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Eternal Thief – Chapter 317: Fight in Dark Alley! (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Ace’s eyes contrasted when his soul thread skill was seen through and failed for the first time!

One had to know for all these years, Ace’s soul thread was like an invincible skill, and it had never disappointed him before. However, this snake-eyed individual has seen through it and blocked it.

Ace wanted to pick-pocked this demon storage ring, so he could render all his trump cards useless, just like he always does whenever he fought. But it seemed he greatly underestimated the myriad races of golden sky worlds and belittled the second hegemony race, the Demon Race, far too much!

“The System makes thirty more talismans like my previous order and adds five more light shield talismans this time quickly!” Ace knew it wasn’t the time to save thief points and quickly order a new set of talismans.

This time he paid 50,800 thief points more and a huge amount of Qi stones for these new thirty-five talismans!

The snake-eyed demon was coldly staring at Ace and wanted to see his face behind the hood, but alas, he can’t no matter how much he tried. Furthermore, he was now ninety percent sure that the alleyway between them was a gigantic trap, and the hidden danger he was sensing was probably this alleyway!

That’s why he was sure, as long as he could avoid this alleyway, his chances of getting the treasure back would increase tremendously. He was also waiting for his brother to come as well because it would increase their chances many folds. It was difficult to deal with a soul cultivator, especially someone like in front of him, who could elude him!

At this moment, Ace suddenly step inside the alleyway and the snake eyes demon’s eyes narrowed. Now, he was having other thoughts because if this alley was a trap, then this person would never step into it. After all, if he triggered the traps now, this thief would also be affected by them.

Ace was calm and collective after a brief moment of shock and decided to step inside the alley when he felt his pursuer was too cautioned and this was the only way to mislead him, or he’ll have to think of another way to get rid of him, which he didn’t have right now.

Ace also felt this guy was wasting time and quickly concluded he was waiting for his partner, and he knew it would be hard to deal with two demons with strange abilities together. Especially when this demon was at the golden river core stage.

He was confident in dealing with a bronze river core cultivator or silver river core, but the golden core was another matter, and he wasn’t confident in dealing with a golden river core cultivator without talismans and sneak attacks.

That’s why he was risking it by stepping into talismans attack range, but he had no choice right now or this demon will catch up to him eventually and at that time he would not be at an advantage like right now.

“Since paltry tricks won’t work, let’s see if my Swords can do the trick!” Ace passively said as the very next moment his two, a long and a short, dark blades swords materialized in his hands.

The snake-eyed demon was a little startled and astonished when he saw this thief was going to fight him even after knowing he was stronger than him by a whole stage, and it wasn’t just any stage, it was the peak of the golden river core stage!

Nonetheless, he found it an opportunity to get rid of this person and end this battle quickly. Because he knew if he confronts this soul cultivator thief with lower cultivation than him in a face-off battle, he’ll definitely win.

He also thought this thief was probably at his wit’s end, so he wanted to struggle to the end, and he didn’t find it too strange. In the end, despite being extremely cautious, he stepped inside the alleyway!

A crimson long broad sword appeared in his hand which was giving off the feeling of bloodlust!

Ace’s expression was solemn seeing the crimson broad sword because the feeling of bloodlust was too heavy, and he didn’t know just how much blood this sword had drawn, and his opponent was also extremely prudent.

However, he knew he can’t avoid this fight, and he also had to end it quickly before the other demon arrive!

Abruptly, the snake eyes demon brandished his broad sword and its crimson blade instantly glow with a dark red sheen, and he swing it toward Ace like a hammer!

Ace’s heart pounce at rapid speed when he felt the deadly presser from the enormous blade and the short sword quickly disappeared from his hand, replacing it with a pentagon dark coin!

The snake eyes demon also noticed this change, but he didn’t stop his charge and cover himself with a powerful element Qi barrier. He didn’t know what that coin was, but he was confident that his middle grade-2 weapon can easily cut through it or even shield him if needed!

The dark pentagon coin in Ace’s hand instantly vanished and out of thin air, and a hundred silver swords manifested, and rained down like silver lights at the snake eyes demon, completely catching him off guard!

‘A talisman!’ The snake eyes demon’s heart palpitated when he finally understood the origin of that small dark pentagon. He clearly knew about talismans, but he had never seen one like this thief just used.

Even though talismans were common in the mighty demon continent and one could buy them from big shops in duke level cities. But they were too expensive, and even the most common ones: 1-star talismans were sold for a thousand low grade-1 Qi stones!

As for the talisman that Ace just used Hundred Silver Swords, a tier-3 talisman, the snake eyes demon could tell it was not a common talisman at all. He felt dread in his soul!

This also meant this was a talisman that contain a soul attack that was by no means a common talisman and probably sold for tens of thousands of peak grade-one Qi stones!

However, no one would sell a soul talisman even if it was a one-star rank because they were as rare as a soul cultivator and despite being made by a rune crafter and soul Qi. A soul-type talisman was too hard to make because it was made with soul-type materials!

That’s why this demon was greatly shocked when he sensed this unique talisman’s terror and quickly swing his crimson broad sword toward those silver swords to protect himself because even if one of them manage to wound him, that wound will be akin to a soul wound and greatly affect his mind and soul!

He’ll definitely perish at that time. He was even regretting fighting Ace head-on right now and cursing his luck to encounter a rich soul cultivator!

Ace was full of excitement when he sensed his opponent’s dismay emotions, and he knew his strategy to fight with talismans and using the Hundred Silver Swords Talisman was an excellent decision.

Ace quickly brandished his long sword with despair lighting and slashed it toward the waist of his opponent, which was wide open after he blocked the talisman attack!

The snake eyes demon also sense the impending danger, and he knew if he tried to dodge it now he’ll definitely wound by at least twenty silver swords, which would immediately spell his death!

“Sneaky bastard!” He cursed as his storage ring flashed and a one-meter round silver-blue shield appeared right between Ace’s sword, quickly protecting him from receiving a fatal wound!

Ace’s dark blade long sword clashed with the silver-blue shield and instantly emitted sparks filled with dark lightning.

‘At least a low-grade two shield!’ Ace quickly apprised the shield because there weren’t many treasures that can block his sword!

‘Well, it was me who wanted to end this fight without using more talismans, but it seemed I have to pay the price to deal with a veteran!’ Ace decisively retracted his long sword and turned around, dashing toward the alleyway exit.

The snake eyes demon thought he was trying to escape while he was busy dealing with the talisman attack. But he also felt relief because he can completely focus on dealing with his talisman attack now, and he can find Ace afterward again and made him pay.

He won’t be going to be tricked again, and he was almost sure that Ace didn’t have more of these talismans on him, and it was his last trump card, so he was even more confident of capturing him after dealing with his situation!

However, what happened next instantly send this snake eyes demon into the abyss of terror!

A small owl symbol suddenly flashed not far away from him at this moment, and another pentagon coin turned into a hundred silver swords and instantly rained toward his back!

Realization finally dawn on him. Entering his alley was probably the biggest and last mistake he ever made in his life!


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