blade domain with no hitch. Is this what that silver fate point indicates?’

Ace thought over it for a while because if acted now, he can easily slaughter this group even with Santos’s presence after just pick-pocketing his storage ring.

He really wanted this Mist Camouflage Mist for Noa, but he still hesitated because this mask wasn’t useful for him but for Noa and if he killed Santos, then he might not find the veritable treasure that was meant for him.

It would be akin to killing a goose who laid golden eggs.

As for robbing and destroying Mist Demon King’s treasures and plans, he didn’t care at all because no one would ever know what happened to Santos’s group, nor can anyone raise questions.

At least as long as they didn’t want the wrathful Lunatic Blade breaking their doors.

‘First, I stole Eternal Thief Fate Compass from Mist Demon King’s people and now her son is also going to deliver me more treasures and live fate map also indicate toward Mist Domain direction… could it be this compass point really pointed toward the mist domain?’

Ace couldn’t help but thought of this point suddenly and thought about going to the mist domain after getting rid of Feng’s identity.

However, Feng’s identity was very useful, and it would be such a shame to just discard it for a chance that he didn’t even know was there or somewhere else.

‘I should just focus on what is in front of me for now. Since he’s a silver soul river core cultivator, it would be risky to perform a soul probe on him, and killing him right now would be an even more idiotic decision. Let’s just follow him around for now and let him keep the treasures for now. In the end, everything is going to be mine…’

In the end, Ace decided to not kill the goose for the eggs and patiently wait.

Santos had no idea his identity had already been exposed, and he was now a portable treasury and treasure indicator for someone else.

The moment he lost his value, it would be the last day of his life…


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