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Ace was also observing what had happened, and he didn’t attack those two Fiery Blade Demons because he had already sensed the arrival of this newcomer, who appeared to be an earth troll.

Although Ace has never seen an earth troll before since they all lived in a secret location somewhere in the blade domain, he had information about them.

But he was still shocked when he saw the earth troll appearing from the underground, and he instantly knew this was the famous ability of the earth troll race, Earthen Escape, and they were almost uncatchable on the ground because of this ability.

However, what shocked him, even more, was the decree of the Demon King and with the heavenly sense, he had already seen its contents without being detected.

‘I can understand why Blade Envoys were entering the shadow mountain range, but why did Misty Demon Killers enter at the same time? Without Blade Demon King’s permission, they won’t dare to be so bizarre. This means he might’ve made some kind of agreement with the Mist Demon King.

‘But shouldn’t they announce this to the participants as well, or change the competition of blade domain as well? However, since there wasn’t any mention of this in the demon king decree, it means our competition is not changed at all, only soul realm cultivators from both sides are given access to enter.

‘Just what is going on? Those soul realms entered to monitor each side for some reason, and all it had to do was with Mist Domain interference.

‘But with soul realm envoys entering the shadow mountain, I have to be more careful to not reveal any of my original abilities and also looked out for Misty Demon Killers. Those guys are enemies with blade domain, so they won’t be so kind to watch potential threats growing right under their noses. What if, a freaking mess!’

Ace felt vexed when he failed to understand both demon kings’ intentions and what they had to do with this strange competition.

However, whatever the reason was, as long as it didn’t implicate him or related to him, he wasn’t too worried about it. He can hide from soul realm cultivators now, so he can avoid them as well. Exclusively with Moira’s help.

Ace watched those two elders leaving with the earth troll after grieving for some time.

He sighed, ‘How lucky, well I got another chance in the future to get my hands-on blade tribe blade skills and arts. But on the bright side, I don’t need to worry about the ambush of four-blade clans anymore. They won’t dare to disobey demon king as long as they didn’t want to suffer.’

Ace dejectedly left as his plan of ambushing two golden river cultivators and testing his soul probing on them failed. He was now going to search for demonic beasts to test to farm more killing points and EXP.

After moving a couple of miles northwest,

Ace felt two new soul signatures and strong Qi fluctuations: ‘A fight between cultivators!’

Without any hesitation, moved toward the direction of the battle.

Ace quickly reached the area and saw a young demon with a skinny constitution and dark skin holding a long thin blade sword, was fighting with a crimson skin demon who was also using a long thin blade sword.

Ace’s eyes narrowed at seeing the two demons. ‘They’re also from Blade Demon Tribe?’

He didn’t think he would meet another pair from the blade demon tribe of all demons, and they seemed from the Evil Blade Clan and Fire Blade Clan by their skin color.

Furthermore, they both had astonishing prowess, which indicated they were quite strong and might be from the top hundred rankings.

“Bren, you bastard, today you’ll die, and your brother won’t be here to save your sorry ass!” the youth from the Fire Blade Clan roared with deep contempt as he slashed his sword and red Qi filled the area.

“Anton, you’ll die just like your sister all those years ago. It’s just a pity you aren’t your sister, so I won’t be able to enjoy myself before killing you, so just stop this meaningless struggle!” Bren sneered as he used his sword and performed an ominous horizontal cut.

It was clear he was deliberately taunting Anton to make him made mistake and then took advantage of it since both of their strengths were almost at the same level.

As for the enmity between them, it wasn’t some new thing between these two clans.

The Evil Blade Clan was the second-strongest clan of Blade Demon Tribe while the Fire Blade Clan was slightly inferior, taking third place, and both clans always struggle with each other in the shadows.

This was the same thing for their youngsters as well.

These two were from the main lineage of their respective clans, and they had a very deep grudge between them.

Especially Anton because his little sister was killed by Bren with underhanded means a few years ago. Furthermore, because the Fire Blade Clan didn’t have any proof, the Evil Blade Clan escape unscratched.

This made Fire Blade Clan even more bloodthirsty and the fight between the two clans became fiercer in these past years.

Anton roared with deep hatred, seeing Bren’s lustful expression when he mentions his sister, “Bastard I’ll kill you!”

‘Heh, he felt for it!’ Bren sneered coldly, seeing Anton losing his calm.

Although he knew without his big brother, he wasn’t truly matched for Anton, he also knew Anton’s love for his deceased sister, and it was the only sour nerve he could grab and made Anton vulnerable.

Bren was about to take out an array plate to finish Anton off for good. However, his expression suddenly changed when his storage ring didn’t react at all. This wasn’t all. The very next moment thereafter, he felt a head-splitting pain in his head.

This enormous window was enough for Anton to perform a deadly blade skill and easily caught him off guard while he was still struggling with that mysterious pain in his head.

The thin blade surrounded by red sharp Qi made a graceful arch, and it flashed past Bren’s throat like a red waterfall.

Thereupon, Bren’s head, filled with disbelief, and confusion fell on the stony ground. Even in his death, he didn’t know how he died and what had happened.

Alas, if he could just see the slowly fading owl symbol on his ring finger, he would’ve known who was behind his unnatural death!

Ace coldly looked toward beheaded Bren and scoffed, ‘Scum.’

Without giving Anton another look, he left with a complicated glint in his eyes. He just remembered about a little girl after hearing the words ‘Little Sister’ and instantly helped Anton without thinking twice.

‘I hope you’re alright…’ Ace could only hope right now, nothing else.

In a gloomy mood, Ace killed two more intermediate demonic beasts with only his sword drawing skill. He was like a ghostly assassin who abruptly appeared behind his prey and fished it off with a single move!

Four more days passed, and the ranking changed drastically, which made everyone take a chilly breath every time they saw it.

1. Jaxx Wild Wind: 25,900 Kill Points

2. Feng Demon Sword: 24,000 Kill Points

3. Peter Silver Blade: 22,100 Kill Points

4. Ramiro Wild Lion: 21,240 Kill Points

5. Thomas Wild Cheveyo: 19,870 Kill Points

6. Eliezer Evil Blade: 16,700 Kill Points

Not only Feng was about to overtake Jaxx’s first position within six days after his appearance, one of the junior masters of the evil blade clan in 12th position four days ago had disappeared from the ranking, which means he was killed!

This shocked many bigwigs who were paying close attention to the ranking and even made the Evil Blade Clan’s Patriarch cough blood. After knowing his son was probably dead, he nearly went on a rampage.

In the middle of the night,

Many silhouettes, the number probably in hundreds of thousands, entered the middle region without making any commotion.

One thing that was common among these thousands of silhouettes was that there were blue glowing wristbands on everyone’s wrists and a voice could be heard from it at this moment,

“Everyone, we are the strongest force of our domain, and we’re here to teach those blade domain bastards a painful lesson. Remembered, always hunt in groups of five, and don’t underestimate anyone who could hunt in this place. We have to kill as many as we can, and we’ll be rewarded accordingly as well!

“I’m officially announcing the start of ‘Elite Hunting Mission’, all the best!”

The moment this voice faded, another display emerged on those wristbands. It was the current ranking of the blade domain, but slightly different.

1. Jaxx Wild Wind: Kill Value 10,000 Points

2. Feng Demon Sword: Kill Value 10,000 Points

3. Peter Silver Blade: Kill Value 10,000 Points

4. Ramiro Wild Lion: Kill Value 8,500 Points

5. Thomas Wild Cheveyo: Kill Value 8,000 Points

6. Eliezer Evil Blade: Kill Value 7,500 Points

7. Alora Wild Yisrael: Kill Value 7,000 Points

8. Alaric Green Blade: Kill Value 6,500 Points

9. Miya Evil Blade: Kill Value 6,000 Points

10. Anton Fire Blade: Kill Value 5,500 Points

11. Carlee Wild Violent: Kill Value 5,000 Points

12. …

13. …


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