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Eternal Thief – Chapter 385: Ocean Demon City in Crisis Bahasa Indonesia

The sky was glowing golden, but dark clouds were slowly covering the clear sky little by little as icy winds were rising.

However, this has nothing to do with this entourage of carriages moving on a particular avenue unhurriedly.

There were eighty carriages, and all of them were lavishing and pulled by at least late-grade-2 demonic beasts which looked like horses but with much larger stature and vicious looks.

Inside a carriage,

Ace was coolly sitting while enjoying the wine served by ‘his’ two maids.

‘It’s already been one day and night since we depart and with our speed, it would only take four more days to enter the blade domain. It’s time to say goodbye to the ocean demon city completely.’ Ace pulled a frigid smile and suddenly a panel opened in front of him.

“System, send it.”

After giving his command, he again enjoyed his wine, which he stole from the ocean demon treasury!

Noa was calmly sitting like a statue with her eyes close when suddenly the system’s voice rang in her mind. She promptly opened her eyes with a hint of elation.

She knows this was a mission sent by Ace just as they planned, and she quickly opened it,


[Thief House Leader (Ace White) has issued a mission]

[Thief House Leader Mission]

-Mission: Downfall of an enemy!

Description: Start Thieving!

Requirement (1): Thief anyone you can and then left Thief Identity Qi Coins behind while using Thief’s Charity (Inverse & Reverse)!

Requirement (2): Never go toward the duke’s mansion or engaged in a fight with anyone, if not absolutely necessary!

Requirement (3): Plant the Fifty Fire Explosion Talismans all over the city and set the timer for six hours and escape immediately!

Requirement (4): Go toward the Stone Hills on the outskirts of the blade domain and hide until I come for you!

Requirement (5): If you found anything amiss in your way, abandon the mission and escaped!

-Reward (1): Endless Shadow Daggers Rainfall (Soul Cultivation Art)

-Reward (2): Endless Night Daggers Set [32 Pin-Daggers] (Legendary Grade- 4)

Time: 10 Days

Punishment: None!


Noa wasn’t surprised when she saw all those requirements since they had already discussed them that night, but when she saw the rewards, her eyes when wide in bewilderment.

She longed for these two things the most in the thief assassin shop because she knew it will give her an enormous power boost, but she can only see them green-eyed because first; the requirement attached to them were not complete yet, and second; she didn’t have fifteen thousand house points to buy them as well. Moreover, either skill or treasure was useless if she didn’t have the other.

However, Ace can easily bypass these requirements since he was the leader.

But she would never think Ace would reward her with both of them while she was practically doing nothing besides causing some havoc, and he took all the risk.

Noa knows since she was getting this mission, it meant Ace had completed his theft, and Livy had also done what Ace thought he would.

‘He’s too good to me!’ Her eyes shimmered with a complicated glimmer.

However, what she doesn’t know was Ace had already profited big time from this thievery, so sparing 150,000 TP wasn’t much for him and besides his 85,000 TP investment in those fifty Fire Explosion Talismans before he started his thievery. He wasn’t losing anything at all.

Furthermore, he knows Noa doesn’t have much HP, and these two things give her a huge power jump, so he simply bought them for her. He knew she would be alone for some time before he can sneak her into the blade domain, so she won’t be wasting her time as well.

Noa’s eyes turned icy the next moment as she closed the mission panel.

“Ocean Demon Tribe, Livy, you kill my entire tribe, my loved ones, and even made me destroy my face, which I never thought I would regret so much. Let me return the favor!”

Just as her icy forlorn voice rang in the dark hidden passage, Noa vanished!

Night descended on the world, and it was a dark night without any moon or stars.

The sky was filled with inky clouds, rumbling with thunderous tones.

On the outskirts of the ocean demon city, a curvaceous silhouette appeared right from the ground, just like a corpse from a grave.

She wore a dark cape and a dark mask, only her icy pitch-black eyes were visible as she looked toward the lit city a few miles away.

Noa just stood at that spot without moving and continue to stare at the city walls without blinking, as if she was in a reverie.

Three hours passed, and she didn’t move and continued to stare at the city impassively.

Suddenly, at this moment thereafter, she heard a mild sound from the city’s direction.

She mumbled in a forlorn tone, “It finally started!”

Head Guard Over was in charge of the ocean demon city’s law enforcement.

He was currently enjoying a break in Life Wine Pavilion he got after the ocean demon team left a day ago, and now he was finally relaxed a bit.


However, an enormous explosion sounded near the pavilion, making him puke the wine on the serving waitress and cough violently in a choking sound.

“Just who…”


However, before he could curse, another tremendous explosion sounded from another direction.

Over’s expression finally changed when these explosions continue to ring one after another in five-second intervals.

“We’re under attack!”

Without waiting, he jumped out of the second floor, and with a grim expression, he ran toward the guard quarters.

But he was just turning around two comers when he saw something that he would never forget.

There was a crowd gathered around a fifty-meter-tall glittering hill of Qi stones!

Yes, a hill of Qi stones right in the middle of the street!

However, the strange thing was no one was going near it or taking them.

Over’s heart trembled when he finally noticed those Qi stones were not crude or unshaped. They were all the exact same sizes and there were carving over them.

“Get out of the way, I’m the Head Guard. Let me see!” Over shouted as he made his way toward the hill.

The crowd was mostly formed of ocean demons, while there were other demons mixed within.

But every one of them had a peculiar look on their faces as they looked toward those pentagon Qi stones hill, disbelief, panic, befuddlement, even reverence…

Over finally got a good look at those pentagon Qi stones and the moment he saw owl symbols, and I’m Back, words all over the hill, his soul almost left his body as his face turned ghastly pale.

Over and everyone in the outer demon provinces knows just who this symbol belongs to, and it was as famous as any demon king families insignia or even more but not any less.

“S-S…Sky… Stealer…?!”

This wasn’t just the scene of this particular street, but there were 49 more such hills of Qi stones with the same patterns all around the ocean demon city.

Furthermore, there were ocean demons who were panicking because their storage rings have gone missing, and they all found those pentagon coins, which made it extremely clear who the thief was.

Quickly, the entire city threw into disarray.

At this moment, a tall, skinny demon with a hideous expression was moving toward Livy’s cultivation chamber in large strides akin to running.

A servant quickly greeted him with extreme respect, “Lord Right Spear!”

However, he completely ignored this servant, or he didn’t even hear him in his messy mind state.

This demon was indeed the second-strongest demon after Livy in the ocean’s demon tribe, Right Ocean Spear, Ewell Ocean.

Ewell’s hoarse voice rang right outside Livy’s cultivation chamber, filled with boundless fury and anguish.

“My Duke, the thief name sky stealer just struck different parts of the city!”

Ewell knows about the cause of Henrik’s death, and they were as close as brothers, so he was the saddest when he heard about his death.

Now, the cause of his death has appeared in their backyard, and Ewell knew it would spell nothing but death for their tribe if it was handled just like the iron demon city!

However, despite all this commotion going on in the city, Livy didn’t appear. He has completely gone ghost two days ago. He didn’t even appear to bid farewell to Aura Duke, and Ewell had to go on his behalf, which greatly displeased Aura Duke.

Furthermore, Butler Charlee has also mysteriously vanished and, after Ewell probed about it from here and there, he got some startling answers. He wanted to discuss this with Livy, but he can’t get to him.

In the end, Ewell was completely helpless. Livy just refused to leave his cultivation chamber.

Yet, now the situation was utterly dire, and it wasn’t the time to remain absent.

“My Duke, please come out, you have to pacify the tribe, or we’ll crumble!” Ewell’s voice grew into a crying wail in the end.

However, Livy’s cultivation chamber remained deadly silent, without any sound.

Ewell’s skinny face visibly turned older and paler as he watched the close door in a foreboding trance…


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