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Eternal Thief – Chapter 386: Message Received! Bahasa Indonesia

“Your Highness, I have an important report to make!” Killer was standing outside a closed door as he spoke with a hint of urgency in his husky voice.

“Enter.” A mild voice of a male rang.

Killer hastily entered the room and saw the masked demon sitting cross-legged on a futon.

“What happened? You seem quite in a hurry? Did you find our target?”

No one can see his expression, but his voice was filled with anticipation.

Killer’s respectfully answered, “Yes, Your Highness, I indeed found his recent location.”

“Recent? You mean he’s no longer there?” his voice grew a little forbidding.

Killer’s pitch-black eyes shimmered in a dark light as he said darkly, “It happened a week ago, your highness. After I was secretly scouting the blade province’s places where that hex demon might hide, I heard he appeared in the city called ocean demon city.

“This city was the duke city of the same duchy where that thief appeared before, and it seemed he never left that duchy at all, and we were searching in an opposite direction.”

“Is that so? Well, I have to give it to him, I simply thought he would run away from that duchy after he knows the royal council was after him, but who would’ve thought he will choose to stay there and in the main city where the chances of his captivation were quite high.” His voice grew extremely frosty.

Killer nodded in affirmation, “Indeed, but we can’t be blamed because I already scan the entire duchy before I left for other places, but somehow he managed to escape my detection. It seemed he isn’t just a simple reckless thief, and he might have some other means to his disposal, or he might not have dared to appear.”

“Maybe. Tell me about what he did this time?” He asked.

Killer said, “He theft again and this time he stole the entire treasury of this ocean demon tribe and the duke tried to completely hide it. But this thief caused a tremendous commotion in the city thereafter and drew everyone’s attention in the end.

“Furthermore, I didn’t find the Duke anywhere when I reached the place. It’s clear he escaped after failing to hide the news about the thief and from further investigation, I presumed he was hexed just like the soul realm demon we get rid of before.

“He was afraid of getting killed and ran away, abandoning his tribe. The Blade Demon King also sent an envoy who just happened to be this renegade demon’s father, and he completely locked down the city to appease the situation.”

The masked demon’s amusing voice sounded, “Oh? It seemed our reputation is quite grand. Nonetheless, from what you just said, it seemed only this renegade was hexed this time?”

Killer replied respectfully, “Yes, Your Highness, besides this demon only the treasury was hexed with the same owl mark, and a message was left. Furthermore, this time this thief used quite a unique method to announce his arrival while only hexing one place with his signature hex. I also presumed he wanted to announce something this time with this thievery.”

“What announcement?”

Killer flip his hand suddenly and a pentagon coin appeared in his hand, he respectfully handed it to the masked demon.

The masked demon flipped the coin a few times, deep in thought, as he saw the ‘I’m Back’ side of the coin for a while.

Suddenly, he burst into laughter.

Killer’s eyes grimace. He knew this, the masked demon was completely enraged. He was also enraged when he saw this coin and the symbol on the treasury. Likewise, he could tell this thief was deliberately leaving such words, and they were most likely targeted at them.

Because they destroyed two tribes and turn the entire city into a black wasteland just to kill this thief, it seemed he was not only afraid, but he seemed to be even more daring. With this thievery, he wanted to slap their faces, and he has succeeded.

“Hehehehe… it seemed he wanted to challenge me? This degenerate wanted to challenge me?!”

His voice was filled with killing intent as the coin in his turned into fine particles.

Killer didn’t dare to speak and stood there respectfully. But his eyes were also filled with boundless rage and killing intent.

“Announced in the entire provinces, as long as they can find any clues about this thief, I’ll give their youths three free passes in Demon Gate Trials. I want everyone to look for this prick. Since he wanted to play, let’s play!”

“As your command.” Killer bowed slightly.

“As for this tribe that was fell victim to this degenerate, destroyed them. I want to let everyone know the consequences of letting this bastard roam free, and this will also motivate them as well!” He coldly uttered.

This time, Killer didn’t quickly agree and hesitantly said, “This could be troublesome. I don’t think Blade King will watch this time.”

They both know the last time Blade King remained silent and give them face because they were only targeting some random tribes which he regarded in little value, but he was displeased nevertheless, especially because of Henrik’s death.

This time, this tribe was a duke tribe, and they had deep ties with Blade Demon King. If they took such action without his opinion, that guy might fight them, and they knew Lunatic Blade was capable of such a reckless move!

“Hmph… spare soul realm cultivators and some of their promising youths. That’s my bottom line. If he doesn’t agree, then he can try his luck by all means. Besides, I don’t think he would disagree with my decision because according to the rules of the demon empire, any tribe chief who’s deemed a criminal by the royal council and then escape his punishment, his tribe had to pay! Since this demon run away without showing his face, this means he was hex, and he’s a threat to our race, so he deserved to die. But since he escaped, his tribe can pay on his behalf! These ingrates are forgetting who their ruler is, it’s time to tighten their leashes!” His voice was filled with vicious bloodlust.

Killer’s eyes shimmered with cold light as he respectfully answered, “I’ll immediately forward your order to the council.”

“Since this is out of the way, did you find the other person I told you to look for?” the masked demon voice was cooled down.

Killer answered, “I have already investigated this All-Knowing parrot. It seemed no one has ever seen him and from where he operates this syndicate. But I found three demon kings are supporting this syndicate from the shadows, and I’m afraid, even they might never see this All-Knowing Parrot. It’s like he’s a ghost.”

“Oh? Approached those demon kings in my name and tell them I want this All-Knowing Parrot and his syndicate. As long as they can do something about it, I’ll grant them one free pass in demon gate trial each.”

He said coolly as if this matter was a done deal.

In a spacious hall,

A peal of melodious laughter could be heard, making the empty hall’s atmosphere extremely lovely and jolly. But alas, no one was there to witness or enjoyed it.

The same voice, filled with ecstasy, rang again. “I never thought you would be so daring to even appear near to the place where you almost got killed and nearly exposed me. But I had to say you’re quite something to even dare to challenge the imperial envoy and slapped on his face.”

An extremely alluring demoness appeared right in front of the open window as she looked at the half moon. There was a pentagon coin between her long, slender finger.

She mumbled with a mesmerizing smile, “I never thought after I heal my injuries from that backlash inflicted by that bastard, I’ll receive another astonishing news about you.

“Well, it also saves me the trouble of finding you, Sky Stealer. No one on this entire continent knows you’re also a genius sword cultivator with an element sword intent except me, and your art of disguising and fooling others even left me in awe. But can you hide from me with that new face of yours… Feng!”

On the tenth day after Ocean Demon City fell victim to the infamous thief Sky Stealer.

The entire outer provinces know about this now and many starting to truly fear this thief.

However, the fear for this thief reached another whole new level when a grave announcement was made by the Royal Demon Council, which sent a chill to everyone’s spine.

This announcement was straightforward: the entire Ocean Demon Tribe would suffer an extinction because their current chief run away, who appeared to be also a victim of Sky Stealer.

Furthermore, from now on whoever came in contact with the Sky Stealer or fell victim to his schemes will face capital punishment and if they dare to escape their tribes will have to pay in their stead!


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