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Eternal Thief – Chapter 371: A Noble Demon Title (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Ace looked at Clay and asked, “Since Head Elder is giving me one of the ten slots, then can Head Elder tell me which noble demon title will I earn?”

Clay smiled mysteriously and said, “You don’t need to worry about it. In three days, come and get your noble demon token and robes.”

Ace didn’t push the matter, since it seemed Clay was far more eager than him to get him a noble demon title.

Ace suddenly asked, “Since this is the case, then I have to thank Head Elder in advance. Can I gain access to the library here since I already pass the test?”

He was very interested in information stored in royal demon council libraries and since he doesn’t have to steal it now, he won’t let such a chance pass. It will greatly boost his knowledge and he might get some clue about why those royal zone demons were after him.

“Heh, young friend Feng didn’t strike me as a scholarly type.” Clay chuckled as he looked at Feng’s burly build. He clearly strikes as a muscle brain.

“Well, we can’t judge a book by its cover now, can we?” Ace put an ambiguous smile on Feng’s face.

“Hahaha indeed, I never thought brother Feng would be someone with earth-shattering abilities when I first meet him.” Thomas snickered as well.

‘You and me both.’ Clay smiled wryly and said, “Although the library here isn’t as grand as our library in a domain level headquarters, there’s much information you need there. Since you pass my test, you can naturally get access to the library here, but only after you get your noble title token.”

Clay smirked broadly. “But since I’m in charge here, I don’t think there’s any reason to let those books collect more dust. You can enter the library as long as you want. It’s not like we have cultivation technique or skills to hide there.”

Ace looked at Thomas and said with a hint of excitement in his voice, “Brother Thomas, it seemed I won’t be going back with you. I’m planning to stay there for a while.”

Thomas looked at Feng deeply.

‘Could it be he’s going to the library and planning to stay there until he gets his official title, so he could stay safe in the duration between it? Since those two elders had already witnessed his strength and threat to their tribe, they would definitely report it to the demon duke. Albeit his title is confirmed now, he still didn’t have any proof of it, so they can easily get rid of him and show it as an accident. It seemed this guy really had thought about every possibility.’

He said with a knowing smile, “I understand, brother Feng, don’t worry.”

Clay also had some thoughts like Thomas as he looked at those two ocean demon elders. ‘It seemed the enmity between these two tribes is quite deep and Feng might be in danger if he stayed in the ocean demon estate anymore…’

Clay said, “If little friend Feng wants you could stay in the pavilion quarters, any demon with the noble title can stay here.” He decided to lend a hand since it was within his power and no one would dare to make a move on Feng here as well.

Furthermore, he didn’t want a sword path genius to get killed before he entered the big stage of the demon gate trial. It will be very beneficial for him if Feng passed it, so he would naturally protect him.

Ace could easily guess Thomas and Clay’s thoughts and smile wryly. ‘I also want to stay here, but because of my mission, it would be extremely disadvantageous to me if I won’t stay in the duke’s estate. Furthermore, even if I stayed here, I can’t sneak in or out because of this place’s high-level security or this might be a splendid chance to fend off any suspicion of Feng’s identity after I am done with the ocean demon estate! Such a pity…’

“Thank you, Head Elder, for your kind intentions, but I’m fine in duke estate and besides I can’t stay here forever. I have to head toward the king domain in a month, so I have to leave, eventually. But I will stay here in the library for some time if you don’t mind.” Ace said. He would not remain in a turtle shell, and he still needed to prepare for his mission.

This small development didn’t change his plan, even if these demons treat him well and he could live a comfortable life, can he?

It was simply impossible now since he enjoyed the exhilaration of theft and adventure, and he would not change his ways anymore, just for a comfortable life. He preferred his life as a thief, filled with uncertainty and thriller.

“Heh, you can stay there as long as you want.” Clay naturally didn’t mind, and he appreciated Feng’s character more and more.

“You two spread the news about a sword genius has appeared from my branch, and he’s under my protection. If anyone tries anything funny, don’t blame me for dealing with them.” Clay’s coldly looked at ocean demon elders, who were now regretting opposing Feng in front of Clay.

This was Clay’s way to give Feng some extra protection, now as long as he was in the ocean demon fief no one would dare to move against him, especially the ocean demon tribe since it would only make things more difficult for them if something were to happened to Feng because they would be the prime suspects.

Clay wasn’t someone to trifle with as well, he was a royal council elder and his means were astonishing!

“Go to Rina, the girl who brings you here before. She’ll take you to the library.” Clay said, “I have to report your situation to the headquarters. Hehe, you’re going to become famous, my boy.”

Clay left toward a room while laughing heartedly.

Ace smiled wryly. ‘This old demon is really overly enthusiast.’

Thomas grin and shouldered Feng before saying, “It seemed I have to rely on you from on.”

Ace ambiguously said with a wily smile, “Heh, a storm is coming. You better brace yourself.”

“Hehe, I’m just afraid it won’t come.” Thomas laughs.

Ace chortled coldly, “Oh, it will come, at least for the ocean demon tribe, I guess!”


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