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Eternal Thief – Chapter 369: Change in Attitude Bahasa Indonesia

Thomas was very confident about Feng can easily beat those two golden river core old goats because they have exhausted all their potential just to reach the golden river core realm and their foundation was built on medicines, and they can only bully the weak and cower in front of strong.

They were given this position here because they were useful with their mouth and run some errands for Clay. They were just council dogs. Ace spoke nothing but the truth just now.

“Elder, please approve of it. We’ll let this brat experience the strength of the council!” the long nose elder spoke as he shot a murderous looked at Feng.

This was too humiliating for them and they can’t take it just sitting, or they’ll become the joke of their race.

“Shut up!” Clay snorted coldly at this moment, which was out of everyone’s expectation. “Do you think you have the right to represent the council?”

“N-no but…”

Before they could say anything further, Clay coldly said, “Then keep your mouth shut and behave!”

Those two elders didn’t know why Clay turn on them instead of Feng, but they didn’t dare to speak anymore since they could feel Clay’s firm pressure. He was furious. They could only shoot vicious looks at Feng now.

Clay finally looked at Feng and suddenly smile, “I have a missed-treat little friend before, please accept my apology.”

‘This guy is too wily, he didn’t want to be in a disadvantageous position and if those two elders would lose, or he rejected, it would be a huge blow to his reputation, so he decided to chide them so and even apologized to suffer a little humiliation in private but safe himself from the public humiliation. Now if we don’t give him face, then we’ll be treated like bad guys, heh. No wonder the royal demon council can maintain the peace in eight provinces for so many years in succession without suffering any resistance.’

Ace thought with a grave expression on his face, he knew he was currently the biggest enemy of the royal demon council and if he slipped for a moment, he won’t know how he got caught or killed!

He said with a meaningful smile, “Elder Clay, please don’t make things difficult for this junior. I’m not worthy of your apology. Please forgive me, I was a little too boorish with my words and let elders experience the poor side of me. Please forgive me, everyone.”

Thomas smiled pridefully when he saw Feng knew when to retreat and advance, he also had the same thoughts as Ace about Clay’s move, and he knew if Feng pushed Clay too far it won’t end too well for them, so this was the right move.

Clay’s eyes flash, ‘I was right to not fell for this, or I might lose my prestige this time. This youth is not normal, and even I misjudged him from the start. He’s calmed and scheming. He knew when to advance and where to retreat. It seemed Thomas boy wasn’t fooled by him after all.’

Clay smiled and said, “Don’t worry, it was the second elder and third elder who concluded too soon. How can we judge someone with their background? It’s one of the rules of the royal demon council. Always remain impartial, no matter who you are dealing with.”

He said while deeply looking at smiling Feng, “Now since Thomas boy is a Demon Earl his recommendation chance will give you the right to take Demon Earl trial, but you can also choose the trial for below demon earl title, what do you think?”

Ace answered without any hesitation, “I chose the Demon Earl trial. Please give your guidance, Head Elder.”

Thomas nodded in agreement.

Clay pulled an ambiguous smile and said, “Very well, to become a demon earl, either you have to possess a special trait deemed of the demon earl title, or you have to pass a survival test.”

‘This is simple?’

Ace felt they were giving these titles too lax when he heard the requirements.

However, soon he understood this wasn’t the case. Just how many demons have special traits or abilities worthy of entering the demon council’s eyes?

As for the survival test, he knew it would be even more dangerous.

He looked at Thomas, and he winked at him. He could guess Thomas had also passed the first test since he was a soul cultivator, this wasn’t to mean he didn’t have any inherited ability of his tribe.

Ace looked at Clay’s smile. He could guess Clay didn’t expect Feng to possess some special trait or ability, so he was very confident he would choose the survival test, which had a ninety-nine percent mortality rate. He also might want to deal with Feng this way for his early offense.

But alas, Clay was destined to fail, and he was in for a huge surprise.

Ace suddenly said with an ambiguous smile, “Is having a half sword intent can be considered a special trait?”

Clay’s eyes narrowed as there was a tremendous shock on his face. He said, “Someone who can comprehend a half sword intent below the age of hundred is more than worthy of Demon Earl Title.”

“Elder is too kind. It was just a fluke I comprehend this half sword intent.” Feng said humbly.

Thereupon, his earth Qi suddenly surged from his hand, and it formed a sword with a white sheen on its sharp edges, giving off a feeling of sharpness and coldness.

Clay darted from his seat with a disbelieving expression on his wizened face, and those two ocean demon elders looked like they had just lost their souls.

Clay quickly took a sharp breath before he said with excitement, “Hahaha… this is really a half sword intent. Excellent, terrific. A genius has appeared from my branch with a half sword intent!”

Ace was somewhat dumbfounded by Clay’s foolhardy reaction. He didn’t think this calm elder would go into such frenzy after seeing his sword intent, if he showed his element intent, Clay might die from ecstasy!


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