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Eternal Thief – Chapter 318: Fight in Dark Alley! (2) Bahasa Indonesia

A small owl symbol suddenly flashed not far away from him at this moment, and another pentagon coin turned into a hundred silver swords and instantly heaped toward his back!

Realization finally dawn on him. Entering his alley was probably the biggest and last mistake he ever made in his life!

He never thought this mere thief had two same types of soul attack talismans, which can be considered a luxury even in King Domain. Although he was shocked, it only last for a moment.

He had experienced many life and death plights, and this swiftly help him remain calm and think rationally. The silver-blue shield quickly maneuvered in the air and instantly appeared on his back.

However, he knew this shield can’t block all sliver-sword lights, and he had to pay the price no matter what. He can’t escape unscratched.

Furthermore, his biggest worry right now was to leave this alleyway because he could tell all those traps were probably hidden here when he saw Ace’s action of withdrawing instantly while he was preoccupied!

He wanted to leave from here as quickly as possible and just he was about to squirm through toward the opposite direction of Ace without worrying about injuries anymore. He was confident in preserving his life after escaping this catastrophe.

As for the treasure in Ace’s hand, he didn’t care about it anymore. His life was more important. If he reported what happened and his discovery about Ace, he might be able to preserve his life, or if he stayed here, he didn’t have had that luxury!

He understood too well; the soul cultivators were far deadlier if they damaged your soul or find out your soul was injured, and he didn’t want to experience it himself!

Ace clearly saw his opponent wanted to escape and give up on the treasure, and he wasn’t the least bit surprised by this, since anyone would try to preserve their life in this kind of situation.

However, he had already used two expensive talismans, and the enemy was the strongest one he had ever encountered except Gordon, who was too strong to even give him a chance to fight.

Ace didn’t want to let this type of experienced and decisive guy escape, so he could come back to bite him in the future, and it will also reveal his existence to a demon king far too soon.

If these two didn’t find out about him, he would be more at ease, but this demon had already seen his talismans and react decisively, which gave Ace even more reason to get rid of this future trouble!

‘Ice Shekels, Earth Wall, Earthen Sword Spikes, Fire Arrow, Wind Bullet, and Fire-Wind Explosion, activate!’ Ace instantly activated six more hidden talismans in the alleyway with no hesitation.

He won’t let this guy escape, no matter what!

Six dark owl symbols flash in different directions of the alleyway’s walls and all kinds of Marital Qi and Soul Qi stir before creating instant powerful skills!

The snake eyes demon’s heart turned cold when he felt all the new Qi fluctuations around him, and he knew his opponent had more talismans, and he didn’t intend to let him leave alive. A chill run down his spine!

His glowing eyes completely turned bloodshot as he spat a large amount of blood mist before it completely covered his body. The dark cloak on his body also turned into ashes under that blight red mist and a tall brawny figure was revealed!

Ace’s eyes narrowed when he saw the head of this demon was covered in shining crimson diamond-like scales and there wasn’t any kind of pair of horns on his demon’s head, which was a signature of the demon race.

However, Ace didn’t have time to dwell on it because he felt his opponent’s aura instantly skyrocket after absorbing that red mist, and it was very closed to the Qi soul realm!

Without hesitation, he activated the last three soul attack talismans as well!

“If I don’t bring you to hell today with me, I won’t be a Nāga!” His heavy, raspy voice was laced with hatred and bloodlust.

He had already exhausted his entire blood essential to gain his temporary boost in power, and he knew he’ll die after completely exhausting this power. But he didn’t care about his life anymore since he already used this suicide move. All he cared about was bringing this thief down with him who cornered him and force him to take this step!

However, now his mind was filled with madness, and he no longer cared about blocking all those talismans’ manifested attacks. He directly charged toward Ace, completely shattering the icy chains and earth sword spikes that failed to penetrate his skin.

Ace’s heart palpitated when he saw a snake-like vicious face filled with madness and killing intent charging toward him without caring about all those grave attacks, and it seemed it was working as well. His talismans seemed useless right now!

He saw the crimson broad sword in this snake-like demon’s hand was releasing smoky red Qi, which spells death!

Without any hesitation, Ace throws two more fire-wind explosion talismans. He knew running wasn’t an option right now because his opponent can easily catch up to him in his state, and it was also a disadvantage to turn his back on his opponent right now.

The snake face demon’s entire body was filled with deep cuts and charred skins. His aura was on the verge of exploding and his heart was as cold as ice, but he was still charging with everything he had.

Although he looked immune to martial attacks, it can’t be said the same for the soul attacks, but he still wanted to hack his broad sword on Ace’s hooded head even if it was the last thing he did before dying!

At this moment, two dark pentagon coins appeared before his bloodshot snake eyes, and he only saw an owl flash with dark luster before his eyes filled with golden fire!

‘Boom… booooommm…’

Two more loud booming sounds reverberate in the vacancy, filled with hissing winds.

A cubic shape light barrier appeared around Ace, completely enveloping him and saving him from the close-range explosion.

Right at this moment, the entire alleyway was turned into rubble and debris and even the houses around a twenty-meter radius were turned into ruins because of Ace’s powerful talismans.

However, Ace was completely unfazed by everything else. He was solely focused on the snake face demon, which had vanished into dust and smoke. He could feel his aura was quite fragile at this moment, like a flickering candle.

Yet, Ace didn’t dare to become careless, and he knew this light barrier limit was ten-second, but he quickly dispelled it and enter stealth. He was sure his opponent wouldn’t be able to sense him anymore after being injured to this extent, and he was already on the verge of death!

After the dust was settled,

Ace was astonished when he saw a completely mingle humanoid figure kneeling while one of his hands was completely gone and a broad sword was laying a few centimeters away from him as one could see a severed hand on its long hilt.

The snake face demon’s eyes weren’t glowing anymore and were almost lifeless.

Ace finally has a soft sigh. This was his first time fighting for this long, and his opponent also remained alive, even though it was barely alive. It was still alive after taking this kind of beating.

Ace knew if he only had one or two talismans, he would’ve never been able to emerge unscratched from his battle, and couldn’t help but think he was still too inexperienced and weak.

Nevertheless, the winner becomes the thief; the loser becomes the king. [1]

At this moment, the snake face demon’s lip slightly moved shakily and a weak yet pleading voice sounded, “Please… spare my… brother…”

These were the last dying words he uttered before the slightest light in his eyes drained, and they turned cold.

Ace couldn’t help but feel respect and admiration for this foe who, even at death’s door, didn’t forget about his kin.

‘He was probably fighting this desperately because of his brother as well…’ Ace thought with a hint of melancholy.

At this moment, the system’s voice rang in his mind.

[Killed a Golden Qi River Core Stage, Blood Nāga]

[Reward: 10,000 EXP]

[Martial Cultivation: Heavenly Dark Sea [Stage-3]]

[EXP: 31,020/50,000]

[Soul Cultivation: Orange Wind Soul Core [Stage-3]]

[SP: 20,000/50,000]

However, Ace wasn’t the least bit fazed by this and come out of his stealth while saying coldly in a mild tone, “Why didn’t you help him?”

No reply came as if he was talking to the air, but Ace still goes on, “You were here from the moment he entered the alleyway, but you didn’t lend a helping hand even when he was about to die… I wonder what he’ll think if he found out his brother didn’t even feel anything when he died, and he perished fighting for your sake. What a tragedy.”

[1] the actual term is: ‘The winner becomes the king, the loser becomes the thief’


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