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Eternal Thief – Chapter 408: Secret Skills & Secret Techniques Bahasa Indonesia

In Golden Sky World, the skills, cultivation arts, secret skills, secret techniques, and cultivation techniques were divided into four ranks.

Mortal, Earth, Sky, and Sky Breaker, and each rank had two grades; Lower and Upper.

Lower Mortal Grade can be cultivated by First Realm (Gate Realm) cultivators or higher, while Upper Mortal Grade can be cultivated by Second Realm (Foundation Building Realm) cultivators or higher.

Similarly, Lower Earth Grade was suitable for the Third Realm (River Realm) and Upper Earth Grade was for the Fourth Realm (River Core Realm).

Lower and Upper-Grade Sky ranks were suitable for the Fifth Realm (Soul Realm) and Sixth Realm (Manifestation Realm), respectively.

As for the Seventh Realm and fabled Eighth Realm, only the Sky Breaker skills of Lower and Upper Grade can draw out their true potential.

Sky Breaker Rank; no matter if it was a lower grade or upper grade, the skills, cultivation arts, secret skills, secret techniques, and cultivation techniques of this rank were extremely rare and precious.

There were also four small completion stages for each rank; Minor, Intermediate, Advance, and Perfection.

The Secret Skills and Secret Techniques were special kinds of skills and techniques which required both compatibility and special materials to cultivate. These secret skills and secret techniques hold tremendous prowess if they can cultivate to perfection!

These secret skills were on par with an ultimate skill that a demonic beast gained after entering the river core realm.

Furthermore, secret skills and secret techniques were precious, especially if one had compatibility with one or even if one had a manual for a secret skill, if they weren’t compatible by either the innate element or cultivation technique, it was completely useless.

That was why very few such skills were present in the hands of prominent clans of the demon race and even if the other had an incompatible one in their possession, they were unwilling to part with it and make another compatible tribe with it more powerful.

Nonetheless, the compatibility was still the second matter. The fundamental problem was the special materials needed to cultivate these secret skills and secret techniques.

Some had lower demand for such materials, but some powerful secret skills had absurd requirements for precious materials, which made them extremely difficult to cultivate. Especially if you were not from a prominent tribe.

As for this young demoness, her name was Alora Yisrael, and she was the princess of the Yisrael Tribe, but she was not a direct decedent of the Yisrael Demon King Clan and from the branch clan.

Nonetheless, she was still very talented and had secretly cultivated her clan’s upper earth rank secret skill to Advance Stage and was only a step away from unleashing its true might.

But finding a fire-type demonic core of a demonic beast was extremely difficult because a Demonic Core was only formed in a demonic beast after entering the river realm and forming an extraordinary river (Nine Slate Foundation).

Furthermore, these platinum river core demonic beasts were deadly existences that gave even the soul realm dread.

Besides, these kinds of demonic beasts were very rare because of their demonic cores since they were used in precious pills and no alchemy will lose the opportunity to acquire one or even hunt it if they got any news.

So, how could it be Alora’s turn to find such a beast in the middle region of the shadow mountain range and a fire-type one at that?

Anyone would’ve laughed at her for being delusional since Blade Demon Tribe would never let such a beast escape their clutches and kill it in the river realm without giving it a chance to enter the river core realm!

“But my lady, are you sure that beast is here?” Carlee spoke with uncertainty.

Alora replied unhurriedly with confidence, “Don’t worry, you know because of the secret skill I cultivate, I have a special attraction toward fire-type treasures and living beings. From the moment I came here, I’m feeling restless, and I can feel that the beast is here. It seemed our informative didn’t lie to us and that trade was worth it!”

“I’m still quite suspicious of that person. How could he know about the young lady’s secret and know you needed the fire-type demonic core, and what baffled me even that the person didn’t take it for itself?” Carlee spoke with concern.

Alora plainly said, “Don’t worry, that person is the biggest information broker of the almighty demon empire, and finding out about me is not a big deal. We have to be careful. If we let others know about our deal with that person, or we’ll be in trouble.”

“Yes, I heard even demon kings are searching for that person.” Carlee nodded in agreement.

“Now we have to plan before attacking the beast. We can’t miss this chance or my coming here will all be in vain. I have to complete this secret skill no matter what, and only then I can truly stand a chance against Princess Scarlet in the demon gate trial. I’ll definitely have my revenge!”

Alora’s voice was filled with indignation and killing intent!

While a storm was brewing in the middle region,

The man, who was probably at the center of this storm, was currently strolling around a random mountain while searching for his target.

This man was none other than Ace, who had killed four intermediate grade 4 demonic beasts on his first day and create enormous waves between the participants, and also put a target on himself.

But Ace didn’t seem to be worried about it all. On the contrary, he was walking around the mountains without any stealth or protection, making himself a walking target.

Ace know there were other demons after him other than the participants, and they were from the four clans.

All-Knowing Parrot had already warned him about this, and she even said Blade Demon King was probably testing him by letting those four clans do as they pleased. This also means he can retaliate in any way he likes as well!

Ace this moment, his expression changed slightly, and his lips curled upward into a stiff smile. ‘Someone’s here!’


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