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Eternal Thief – Chapter 387: Second Chain Mission Bahasa Indonesia

Any King Domain was divided into three parts: Outer Domain, Inner Domain, and Demon King Castle.

Blade King Domain was spread over two hundred squire miles and towering walls were surrounding this entire domain.

A dense forest surrounded the outside of the blade domain walls.

Eight gates will grant entry to the blade domain and security was very tight, far stronger than normal because of what happened over a week ago with the ocean demon tribe.

Ace was completely oblivious to the fact that someone had already guessed his new identity and might contact him very soon.

At this moment, he was standing in a vast plaza with his maids, and Thomas was also beside him with his wife.

Maddux and Aura Duke had left them the moment they entered the outer blade domain at the Demon King’s behest.

Thomas said in a grim voice at this moment, “Who would’ve thought the infamous thief, Sky Stealer, will raid the ocean demon city right after we left, and they suffer such a tragic fate because of their incompetent leader?” He didn’t mince his words as he said.

Ace’s eyes shimmered with a distant glint as he coolly said, “Indeed, but with demon council on his tail, I don’t think he would survive much longer.”

Inwardly, Ace sneered, ‘That bastard ran away the moment he knows the doom was coming for him, without caring about his tribe. It seemed I overestimated him. But that person from the royal zone is ruthless, openly giving a duke title tribe the death sentence and only sparing the youths who come with us and soul realm experts to appease the blade demon king. It seemed he took my message to heart.’

Ace was gloating when he heard this news of the ocean demon tribe’s demise, but he still felt it was quite a pity that Livy slipped away unharmed while two more soul realm experts were spared, as well as the future hope of the ocean demon tribe.

However, he knew Blade Demon King would never let them kill assets like soul realm experts without any good reasons, so he had to live with it for now.

Thomas nodded in affirmation, “You’re right, after the royal zone announced the reward for accurate information on that thief, even I’m tempted to go on a thief hunt.”

Milly coldly snorted at this moment, “Hmph. Wake up from your delusions. If that thief can theft a demon duke’s entire fortune, then he can strip your entire being without even letting you realize it first.”

“Hahaha… sister-in-law is indeed right!” Ace laughed out loud.

Jason rub his nose in embarrassment, as he knew they were just pulling his leg.

Dolly and Flora on the hand were gazing at Ace with befuddled expressions on their beautiful faces. They were like this from the moment they heard the news Ace had robbed the duke’s mansion while he was inside the carriage the entire time.

Both sisters know who Ace truly was, and they also know about his disappearances from his room, since he always left them to cover for him. So, they naturally guessed he had already theft the treasury before he left, but they still couldn’t understand how he appeared again in the city after they left.

They only guess he had another partner who was as thievish as him, and this made them revere Ace even more.

Now, they were extremely obedient in front of him and followed his every order even more vigorously.

They couldn’t help but darted their gazes at the ocean demon team, who looked extremely pale at this moment, especially those youths who had families living in ocean demon city.

They still didn’t dare to believe everyone they once loved would die today just because their tribe chief run away from his responsibility, and all because of a mere thief.

“It seemed we have to wait for now before we got the audience with His Majesty. Since a duke-level tribe from his domain is going to face capital punishment, he had many things to take care of. He won’t care about us juniors for now.” Thomas quickly changed the embarrassing topic.

“Everyone, can I have your attention?”

At this moment, a crisp voice rang, drawing everyone’s attention.

They saw a youthful female demon facing them with a gentle smile on her greenish face. She was 2.9-meter-tall, muscular and there was a huge broad sword belted on her back. She was giving off a sharp, heavy aura of a fourth-stage intermediate diamond soul realm.

She said with a sharp smile, “You all must be newly arrival juniors, right?”

Everyone couldn’t help but gulped when they felt this woman was emitting a freezing aura despite her smile, and some demon youths’ hearts palpitated.

One of the youths with light blue skin respectfully bowed and answer, “Yes, my lady, we just arrive from the ocean demon duchy.”

The woman’s eyes grimace when she heard it and said ambiguously, “I don’t know if you all are extremely lucky or extremely unlucky.”

Ace’s eyes narrowed when he heard this, and Thomas also frowned before he became completely expressionless.

Thomas said, “We’re not from ocean demon duchy, nor we’re with them. I’m from Cheveyo Demon Tribe and this gentleman here is from Demon Sword Tribe and newly appointed Rising Sword Earl.”

The woman’s expression suddenly took a drastic turn when she heard Thomas’s introduction and quickly looked toward them deeply.

She looked at Feng with a deep curiosity and said, “So, you’re the sword genius who causes a huge commotion?”

Ace felt this woman was somewhat happy to see him for some reason. He replied respectfully, “I’m merely lucky. I don’t deserve senior praise.”

Her white eyes shimmered with elation, and she nodded in approval. “Hehe, don’t disappoint me, little junior. Everyone followed me. I’ll show you your temporary resting quarters.”

After an ambiguous comment, she didn’t pay any attention to Ace and lead young demons toward the northern part of the outer domain.

The king domain was extremely beautiful, filled with tall buildings of different styles and many uncommon trees on the side of clear spacious roads.

The duke-level city completely paled in comparison.

They all quickly reached their destination. It was a lavish inn.

The demoness with the sword on her back approached an olive color demon male and after giving him some instruction, she took everyone into the lobby and assign them their rooms.

She said before departing, “I’ll come to get you all in ten days. In the meantime, you all can explore the outer domain at your behest. But don’t cause any trouble, or the domain knights will detain you on the spot!”

She chucked coldly before she shot one last glance at Feng and left.

Ace frowned. He felt this demoness was eyeing him, but he can’t put his finger on it, so he can only sigh in resignation.

Thomas said at this moment with great enthusiasm, “Let’s go, brother Feng. I heard there are many tourist spots in blade domain, we have to see them.”

However, Milly reprimanded him, “Leave brother Feng alone, let him rest for a day or two, and I also felt tired after a long journey, so you’re not going anywhere!”

She mercilessly dragged resentful Thomas away without waiting for Feng to say anything.

“Mistress Milly sure is fierce.” Dolly couldn’t help but comment with deep admiration for Milly, and Flora nodded in agreement with great awe in her eyes.

Ace chucked and said, “Heh, that annoying fellow deserved it. It was clear she wanted some alone time with him, but that idiot wanted to drag me along with them. I don’t know how he got a caring woman like Milly to marry him. He just too damn lucky.”

Dolly and Flora giggled as they all left toward their rooms.

“Finally, it all went smoothly, and no one target or investigate us since we left first.” Ace had a massive sigh of relief when he felt he managed to pull this off.

“I wonder if Noa safely escaped. Since the mission was completed, she should be fine for now. I can’t let her roam alone anymore, since every demon is looking for me now. It wouldn’t be strange if someone suspects an alone demon like Noa.” Ace mumbled with a hint of worry.

Although he was confident in Noa’s stealth abilities, he still felt he can’t just leave her alone for long in this situation while he enjoyed the safety.

Furthermore, he was already inside the blade domain, and he had already got the second chain mission four days ago, which startled him for a while.


[Mission Panel]

[Mission: Want to Kill Me? Watch me Steal!]

-Synopsis: Someone had tried to kill the host with a High-Grade-7 Killing Formation and refined the host’s blood. This is unacceptable!

-Mission Type: Chain Mission

[Chain Mission: 2]

-Mission: I’m Here!

-Description: Steal the entire treasury of any King Domain Level Branch of Life Demon Association, Life Demon Treasure Pagoda!

-Reward (1): 150,000 EXP & 150,000 SP

-Reward (2): Random Pick Pocket Talisman

-Reward (3): A Clue about Mind Stealing

-Thief House Members: Allow

-Time: 500 Days

-Punishment: End of Chain Missions!

[Chain-Mission: 3]

-Mission: Lock

[Note: Please complete the second chain mission to unlock the third mission.]



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