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Eternal Thief – Chapter 370: A Noble Demon Title (1) Bahasa Indonesia

While Clay was laughing in elation, those two ocean demon elders’ expressions were ashen, and they felt cold sweat on their back when they thought about just dodging a bullet.

Because they know someone with a half sword intent can easily chop them into half because they had no prior experience of battle and their battle sense could not even compare with someone who had comprehended a weapon intent.

If they had gone through with their impulse and Head Elder agreed to Ace’s challenge, they would’ve become his high-grade punching bags and shamed the council, which will cause an even worse backlash.

Furthermore, they were also feeling dread for their tribe because the appearance of a half sword intent genius means the rise of the Demon Sword Tribe and which spelled nothing but trouble for the ocean demon tribe.

However, they were members of the royal demon council now and if they try to harm Feng, who was about to acquire a noble demon title, it will not end well for either of them.

In the end, they could now only pray this Feng would fall in the King Domain or demon gate trial because they know since Feng dared to show his biggest trump card now, it was naturally because the biggest opportunity for demon race outside the royal zone.

Clay finally calm down, but there was a big smile plaster on his face and his bald head was throbbing with many veins.

He said, “Young Friend Feng, I sincerely apologized for my previous misconduct.”

He bowed slightly as he shot a murderous glare at ashen ocean demon elders. In his point of view, it was all those two faults that the situation reached this point.

Albeit Clay himself belittle Feng at first, he wasn’t as overbearing as those two old fools, and now Feng had a terrible impression of him.

He was present that day when the Imperial Envoy announced the demon gate trial, and he clearly remembered the orders of high elders, which were to protect any genius from harm’s way while also reporting new geniuses emerging because of this trial.

They will get huge rewards if they found noteworthy geniuses who had above seventy percent chance of passing the demon gate trial.

Clay never thought his luck would be so good that he would find a genius with half sword intent in the ocean demon fief, and he knew those old demons will go mad with envy because of it.

But things can go sideways for him if Feng reported what happened here to someone with higher authority over him.

That’s why he quickly apologized and even lower his head, which he would never have if this was any other time.

“You two old things quickly apologized to young friend Feng or do you want to go home?!” He sternly said as he released his aura of the soul realm.

Those two ocean demon elders snapped and trembled when he felt the cold aura of Head Elder on them and quickly bend ninety degrees and said,

“Young Hero Feng, please forgive us. It was our short-sight which didn’t recognize the genius of our demon race, and we let our selfish motives cloud our view.”

“Yes, we never thought Young Hero Feng was a demon among demons. Please forgive us, old bones.”

Ace smiled coldly, seeing three old arrogant demons lower their head and thought, ‘Heh, status indeed.’

He said humbly, “Please everyone, I was nothing but a misunderstanding. I’m just a junior. I can’t accept your bows. On the other hand, please forgive me. I have spoken too harshly before.”

Ace could tell Clay would not do anything to him now, and those two old goats won’t dare to play underhanded tricks anymore. Furthermore, having a good relationship with Clay will only give him many benefits in a long run. He was, after all, someone from council elder circles, and his status was much higher than those two idiots.

Thomas smirked wildly as he silently observed. He had the same reaction as Clay, and he knew those old fogies were now thanking their lucky stars that they didn’t get to fight Feng.

Even he wasn’t confident of defeating Feng with his soul cultivation anymore, and he knew he could only fight Feng to a draw if he goes all out or still lose, since he had never seen him fighting before.

Clay smiled warmly. He felt he had really shown his poor side this time around and almost earn a genius irony.

He looked at Thomas and said with a warm elderly smile, “Thomas Boy, you don’t need to use your recommendation chance for Young Friend Feng. Consider this a reward to bring him to the royal demon council pavilion.”

Thomas was astonished and asked with uncertainty, “Thank you, Head Elder, but won’t he need nine months to register and got approved by the council this way? Truth be told, Head Elder, I’m using my chance to get my brother here, the noble demon title, quickly.”

Clay chucked and said, “Don’t worry, you don’t know this, but we council elders have been given ten geniuses slots each after the announcement of the demon gate trial. With these ten geniuses slots, we can recommend ten geniuses we deemed worthy of these slots, and they’ll get a suitable noble demon title within three days.”

Ace was startled. ‘It seemed the demon race is trying to promote the geniuses for this demon gate trial, and the royal zone might want to recruit some geniuses from other provinces. But could it be this simple, since it never happened in the long history of the almighty demon empire…’

Thomas’s eyes lit up and said, “I didn’t know there was such a thing, it seemed I was worried about nothing. Brother Feng, it seemed your luck is great, even I envy you.”

Ace chuckled. He knew this guy was joking and replied, “Well, you know my luck with gambling is great recently.”

He looked at Clay and asked, “Since Head Elder is giving me one of the ten slots, then can Head Elder tell me which noble demon title will I earn?”


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