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Eternal Thief – Chapter 319: A Thief’s Night! Bahasa Indonesia

Ace instantly vanished from his spot before storing this demon’s storage ring, crimson broad sword, and silver-blue shield.

Surprisingly, he wasn’t going toward his hideout, but moving in the completely opposite direction!

Ace left the corpse of this Nāga behind, so the approaching crowd could easily find him.

If he wanted he could’ve just destroyed or stored, this Nāga’s body to get rid of another time, but he didn’t do so because he wanted the others to find out and this will probably cause some trouble for the Demon King behind this Nāga fellow.

Because there weren’t many races like Nāga on the mighty demon continent, it would be easily discovered who this Nāga was subordinate to once someone with authority started to investigate.

Although it wasn’t enough to harm a Demon King; it was enough to cause tensions between two Demon Kings and inflation suspicious about why this spy acted so boldly in another Demon King’s territory.

Furthermore, Ace had the treasure that the demon king was after, and by doing this, it would not draw attention to himself even if he started his grand plan of theft around the Iron Demon City.

No one would probably believe that a mere thief killed a strong golden Qi river core stage cultivator because anyone with this kind of prowess will not stoop to the level of a thief. It was simply absurd.

But Ace knew as he showed his prowess and means of the thief, he’ll change everyone’s view of a thief and at that time many will be after him just like what happened in lower lands.

Nevertheless, Ace wasn’t worried about it, since all his conjectures could be wrong and this incident might not even reach that level at all. Others might think this was just a fight between rogue cultivators and buried this incident after some hoo-hah.

But the peace of Iron Demon City was going to be again short-lived, and the Iron Demon Tribe might suffer the most if they didn’t react carefully this time around.

Right at this moment, Ace was moving at full speed while crossing alleyways like a ghost.

Thereupon, Ace finally spotted a blurry shadow and his lips rose in a stiff smile, ”Hundred Shadows Mirage!’

The dark blade sword moved at this moment in a beautiful dark arc, and a hundred swords’ shadows filled with dark lightning instantly rained toward the blurry shadow like lightning.

The blurry shadow seemed to sense the approaching danger and quickly try to dodge, but alas, failed and was instantly engulfed in the sword shadows, and groaned anguishedly and in disbelief.

A horrified and pleading voice sounded at this moment, “Senior, please spare me!”

This staggering voice was obviously the Bronze Qi river core cultivator partner of the deceased Nāga and also his blood brother.

As Ace said, this guy had reached the fighting spot quickly, but he didn’t join or help the other and silently observed from a distance.

When he saw his brother was going to die, he escaped without even thinking twice, nor did he show any emotions of sorrow or hatred, as if he didn’t care about the death of his own brother at all.

But how could he escape Ace’s detection? His brother probably also sensed him long ago but said nothing and even plead for his life while taking his last breath…

Ace was naturally disgusted by this fellow to the core and chased after him. This guy wasn’t a threat to him at all.

Ace impassively saw the bloody figure kneeling right in front of him while pleading for his life. The cloak on him was also shredded by Ace’s attack and his snake-like face was also revealed, which also signifies that he was really from the same race, Nāga.

Ace asked coldly at this moment, “Why didn’t you help him?”

The bronze Qi river core Nāga was naturally scared out of his wits when he was somehow discovered by this person who even killed his strong brother, and now he was just a fish on the chopping board since he wasn’t as strong as his brother and this person was too strong for even to him escape!

“I… It was a hopeless situation… even though my brother knows senior is so strong, he still dared to fight senior… H-he deserved to die! I didn’t want to offend senior, so I just didn’t disturb senior and take my leave!” His face was hideous and filled with terror as he spoke.

“Is that so?” Ace coolly said.


Ace shook his head and sighed, “Sigh… you’re lying, well, it doesn’t matter… you can just tell the truth to your brother directly!”

If he was a little bit more powerful, he might’ve soul probed him, but he could sense this Nāga’s soul was stronger than him, and so he simply decided to end him!

“N-no…” He roared unwillingly and finally decided to struggle to the end, since the other party didn’t plan on sparing him, there wasn’t any need for pleading.

He wanted to take out a treasure, but was instantly horrified when he felt his storage ring was now… gone!

Before he could fathom what had happened, a thousand sword shadows suddenly manifest right above him and just a tidal wave completely engulfed him the very next moment thereafter!

Ace received two new notifications at this moment.


[Successful Pick Pocket Count: 1]

[Total Rewards: 10,000TP]

[Low-Level Thieveries: 1]

[Thief Point(s): 1,461,850]

[Low-level Thievery: 2,748]

[Killed a Bronze Qi River Core Stage, Blood Nāga]

[Reward: 1,000 EXP]

[Martial Cultivation: Heavenly Dark Sea [Stage-3]]

[EXP: 32,020/50,000]

[Soul Cultivation: Orange Wind Soul Core [Stage-3]]

[SP: 20,000/50,000]

Ace paid little attention to these expected notifications and mused, ‘So, not demons, huh? They were probably one of the servitude races under the demon race, the Nāga Race. This race could detect me even with my pulseless stealth… I have to be more careful about this race in the future and learn more about all the other servitude races under demons…’

Ace only smile wryly when he thought there was still more to learn about this world and stopped mulling over the matters which were out of his hands for now.

He coldly glanced at to mingle Nāga’s corpse and leave the area, leaving behind this one for the city guards as well.

‘Should I continue with my original plan? The entire city might be on high alert tomorrow night, and this night is still long. The guards will be busy dealing with this matter first, leaving the market completely unguarded!’ Ace wore a thievish smile and again headed toward the market area.

As for the wooden box, he simply decided to take a look at it when he returned to the hideout and also sort the storage ring at that time as well.

This was the night of theft and also the entrance of Sky Stealer into the mighty demon continent!

On the other side of the Iron Demon City,

Ace was completely right about his conjuncture because after the commotion he caused while fighting with the golden river core Nāga, the entire Iron Demon City’s guard regiment was on the move, and they finally reached the fighting scene. Even the residents were gathering there, creating a large crowd.

When everyone discovered the Nāga’s corpse, they were horrified when they thought an outside race had infiltrated their city with malicious intention. Unknowingly, Ace became a hero in these demons’ hearts since he dealt with this threat and leave without even taking any credit or demanding rewards.

Right at this moment, when the crowd was going crazing over this matter, an imposing voice rang, “Everyone please withdraw fifty-meter distance from the fighting scene and don’t worry this creature is a Nāga, from a servitude race of our demon race. He wasn’t an infiltrator to our continent. He was probably gone rogue and tried to rob someone, but met with an expert of our race and reached his deserving end!”

A tall demon clad in golden armor with gold skin, and horns appeared, followed by city guards. This was the commander of the Iron City Guard Regiment.

Everyone finally had a sigh of relief when they heard this was just a slave gone rogue and cursed the entire Nāga race for being ungrateful and traitors.

However, what this commander didn’t tell everyone was the Nāga race was a close aid of a Demon King and kept this matter to himself. He didn’t dare to voice out this truth, or it would be akin to directly pointing his finger at a Demon King!

He left this matter to the higher-ups, and he knew this was huge trouble for Iron Demon City!

‘First, mad thief, and now the traces of another demon king. Just why is my Iron Demon Tribe facing all these tribulations? Just what have we done wrong…’ the commander lament deeply.

However, what he didn’t know was this was just the start of a disaster for Iron Demon City and the real trouble will come this morning when a thief’s name would be made known to the demon race and become one of his legends…


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