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Eternal Thief – Chapter 368: Let Me Fight… Bahasa Indonesia

One of the elders with a long sharp nose spoke with a hint of disdain in his voice, “Yes, Head Elder, this Demon Sword Tribe is nothing but a decline tribe of our ocean demon fief, if not for old duke’s kindness they would be long turn into history.”

The second elder, with a bony face, said with a sarcastic smile, “I never thought someone from Demon Sword Tribe would dare to strive for a noble demon title, and I’m curious about this youngster who’s willing to give him such a chance. I wonder if he was beguiled by him.”

Ace impassively looked at both ocean demon elders. Truth be told, he felt nothing when they denigrate Feng or his tribe because they were telling the truth, even though they were exaggerating some parts.

He knew the ocean demon tribe has suppressed the demon sword tribe for generations, and they all have a very good understanding of their strength, so looking down on Feng was absolutely normal for them.

Furthermore, these two elders were right now the dog of the royal demon council, and they had little attachment to their own tribe. Still, they’re members of the ocean demon tribe and won’t let someone from a fearsome tribe rise easily.

Thomas merely smiled coldly when he heard those two old demons babbling all this nonsense to make things difficult for Feng, but he knew better than anyone that Feng was a true hidden monster!

Clay spoke at this moment with a hint of dislike, “Thomas Boy, are you sure you want to use your chance on him?”

From the start, he looked down on Feng, and after hearing about Feng’s background, he thought it was really not worth it for Thomas to waste his chance on someone from a backwater tribe.

He wasn’t from the ocean demon tribe. It was a rule of the council that a head elder can’t be from the same tribe as the territory lord.

Clay had a good impression of Thomas. He was a soul cultivator as well his background was grand, so he felt Feng has played some kind of scheme to threaten or force Thomas to use this chance.

If Thomas really was in trouble, he didn’t mind lending a hand, but he saw nothing amiss with Thomas’s speech or expression.

Thomas said with a smile, “I’m sure. Don’t worry, the Elder will change his view of my brother once you see his grander for yourself.”

Clay deeply looked at Thomas’s confident smile, and he felt there might be really something he didn’t know about Feng.

At this moment the long nose elder spoke, “Youngster, why are you throwing away your chance at such trash? If he had some dirt on you, you don’t need to feel worried. Just tell us, and we’ll punish him since it’s a grave crime to threaten a noble demon!”

“Yes, you don’t need to feel afraid. We promise no a word will be got out of here.” The second ocean demon elder nodded in assurance.

Clay remained stoic and silent. He clearly agreed with those two ocean demon elders.

Thomas’s face twisted in anger when he heard his, but before he could berate those old fools, Feng’s jeering voice sounded.

“Hehe, I didn’t know the royal demon council even allow dogs an entry. My eyes are truly open.”

Those elders, momentarily shocked, turned into rage when they comprehended what Feng just said.

“You lowly slave, you dare to curse at royal demon council?!” the bony face elder pointed his finger at Feng and howl angrily.

“Who said I cursed the council? I said the council will even give dogs an entry. I have no words for the royal demon council’s generosity and honor.” Feng smiled coldly.

Those ocean demon elders’ faces were turned deep purple, almost black with shame and rage. This was the first time someone dare to be this disrespectful toward them. Even their tribe chief has to give them face, but now this little brat was bluntly calling them dogs without any restraint or fear!

Ace spoke again. This time, he looked at Clay, who had a frown on his face. He was also angry.

“Elder Clay, I long heard about the trials of the royal demon council is fair for everyone, right?”

Clay said coldly, “Yes.”

Ace nodded and with an icy smile, “How about letting me fight those two, and if I beat them I earn the demon earl title, and if I failed, they can kill me. It’s fair for everyone, right? This way, both parties get what they want. I’m only a peak Qi river cultivator, while those two are at the golden river core realm. How about it?”

Clay finally narrowed his eyes. He didn’t know just where this brat was getting his confidence from, but his simple words just force him to not act against him while he also was getting what he wanted.

‘This brat is cunning…’ Clay’s eyes shimmered coldly, ‘Now, if I accept his proposal then I won’t be able to take action while if I don’t then Thomas might spread the news about what happened, and it’ll threaten my position as a council elder. But if those two really lose, then I would lose even more, but I can still just expel them and the matter ends at it as well. But can he really go against two golden river core cultivators, despite being only at the peak of the Qi river realm?’

Clay was now calm. He didn’t get his position just by fooling around. He wasn’t a fool, and he could guess he might really have underestimated this brat, and now he was cornered.

But it was also the fault of those two idiots as well. They just can’t keep their mouths shut and went too far this time, just offending Thomas was enough to get both of them ‘disappeared’ mysteriously.

Thomas’s angry expression turn into elation when he heard Feng’s words. He felt quite good right now and coldly looked at old demons. Since they didn’t give him face, they can now suffer the ignominy!


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