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Eternal Thief – Chapter 122: Beast Calling Auction (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Aden spoke with a gentle smile plaster on his face, “The rules are very simple, the highest bidder wins and please no fighting or sadly, we have to escort you out.”

Done speaking, Aden sat in his chair on the grand stage and those two girls follow suit.

At this moment, a seductive woman enters the platform. She wore the same sky-blue dress but her cleavage was too damn deep and it was so tight that; it reveals her sexy figure more.

“Greeting everyone, I’m your host of this auction, Rachel Bryan. ” Rachel greeted everyone and introduce herself with her mellow voice and charming posture.

“Little brother, this an eyes candy for raising the price, don’t get swayed by her.” Jason joke.

Ace rolled his eyes speechlessly.

But Jason was telling the truth, and this was an old maneuver. So many of the people here already knew, after all, over 90,000 people here were aristocrats. Besides, they didn’t dare to tease this sexy mature beauty because she was from the organization.

“Let’s start the auction with no further delay.” Rachel’s mellow voice resounded, “As everyone can see these hundred tamed flying demonic beasts in hundred platforms.

“Every beast has a different speed. That’s why we classified them into three different categories, Fast, Faster, Fastest.

“Beasts in the fast category will take 35 days to reach the capital of the regal kingdom. Faster Category will only take 25 days and as for the fastest ones, they can make it to the capital in 12 days!

“Our organization can guarantee, this calculation is accurate or we’ll return your qi stones in double if this proved wrong.” Rachel introduced the three categories with a smile on her beautiful face.

No one made any noises as if everyone knew this categorization of the organization from start and it was indeed the case. Even Ace now knew about this and he has already chosen the category; he was going to bid for.

Now the real question was how would they proceed with the distribution because they can’t just sell these over 5000 spots, one by one, right? It would probably take days this way and everyone here wanted to reach the capital as fast as possible.

Because they can scout the opponents early if they go first and this is a clear advantage from those who come late in the game.

Although the selection test was six months away, the competition has already begun!

“Let’s start with the fast category beasts. There are sixty of them and each one of them can carry 53 adults. So, there are 3,180 seats in the fast category.” Rachel announced and the atmosphere instantly become grim because now came the actual part.

“It will be cumbersome to sell these 3,180 seats one by one by auction, so we auctioned the entire 53 seats at once!” Rachel announced with a simper on her face.

The silent crowd instantly exclaims as everyone was shocked.

“Are you guys playing with us?!” A man can’t take it sitting and yell out loud.

Most of them also have the same looked on their faces, but no one spoke.

Rachel smile sweetly as she expected this kind of response, “Sir, please listen to me first before you complain. We’ll sell a set of 53 seats to a single person, but we’ll also allow that person to sell these 53 spots to others and won’t interfere with them either.”

Another huge clamor rises and they all finally understand what this organization was doing.

“They’re doing this because of nobles!” Jason speaks with a grave tone.

“This brother is right. This simply means the commoners in the crowds can’t get these seats easily and they would have to beg or pay an even higher price to whoever gets those set of seats. And only large households with a noble title have this kind of wealth at their disposal.” A man sitting beside Javier answers gravely.

Ace was silently listening, but his eyes were sharp.

“Isn’t it too overbearing?” Javier couldn’t help but ask.

“Heh, it was always like this. The large families would never let commoner with potential rise so easily, especially when the event was this great.” Another one spoke with a sneer, “Now, any promising candidate has to bow their head and first join the family by signing a loyalty contract.”

“You must be one of those families, right?” Jason chuckles.

“So, what if I am? See that even the organizations approved of our ways.” He scoffed again.

Some people glare dagger at that man because they were also one of those commoners, especially the man who sat beside Javier.

Ace grimace because if this was the case, he can’t buy just one seat and lie low. ‘Let see what happened first, before taking any further measure.’

On the platform, Rachel speaks again,

“Set number 1 of 53 seats, in the fast category. Starting bid is… 1000 low qi stones. Every bid has to be increased by 100 low qi stones or more.” Rachel announced and the bidding finally started!

“1100 low qi stones.” A bid instantly sounded.




The price quickly doubles in seconds and just by this one can see how desperately people wanted these spots.

Aden’s smile become wider as he saw this enthusiastic crowd and nodded slightly in satisfaction.

Ace calmly saw his first auction and felt a strange excitement rising within him. He didn’t know the exact reason for it and continued to observe.

Beside Javier, Jason was also silently watching the biding and a particular light flash past his eyes as his heartbeat raced.

“Seat Number 34,536, has bid 3100 low qi stones. Anyone else wanted to bid any higher?” Rachel seductively said while smiling like a flower, which makes myriad men’s blood boils.

“310 one… 310 two… and…” Rachel began the counting as she scans the crowd,

“4000…” A man in the front row bid.

“Oh, seat number 2098 bid 4000 low qi stones, any higher bid?” Rachel scans the crowd with a smile.

“Heh, I’ll be taking this first set, 10,000…” A mocking voice rang with a new bid.

Everyone looked in this voice’s direction to see this overbearing guy!


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