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Eternal Thief – Chapter 409: Demon King Decree Bahasa Indonesia

“Damn it, how could finding a river realm brat be so difficult?!” a vexed voice sounded from a cloaked figure.

“Number Nine, keep your voice low. Do you want to attract other attention?!” another slightly angry voice sounded from the second cloak figure.

These two were moving past trees, while one of them was holding a green array plan in his hand, and it was shimmering with rune symbols.

“Number Seven, do you think anyone would be strong enough to go against us Fiery Blade Demons if they had had a death wish?!” Number Nine retorted without lowering his voice.

The Fiery Blade Demon Clan was the weakest among the five clans of the blade demon tribe because first, they had the lowest population among the five clans, and second; they had a very fiery temper and arrogant personalities, so they always fight with each other and killed others for their benefits; it was their second nature.

These shortcomings led them to their current decline state, and now they were on the verge of being eliminated by the other four clans from the blade demon tribe. If the demon gate trial wasn’t announced, they might’ve already got terminated by now.

It was all because of the Blade Demon King’s verdict that all clans stop the internal struggle for the time being, and it also gave the Fiery Blade Clan a chance of survival.

Before, they only had hoped that someone from their clan entered one of the three demon institutes. However, they knew better than anyone they didn’t have such a talented decedent since most of them were killed and schemed against by each other.

That was why right now there wasn’t a single member of Fiery Blade Demon Clan in the top hundred rankings, and this made the entourage of fiery blade demon even more desperate.

But alas, they can do nothing but cuss and kept watching with bloodshot eyes as other blade clans’ young demon names appeared in the top hundred list.

If it was any other time, it would’ve spelled doomed for them, but they still had a chance and that was exactly Feng!

If they could produce a king-grade bloodline, they wouldn’t have to fear extinction anymore because every king-grade bloodline was protected by the royal zone!

So, the most desperate blade clan who wanted to find Feng was none other than the Fiery Blade Demon Clan, since their entire existence depended on this, after all.

These two elders, Number Seven and Number Nine were one of the five pairs of the fiery blade demon clan, and they were all searching for Feng.

However, just like others, they didn’t find any trace of him, much less the whole person.

“Fuck… I’ll report you to elder brother Four!” Number Seven threatened with the name of the most powerful elder in their entourage.

“Bastard, do you want to fight?!” Number Nine was instantly indignant and even circulated his Qi, which was a sign of him wanting to attack Number Seven.

How could Number Seven take Number Nine, cursed silently? After all, he was also a Fiery Blade Demon and his temperament was just as bad as Number Seven.

“I have enough of you, Pig Brain, received my blade!” He drew his sword, which had a long soft blade, and attacked Number Nine without any further discussion.

Just like that, those two Fiery Blade Demons fought as they cuss each other, causing a tremendous commotion.

They were both golden river core cultivators and only one step away from entering the diamond river core realm, so their fight startled many weak demonic beasts in the vicinity as they flee for their life.

However, those two had no idea just a hundred meters away from their fighting position, a pair of cold eyes were scrutinizing them as if they were a pair of clowns performing a show.

‘I never thought those two idiots would start fighting just because of an argument, really worthy of being idiots from Fiery Blade Demon Clan, heh,’ Ace sneered coldly as he watched two cloaked demons fighting each other.

Ace naturally wanted to cause some trouble for these four blade clans who came after Feng for his blood and even kill them if he got a chance. But he never thought he would bump into the idiots from Fiery Blade Demon Clan.

Right now, those two were probably begging Ace to act and put them out of their misery.

‘Although the Fiery Blade Demon Clan is on the decline because of their shortcoming, their blade technique is unique and profound. I wonder if I can get a copy of that blade technique and use it as the Demon Sword Dance. I don’t know if I can use a soul probe on them after my last breakthrough. If I can…’

Ace’s eyes shimmered in anticipation. He knew if he wanted to continue on his sword path and break to the next level of his technique, then he required high-level sword path skills and cultivation arts, and he also needed inspiration, just like last time.

Sword Path and Blade Path were virtually the same, but both path cultivators always debate over it being different because the weapons used in both paths were quite different.

Nevertheless, Ace still wanted the blade art of the Fiery Blade Clan for reference and insights. Especially after seeing it in action himself.

At this moment, both elders started to slow down. Although they were fighting and wanted to kill each other, they knew if they killed one another, they would be only making their clan more vulnerable to attack.

They had already learned their lesson a hard way and weren’t as bloodthirsty as before, all for the sake of their lineage’s survival.

Number Nine panted heavily as he roared, “I’ll spare your dog live today, Number Seven!”

Number Seven spat on the ground before rebuking, “I’ll let you keep your brief life for now as well before I deal with him!”

He spun around and roared with killing intent, “Why don’t you come out now, since you enjoy the show?!”

Number Nine also seemed startled and quickly raise his guard. Truth be told, he had no idea someone was observing them in the shadows and if they kept fighting, they might’ve become someone else prey!

At this moment thereafter, the stony ground suddenly cracked, and a small head popped up below the ground before a small person exited the tunnel. It was an earth troll!

“You lowly slave, you dare to spy on us!?” Number Seven’s voice was filled with killing intent, but he didn’t immediately attack the little man.

He knew the earth troll race can never betray them or scheme against any demon, much less sneak attack them. Since this earth troll dared to appear here, it might be something important.

Just as he suspected, the small man kneel and prostrate himself before saying sheepishly, “I beg your pardon, my lords, but it’s an emergency!”

Number Nine’s gloomy voice rang, “It’s better to be good, or I’ll have your blood in tonight’s drink!”

The little man fluttered before he took out a yellow scroll with a silver blade seal on it.

“Blade Demon King’s decree!”

Both men blurted out in unison, with a hint of fear in their voices.

“Yes, my lords, it’s a direct order from the Blade Castle that all the four clans’ elders withdraw from the shadow mountain range within three days or anyone who’s above the river realm will be killed without mercy!” the earth troll quickly told them as he respectfully handed the decree in Number Seven’s hand.

“What, why?!” Number Nine’s disbelief voice sounded.

They both knew the demon king didn’t stop them because he didn’t care, but now he was actually giving them an order to exit, something might’ve happened to the blade domain while they were wandering here.

“I don’t know, my lords, but my fellow brothers were ordered to give these decrees to all the four clan elders present in the shadow mountain range and any river core realm cultivator.

“However, I do know that it had something to do with the sudden appearance of Mist Domain Participants here and hunting our participants a few days ago.” The earth troll replied truthfully.

“What? Something like this happened?” Number Seven was shocked before he quickly broke the seal on the scroll and read its contents.

There were simply words in it, but they sent chills to both elder’s spines.

“Anyone above the river realm shall evacuate the shadow mountain range within three days after receiving this notice.

“Anyone who ignored this order and remains after the end of the third month will be killed by Blade Demon Envoys and Misty Demon Killers.

“The Shadow Mountain Range is now only reserved for the youths of blade domain and mist domain…”

“T-this…” Number Nine mumbled in befuddlement as he read the content.

“Just what has happened, and why the hell does Misty Demon Killer appear with Blade Demon Envoys? Aren’t all of them the personal guards of Mist Demon King and Blade Demon King and enemies with each other?! Just what is going on here?!”


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